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Paramus COR

Heard they're closing the Paramus COR stores as well the corporate office. Anyone hear anything?
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Surplus or no?

Was told that surpluses were on hold due to the Union lawsuits? Are lay offs still happening after all? The next round was supposed to be in February, but I thought those were not going to occur??? Any insight on this?
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career opportunities advertised at AT&T - any thoughts? telesales Richardson, TX customer service rep, Austin bilingual customer support, Lubbock, TX various through TX read more
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What A Joke

So I have won my way to summit and now there’s a bogus charge against me that’s not even true and I’m getting a final write up? Can you believe that blank? Okay so why offer the stupid trip if you want to be cheap about it? I disputed the write up... read more
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SSR position being eliminated?

I’ve heard this was happening first quarter, now I’m hearing there are thoughts of that being reconsidered or maybe a floating SSR?
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Annual bonus payout date?

When are we supposed to get that bonus of 10-11% of our salary or whatever it is? Is it March? I’ve heard different things. Thinking about leaving this sh--hole soon...may even get laid off who knows...just wanna make sure I get that bonus.
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What a mess!!!

Randy’s greed will destroy us all. Remember the story of Icarus and Daedalus? Replace Icarus with Randy and E. Whitacre with figure out the it if you can’t figure it out.
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Still struggling to find work after 2/2017 layoff.

My last day with AT&T was 2/20/2017 after 10 plus years with them. I am still struggling to find work. I have applied to over 200 jobs the last 11 months, have interviewed for 5, hired by 1 (major car accident cost me that job) and have even been... read more
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Manager Surplus/West

Conference call this morning to inform all Managers about the surplus happening February. I guess is the first round of many more to come. 2020 is not looking like a possibility.
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Retail dead

Stores closing soon. Post how many COR Stores have closed in your market.
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If you want a secure job at AT&T ..

................................................................................................AT&T just signed a deal with 50 states to provide FirstNet service for the next 25 years. Apply for any jobs that become available related to this... read more
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Strategy for Survival

Tips to avoid surplus. 1) Complete all training on time. 2) Never argue with any of your co workers and never vocalize your true opinion. 3) Always put your best effort in your work . 4) Document everything and if you are struggling on a task seek... read more
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Can you file workers comp prior to being laid off?
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I have an idea!

At&t should acquire T-mobile (the right way) and appoint John Lehrer CEO and chairman of the whole tamale! I can’t think of a better win-win situation. Is this a good idea?
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Wasteful spending

The company continues to invest in wasteful development of tools when they can use the money on keeping their workforce and continue to train their employees. I was told there was 2+ million dollars being spent on one tool to help automate some task... read more
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Stores closing

When are store consolidations going to start? If they renew lease is the store safe? How are they making the decisions?
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AT&T Surplus / Layoffs 2018

I wanted to be the first here and start a 2018 AT&T Surplus / Layoff thread here. I know it’s early and that we’ll be speculating quite a bit but wanted to see what folks think how things will play out in 2018. To be more specific, here are some... read more
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Texas call center layoffs?

Anyone know about any upcoming layoffs for NCT's? I have 25 years' seniority at a tech call center in Irving.
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The Goose is Cooked

What a mess. Fortunately Verizon and T-Mobile are growing so there are many jobs open there.
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Plans/Future of Legacy "T" Long Distance/CORE Fiber

Anyone heard anything about the future of the Legacy "T" Long Distance/CORE Fiber. This is the original AT&T fiber that goes across country, i.e. Los Angeles to New York. All the fiber talk is about the local fiber i.e. to the cell towers, and... read more
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the law suit and the deal deadline

A couple of quotes from different articles.. "The Justice Department's lawsuit to block AT&T's purchase of Time Warner has a trial date: March 19, 2018." "In a short initial status conference on Thursday in the United States District Court for... read more
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Grow a pair

Since my previous post was removed, just wanted to let y’all know I earned my bonus, I’m keeping it and rewarding performance is good management practice. Frankly if you think high and low performers should be compensated equally and low performers... read more
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California layoffs

Anyone know anything about when & if El Segundo, Long Beach, and San Diego are getting hit with surplus notices? Rumor has it that 2/5 is the date but did anyone hear anything different?
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Why did Glenn leave?

Curious to know everyone's thought on why Glenn Lurie left? Email was sent out prior to his untimely retirement that he was moving to Dallas then abruptly we all get email that he is retiring?! Doesn't add up....thoughts?
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SSR Orange Aggreement

Has anyone noticed that the new union aggreement doesn't specify SSRs? I've been reading it and it only specifies RSCs, no mention of SSRs........ I've also heard SSRs and ASMs are next for Q1s layoffs.
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Recent layoffs

The count as of 12/20/2017 over 2000 lost jobs. Unfortunately the numbers will rise with more notifications in January through March 2018. It is not looking good because now the call centers are being affected, outsourcing so many jobs. AT&T could... read more
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Quit Blaming Management And Start Investing Yourself!

You can hate management all you want... You should really hate yourself for not taking the time to invest in yourself. You want to get mad because you gave your time 20+ years or so... Well, why didn't you go to school at night and get a job that you... read more
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Bring back Ralph!

We need Ralph back to save At&t! Hurry before it’s too late!
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Installers laid off because DIRECTV is a failure .

I like how T lays off 700 installers but no one states the obvious, DIRECTV is a failure. All we hear about is how it's the future of T, but they're letting all these guys go. There's an obvious lack of interest for the service. DTV Now will fail as... read more
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