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So Anyone can comment?

Without any way to verify if people are real Avid employees ex or otherwise I'm not sure how one can judge Avid or any other brand for that matter based on this website.
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Now, Everyone Get Back to Work

All, instead of spending precious hours on here making wild claims, trashing Avid and calling names get back to work. Focus on day job, get your personal finances in order, pimp up your resume, and understand what's happening in the industry. We have... read more
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How can dealers continue to sell this product?

Smart dealers value the long term relations they have with their clients. Any dealer interested in maintaining those relationships should have serious discussions with their clients thinking of throwing multi-thousands of dollars Avid's way. Dealers... read more
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For all you haters

Avid is a great company with a great vision. This are choppy right now and sometimes layoffs are necessary. It's really not cool to criticize the company in public like this, especially if that company puts food on your table, pays your bills and... read more
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Are they Amateurs no there total professionals

That's it Avid I'm done with you as a company. Sack the bloody Management team not the guys who work there asses off everyday for little thanks and in all honesty poor money. The hour of the Amateur wankers has gone enter the total professionals... read more
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Call PreSonus and see if they're hiring

I would think that anyone in their right mind would immediate call PreSonus and see if they're hiring. Sure....you might have to move to Berlin if you're a programmer, but I'd bet you'll be treated far better than Avid has. I know I'm personally... read more
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Avid needs a Board that has the company's future in mind

The past 2 executive regimes have driven the company into the ground; favoring their personal interests. The company falters, and the executives prosper. Until there's separation between the Board and the executive staff, the downward spiral will... read more
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(To the "Replies" poster): You're the skank...

(To the "Replies" poster): You're the skank... ... and you will never amount to anything with a disposition like THAT! (LOL!) Where do you get off thinking you did any programming or quality work at all, when you were (obviously) paying attention to... read more
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Sinking ship

Get out now while you still can. This place gets worse by the day. Now all the suckers that are left behind will have to do the job of 3 or 4 people instead of two like most people already have to do. Management thinks you have to work 24 hours a day... read more
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Carry on as usual!

Ain't this some shit. I guess we all saw it coming. Felt it even. This company is about to belly-up for the vultures to pick apart. Pro Tools will go into development purgatory until someone is willing to try to resurrect it. Avid Everywhere. What... read more
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This does give me anxiety. to the point it is effecting my health. I work my butt off at this job never knowing if tomorrow will be my last day. Outsourcing is right, and they did everything so fast these employees never got a chance to... read more
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Not sticking around to be F'ed

The higher ups are destroying what made Avid and Digi great. I "survived" but I'm bailing ASAP. Good luck to those that remain - you're good people but as long as you're there you're at the mercy of upper management that values the bottom line above... read more
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I don't think this one is Dell's fault, blame Microsoft

I don't think this one is Dell's fault. It's Microsoft: by giving Hyper-V away for free, Microsoft has seriously undercut VMWare's market position. While I think VMWare workstation is a better product, VMWare itself is not doing a good job of making... read more
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Domain knowledge means nothing to the people running the company

My sympathies and best wishes. I worked there some years ago (at the beginning of the Greenfield-led decimations era). I still fondly recall the product and people I worked with and my direct managers as some of the best I've ever or probably will... read more
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Jet like now

my observations – i was on a contract at avid and i did not like it. there are some old-timers over there and they may see things a bit differently but my experience over there was so negative i’d rather go work in starbucks than take a contract role... read more
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Avid's lost touch with reality a long time ago

Honestly, the writing has been on the wall for a while now. Avid first stopped listening to it's customers in spite of all these "we're listening" campaigns, Avid Consumer Association and whatever. It breaks my heart because I have spent much of my... read more
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avid layoffs 2014 and beyond

we hit at least 300 folks every year, its stupid to stay here at avid, we downsize too much
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