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Talented Empoyees

Just found out that one of the merchant analysts had a career in adult films while in college. Why in the hell she used her real name is puzzling. Private Society Kansas City. Initials are MM.
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164 stores closing in early 2018

164 stores closing in 2018. It's under shared documents for those of you with a corporate laptop. Check it out before they move it.
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Best Buy Layoffs 2018

Do not worry too much, I am one of those who is always optimistic - things will pan out good and we will not have layoffs here in Richfield.
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Two more stores closing

Best Buy is closing two more stores, so the carnage continues. Inver Grove Heights store and one of Blaine stores (the location off of Highway 65.) Both stores will close at the start of October... read more
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Auburn store to close

Not really surprising, but more Best Buy stores are closing. This time it's Auburn store at the end of October. I know we have been holding on better than most, but this is starting to become scary. Nearly 30 people at the store will be looking for... read more
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Wentzville store closing

Corporate came in tonight and announced the Wentzville, MO store is closing (but don't tell the customers or they won't buy the extended warranty). They say the rent is increased and tired of fighting with the landlords! This location has beaten... read more
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Other jobs offered are a joke!

They are not giving us other jobs, we have to reapply, as if, we were new employees. And most of the jobs are part time sales, in store. So if you were making $18 hr fixing computers, you have to apply, if accepted, go through an interview for $9 hr... read more
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NYC layoff

10% staff reduction all NY area stores
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Best Buy eliminating 400 remote positions

So, Best Buy is eliminating 400 positions and offering those workers other jobs...I am just wondering how many will be able to move to accept those new positions, and how many will just end up out of a job after all... But at least they have the... read more
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Restaff solar project team

Best Buy to rehire, restaff solar project team a year after eliminating the positions. Labor force to be increased by 2100 jobs at a full time capacity. Territory staff sees move as positive to the look and feel of the stores as quality of... read more
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Anyone else see where this is heading... Tommy Millner, now CEO of Cabela's, has a history of taking over companies that soon come up for sale: First company (Pilliod Cabinet Company) - sold to Ladd Furniture:... read more
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Best Buy Layoffs 2017

My husband is working for the company and he's very concerned that job cuts might be coming and that he may lose his job. He works in Richfield.
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Ups and Downs, and yes, layoffs sometimes

Been with Best Buy for over 15 years now, I can tell you that I have seen both ups and downs with Best Buy. Each time we get to a spot that seems to work, we change (sometimes good or bad). I hate seeing people leave but I have to say a lot of times... read more
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Stop making wrong moves

Been working in sales for 5 years (in IL now) and I’m sick of this culture. If you are going to push us to sell everything to everyone than at least be fair and put us on commission. Not that it would boost sales, though Best Buy struggles because of... read more
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Lay offs

I got laid off in 2012 when they first started the lay offs, I was loss prevention I would catch 2 to 4 people a day, they decided not to have any one at the front if the store, stupid on their part,the first day no security up there 20 Dr dre beats... read more
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Things can be better

On a store level it all so depends on your GM and how well connected he or she is and how much they fight for the store. In my case, I went trough 5 GM's little over 3 years - now pause and think about it - 5 GMs...! On work-life-balance as some... read more
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Wake up call

The way this company handles business makes it very unstable. I realize that it is difficult to compete these days, especially with Amazon, but this constant restructures and downgrading drive away all the good managers and employees. With work-life... read more
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Job cuts this fall (2016)?

So, as far as I know, store in Topsham (about 40 people), two stores in Baltimore area (more than 100 jobs), and the one in Lawrence (60 people) to be closed soon. That's more than 200 people to be sacked, with the lame excuse that all of them can... read more
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Best Buy - please close

Best Buy just needs to close, they don't treat people well and the type of store that they are is now obsolete.
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Bestbuy restructure

Does anyone have any details on if bestbuy is going to restructure or not . I know they just laid off lots of geek squad people, but I have a feeling that more are on the way
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lay offs buy decided to delete all day time project team positions as of May 1, 2016, to the tune of 450-600 employees. So this is just FANTASTIC, in the most sarcastic way possible. Project Team was created to do what the store could not. Which... read more
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Don't believe any positive spin.

As an employee who has worked at bestbuy for the past 9 years in the retail operations, this was the worst Holiday Season I have seen. I install HT systems currently. The stores in my area bombed this year. Don't believe any positive spin. People are... read more
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Best Buy Layoffs 2016

What is the likelihood of Best Buy layoffs in Richfield in 2016? Please let me know if you have any information.
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Just sad

Best Buy is so low on the places to work tottem pole no one even trolls this site. It is sad what happened to this place in the last 5 years. Run away.
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Is there anyone left to be laid off

Seriously, if we were to have yet another cut I am not sure who would do work. With this being said, I think we'll have an OK 2015 FY, but things might get much softer if the Fed starts to increase interest rates and the whole economy stalls. Let's... read more
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List of Best Buy Stores Closing in 2014

Does someone have a list of Best Buy stores that will close this year? Or, if you have the list that will cover 2015 that'd be good as well. I appreciate it in advance.
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Best Buy RIF 2014

We are cutting around 2000 managers, cutting deep and to the bone - we will pay for this dearly as most of the knowledge is with the folks who are being let go. We are not going to be able to survive this crisis without experienced staff so this is... read more
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best buy rumors layoff 2014

i hear about reorg at the corporate level, this will result in layoffs
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Best Buy Canada - 1000 people gone

Best Buy Canada is planing to layoff about 1000 people duo to other store competition. Last year they shut 15 stores. 2014 doesn't look good.
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Do not work for BB (Corp or Store)

You'll be treated like a number only and nobody at Best Buy will care about you. Forget any training and if you need experience this is not a place for you as things are getting worse every day and you'll get very little training. Layoffs are... read more
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2014 Layoffs at Best Buy Stores and Corporate

2014 will be an interesting year for Best Buy from perspective. Our numbers keep going down and our digital and online strategy is simply poor. You can expect that both Corporate and Stores will be hit throughout the year. I hear that... read more
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