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Sales is a mess

The Northeast region and Southeast region had layoffs... all CenturyLink sales people. Good people with excellent track records. I can't understand why this happened. New sales Leadership all level 3 with no clue on B2B sales. Stay away! Churn and... read more
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Fuzzy Layoff Math

When CenturyLink's acquisition of Level 3 was announced, the reported size of the combined company was 52,500 employees. In CenturyLink's 2017 10K filing with the SEC, it reads, "At the end of December 31, 2017, we had approximately 51,000... read more
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Engineer layoffs 5/22

All but 17 engineers in Texas were let go. More in SWFL but don't have the numbers yet on that. I know at least three have been let go in SWFL today.
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5/25/18 Layoffs

Get ready, more notifications go out on 5/25/18
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Side Effect of Layoffs

One of the side effects of downloadbesttorrentblog.rus in our area is one they may have hoped for, or didn't see coming. The kids (under 30 educated/smart) are all looking for other jobs. The whole CST group is young with the exception of one guy. Novody out of the... read more
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LEVEL 3 is setting up to break up Locals Union!

I hope everyone sees what is going on. In unionized areas LEVEL 3, is setting up for when contract negotiations are up. They want people to take severance package. Hiring contracting companies for piece work. So when negotiations are ready they will... read more
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Which states are next to be affected by the downsizing?

Please post if you have recently been affected by the downsizing. What state are you in? Or are you hearing that your state will be next? Which departments are being affected? Are packages being offered? Or layoffs?
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What’s behind the big engineering downsizing?

It looks like the company is trimming the fat on the engineering side. Have position much of the work to be done by the engineering contracting firms that they use on the side. Only need a few company engineers to oversee the projects when the... read more
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5/18/18 Layoffs

5/18/18 - another round of people get notified today
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Rates going up

Since you're in the real estate business, you should understand that low rates equal more business and high rates means less business. But, rates have been historically low for so long that everyone is complacent and mortgaged to the hilt at these... read more
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What’s happening in Las Vegas?

Have heard that something is happening in the near future, in more than one department. Has anyone heard anything? If so, please share...
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Advice from an old guy

Been an outside tech for going on 38 years now and plan on being here another 2 but a little advice to you young ones is in order. Would not recommend you stay in this line of work especially copper based part of it. Work in NW area and there was a... read more
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Asking the right questions

It's good to see that people asking the right questions are getting at least some coverage in the media. Does anyone besides me remember CenturyLink giving millions of dollars in bonuses a few months ago? Now they are cutting more than 1,000 jobs!... read more
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What about all the 1st level supervisors? Why so many?

Why are there so many supervisors with only 9 to 12 employees under them? I thought it was suppose to be 30 employees per supervisor? So a 1st level supervisor who makes 80,000 or 90,000 or more to watch very few people.. so maybe this should be... read more
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Any idea on the number so far?

The numbers we are seeing on this board indicate that it has already started to happen in multiple locations, but on a smaller scale. Is there any way to know how many of the announced 1,000+ has been let go so far? I can't stress enough how much I... read more
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is this current severance?

30 weeks pay, 26 weeks max unemployment and carry cobra insurance 8 months. found this info about severance in a thread from about a month ago. can somebody please confirm if this info is correct? if it is, it's better than i thought it would be, to... read more
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I feel sorry for those left

I agree as management side that All employees are treated poorly but cuts obliterate support of applications and fail to support much needed work. They can pay for vendor support at high cost but not for employees that did the work. It is merely to... read more
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Voluntary layoffs?

Am I getting this right? Some posts here are indicating that there are voluntary layoffs at play here? Or am I getting this all wrong? If there is an option to volunteer for a layoff I'd take it in a second. I've been meaning to leave for a while... read more
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