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I solved so many problems at Dell, Nashua. I pitched so many ideas, solved many issues with releases, I did such an awesome job and best performer in team and later found that my manager presented those ideas as her own in meetings with higher up’s... read more
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Tell dell outcomes

I just received first results. Including the comments. We know who you are just like yoda knows who is darth vader.
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Tell Dell

I am from the legacy EMC side and am going to tell Dell about the abusive practices of my manager. Don't care if it gets me fired. I have been with EMC 20+ years and things have to get better or I would just as soon work at Starbucks. Thankfully... read more
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Leave or stop complaining!

First, I am a realist. Dell has more good employees (including management) than bad just like most other companies. The pay is fair, work there for a few years and try to leave, in this market you will probably take a pay cut. With no college degree... read more
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Santa Clara layoff

Any news on Santa Clara datadomain divison.. a sr dir just got let go.
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I hear glowing words on the new NVMe array PowerMAX which ascends from VMAX . It is a kick-a-- machine which will utterly destroy Pure and Infinidat aspirations toward the high end, 7-sigma storage. Opinions?
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I heard that Dell is requiring employees to use their personal social media accounts to advertise for the company. They're told they have to or they won't get far with the company. Anyone else hear that?
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Attrition cancels the need for layoffs

Reality is, given the uncertainty and hostile work environment in many groups the attrition rate is high enough to reduce or even negate the need for layoffs. Most the people I know that had 5 or more years tenure Dell, myself included, have left... read more
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Dell doesn't do "massive layoffs"

Dell doesn't do "massive layoffs". They slowly whittle away at each group and try to replace the highest paid older employees with younger inexperienced ones. Since there is very little innovation at Dell they don't need the experienced people... read more
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Tell Dell

the fake feedback + bad polling on manager is coming. For those who are unlucky to report to monster or limp managers with connections, remember, whatever your feedback is nobody gives a sh--. So just close your eyes and let your dog answer it. So... read more
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Loyal Employees?

I've seen multiple posts on this site with people claiming to be loyal employees, and ending up getting walked. It's time to grow up. Be loyal to yourself. Dell shows no loyalty to you. Employees are just overhead in the corporate worlds eyes, and... read more
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Should I take it as good news that there has been very little if any discussion on actual layoffs lately? Is it finally slowing down?
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Be a manager not an engineer

Engineers, do not apply to be engineers, instead apply to be managers, we need more thought leaders. Enough with incompetent management unable to identify potential and understanding the internet.
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Managers only managing up

Many managers, or wannabe managers are taught to manage up. I have one, not at MSD, that refuses to manage his own team. However, he manages the teams interaction with who we report to extremely well. As the next level only cares about what they... read more
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Suggestions based on my experience

I have suggestions for the folks whining here ... I was like this for few years during my Dell EMC days. Office environment was toxic. No one know the clear direction. My manager was laid off. I have to let go of few folks from my team. I had 6-7... read more
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$52.7 Billion Debt Could Force 'Bankruptcy' Dell's outstanding principal debt as of Feb. 2, 2018, is $52.7 billion. The debt mostly stems from the company's $67 billion acquisition of EMC in 2016. Dell in the filing said the "substantial level of... read more
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Dell Technology = Excel

The company who claims to be a technology company is run on Excel and PowePoint. For over 15 years colleagues and I have shared in Tell Dell the company’s tools are a joke. If it wasn’t for Excel the company would cease to exist. If it wasn’t for... read more
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Ridiculous status quo

suffocated with layers of incompetent managers who are "safe" because they play a next level politic. When the hell is MSD going to fire their useless big loud mouth.
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Dell HR & Ethics = Joke

I sent a letter to HR about discrimination back in September (2017). The person said they would forward it to Ethics and they would get in touch with me. I followed up and just received email the case was close in January. They said they couldn’t... read more
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Constructive Dismissal

I feel we are being constructively dismissed with all this restrictions, lack of training and lack of real work.
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Anyone get an LTI? I've heard nothing about it this year.
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Great products, awful campus, toxic office environment

Attention span of top managers is short. They are like little children: all information needs to be pre-chewed, condensed and simplified. Don't expect any analysis from these highly-paid executives. Spend too much time building PowerPoints and Excel... read more
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is it ture?

vps are reading this spce, trying to spy those who making noise here, are they dont have anything to do?
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Too funny

Corporate b---s--- generator. No wonder the execs mail are so long and windy and make no sense. /
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The only reason Dell has loyal employees is because one can really sit on their fat buttocks doing nothing or everything poorly for decades without repercussions.
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Official News

Dear BDC Folks, We feel excited and sad to announce that both PowerPointects have put their papers together taking moral responsibility of BDC failure. We are sad because we are next in the queue and excited because BDC future may improve after we... read more
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