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Layoffs and etc 2018

Posting this to help move down the troll posts from Albany and other weird postings. It feels like a deliberate effort to bury real conversation about layoffs and other issues. Still hearing end of January and March for the 2nd wave. Also any MyWork... read more
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Bonuses cancelled??

Anyone hear that the 1k bonus was the only one coming? I heard they’re doing away with bonuses this year. Really hoping that’s not the case; a lot of people depend on those!
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Something significant brewing?

In my GT&O organization (heavy back office ops LOB) we have seen a new level of executive disregard for forecasted volume, being severely understaffed, and micromanaging productivity 5 levels down. Many many signs point to a line of business sell off... read more
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Bathroom stall messages

Today I used the bathroom at work and could not stop laughing at some of the messages written. What are some of the best bathroom stall messages you have seen at work?
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Apple Pay vs Zelle vs Google Wallet

I have tried Zelle before with friends and coworkers and they found it extremely hard to set up and accept payments. It was so difficult for people accepting the payments that they would either not charge me or made me cancel the payment and give... read more
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FTE on H1B Job Security

Local Americans dont seem to have any job security whatsoever. What do H1B on FTE feel?
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Ineligable to be rehired -a form of BlackList

Find Lawyer =“cease and desist” letter to the former employer. This letter prohibits the former employer from releasing any information other than your job title and dates of employment. If you have been tagged and having problems finding interviews... read more
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How will you spend your $1000?

Seems like a lot of folks are thinking they will get an extra $1000 this year thanks to the new tax cut. How do you plan to spend the unexpected $$$?
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BOFA blacklist

Does BOFA blacklists employees once they have been laid off? For example, I was laid off for lack of work in my center, am I legible to apply for a job at Bank of America in the future. Also, would it be possible to apply for the same job if it... read more
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Sick but working

The last 3 weeks I noticed that several people are working while sick with respiratory complications possibly concerned to use their sickdays, I have seen this scenario several times at other organizations, but never thought I would see it at this... read more
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Contractor status

I was let go do to a small issue. As a contractor, to I have any recourse? I never even got to tell my side of the story.
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Today my colleague and I decided to build sandcastles. In order to meet my colleague, I flew my Gulfstream G650 all the way to the beach where my colleague and his roommates rent a small apartment. Since I have many resources I paid top dollars to... read more
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Christmas Party 2017

I am planning my team’s Christmas party this year and need help coming up with a list of songs. Can you please provide any suggestions? Th party will last 4 hours. I was thinking each hour will have the best hits from a different decade: -1st hr:... read more
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2018 Predictions

What are some of your predictions for the year 2018? Topics may include but should not be limited to: Revenues / Profit Layoffs Sales / Acquisitions / Mergers Sr. Leadership Dividend Stock Price Total Head count Scandals Fines / Penalties Work life... read more
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$1K Bonus by Year End...

I guess we aren’t getting it since the paychecks were posted and no sign of the extra $1K....anyone know anything different??
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So just saw this online. / What the hell does this mean? In the past I have gotten significantly more than $1000.00. Bonuses are not guaranteed, but... read more
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Would you feel dirty?

People are claiming some companies (ATT) are funding the bonus with layoffs. Would you feel dirty for taking the money if that were the case?
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Merry Christmas everyone

Hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas full of happiness and joy. Don't forget to tell your special ones how much you care for them.
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More layoffs

I was already told 15 of us in our department were going to be laid off Any chance you'll share the department with us? No need for the location, but at least give us some idea? Also, isn't it sad that there is barely a week that goes by without... read more
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Who dares tell an Emperor that he has no clothes...

The level of incompetence and laziness is rampant. Countrywide is back. Metrics and quality reviews are challenged until the reviewer finally bows their head and makes it green. Everything is smoke and mirrors. If one questions, like the Red Queen... read more
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Always a pleasure.
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Drunk & Feeling creative

My goal for the night was to get drunk and troll this site all night but half way through my bottle of alcohol I stopped and thought why not do something more productive with my time and start something I enjoy? I know I like to learn new things... read more
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BAC takes the tech division of labor a step further

BAC takes the division of labor a step further. It ensures that it is not totally dependent on any one individual in all areas so that anyone can be replaced like a spare part at any time. Hi-tech and any form of productive creativity cannot flourish... read more
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Technology Analyst(Software Engineers) layoffs

Does the Bank layoff software engineers or just other IT people? I mean the software engineers automate tasks which lead to other layoffs so... How can the bank hire and layoff people in the same time span?
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BofA Paid me twice....

I just got Laid off from Bank of America (9/2017, after 25 years). I received my severance as stated, but now they say that due to "Late submission/Processing of Separation Information", they duplicated a paycheck, basically a double pay for unused... read more
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Can coworkers date?

Seems like nowadays there are constant reports of s-xual harassment in the news. Is it still possible to ask a coworker out on a date without worrying about being accused of s-xual harassment?
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Karma is a beautiful thing

Previous manager who laid off multiple people on my team apparently got laid off and showed up at a job interview at my new company. Fortunately the individual lacked the required qualifications and was passed over. Karma makes me smile.
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