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Dave Ramsey Principals/methods for being debt free

Using his methods we paid off all of our debt including our home. It took 7 years to accomplish on a strict budget (no vacation, no eating out, drive old cash bought cars, working a 2nd job) but now there is little worry about with being part of a... read more
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GT&O Laid me off, should I go back as a Contractor?

I was laid off from GT&O last year and now they’re interviewing me for a contract role in same organization. I’m hesitant to go back to GT&O, any advice for contracted Project Managers in this group?
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Survival Strategies

Tips to avoid layoffs: Complete all training on time. Never argue with any of your co workers and never vocalize your true opinion. Always put your best effort in your work . Document everything and if you are struggling on a task seek help. Never... read more
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Same story once again

From what I am seeing, once more the hardest hit group are employees in their late forties and fifties. How long are we going to allow this blatant age discrimination to continue? I don't care about the reasoning behind it, this should be and IS... read more
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Layoff Benefits

1- Can you draw unemployment in NC during severance period? 2- Does Rule of 60 give any insurance benefits once severance is over?
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Earnings date: July 16 b4 mkt open

I think all these layoffs are an indication of meeting or exceeding earnings target. July 20 calls $30 = $0.50 May be a good idea to buy now and dump even b4 earnings.
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Voluntary layoffs

While not universally true, a lot of middle aged workers with many years at the bank would love to get the severance package as a bridge to early retirement or ease the transition to something new. Some managers are supportive and help that happen... read more
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New Key Indicator to Layoffs in your area

Go to your local thrift store. They are likely full of Bank of America red volunteer T-shirts. These are quickly discarded by employees when layoffs occur I guess. I saw at least 20 recently. Not a leading indicator but very telling.
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CCS / MyWork

CCS got hit this morning too - very tenured 30+ years and MyWork folks
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Chicago GT&O

Anyone here? What's the impact today on Chicago GT&O - please share
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Reorganization in NJ

Has anyone heard of this? Will they be hiring/firing people in New Jersey or relocate some jobs?
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The Sun Will Rise Again

Please share your happy stories about layoffs. Show others how everything happens for a reason and that a layoff is not the end of the world. It is sometimes just a bump on the road to happiness. My sympathies to all those impacted by layoffs. Just... read more
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A reminder

It was reported to TX Workforce Commission in February that there will be 87 layoffs at Amon Carter on 6/15, which is a Friday. Who knows if it's the Wednesday before (6/13) or the Wednesday after (6/20). At least you were given a heads up! We are... read more
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Re-orgs are us

Sad about those that got laid off today. Looking back over the last 15 months...I’ve had 5 managers and 4 different areas of responsibility. Got a new un-named area today..but don’t stop what you were doing before...we haven’t figured out who will be... read more
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Re Org in NJ?

Anyone know about this? Apparently it’s going to a big one and I have no idea what to look forward to
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Advice if u were laid off

I was laid off last year and here are some tips I recommend to make things easier for yourself if you just got laid off Don’t get bitter, but see as an opportunity and a challenge. There is life and WORK outside of BofA. End things... read more
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I have a quick question on the RULE OF 60. Do we have anyone on this page who was through the process? If yes, do you have any details on how the calculations are done for 'Rule of 60' health care premium supplement? Please provide any additional... read more
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Rule of 60 benefit calculation

Can anyone that's been thru the process provided details on the calculation for used 'Rule of 60' health care premium supplement?
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June 12 layoffs at BoA

June 12 which is right before the payment cycle end date. June is always a layoff month, begining of a new quarter as well, so all coincides date wise. Just wondering if there is any truth behind this? Anybody heard more about it? Or is it just... read more
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Responsible Growth

What is "Responsible Growth"? Creating a culture of fear to eliminate all forms of risk creates an environment where absolutely no learning and no employee development takes place. The result is an organization that just doesn't grow at all. So... read more
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Pasadena / Marengo Layoffs

Any changes since April update? I know 500+ will be laid off but people were promised new jobs in different locations. How are things developing...
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Walkout Wednesday

Many layoffs today in GTO related to dissolution of Enterprise Shared Services. Mywork Hub folks and more
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Closing and major layoffs in Pasadena

Corporate office in Pasadena is closing and nearly 600 people will be laid off in the process. I wonder how many more similar announcements we will continue to get this year... read more
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