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town hall meetings

i wonder if they've had time to incorporate any of the survey responses into the remarks for the town hall meetings
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Is this to be considered for a best place to work or just a check in? Serious question here.
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COBRA Insurance

Any idea how much it cost, how long it lasts and what is included?
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Wow the response

So we announce we're selling our core properties that this company was built on on this place is silent Let em move the yogurt machine in plano and this place lights up like Facebook. A lot of people look at this for water cooler talk but I guess it... read more
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Best decision ever!

I left before the 3rd layoffs. Best decision ever! Found better pay, and I didn't have to suffer from depression at walking past all of the empty offices. It was such a great place to be in the 6 years I worked there, but its time for people to go if... read more
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The LTI needed to be reworked.

It really was an incredible asset for all the employees but it was just unsustainable at that level for an industry where everyone is cutting costs and most companies didn't offer to everyone. With base salaries finally showing upward movement and... read more
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Blueberries in the cafe?

I’m sad that wasn’t discussed today. I think we should at least consider bringing them back.
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Bye Bye Love, Bye Bye LTI!!

Finally they are pulling the plug on the LTIs for all the "non" technical staff. We engineers/geologists are doing all the work and floating the boat while the others just sit all day and keep milking the cow! DNR is not a charity, although some of... read more
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Frying Pan to Fire

How many do we think put in their notices today since we got our bonus? Be careful not to jump from the frying pan directly into the fire. Grass is ALWAYS greener on the other side.
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Note exchange agreements

What does the announcement that Denbury has entered into note exchange agreements mean for Denbury employees?
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Laid off employee

I was laid off the third round of cuts, it turned out to be a blessing. I’ve landed a job more than doubling my monthly income with Denbury. I have a lot of friends that are still with Denbury and I wish them all the best!
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Have my second interview at Pioneer

Too many in HR with the CPA talking about us making too much. We can't afford to lose even more pay than we already have with our stock and bonus cuts. Pioneer is the same Drive for me and they're not slashing their people or cutting their pay.
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Morale is low at Denbury

I am busting my a-- as well, but I also am getting frustrated. I talk to my peers at other O&G companies in DFW and Houston and, while everyone is dealing with the new reality of $50 oil, there doesn't seem to be the demoralizing environment that we... read more
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"Job Elimination" the new Layoff by our CPA HR

Just watched 2 well paid good older workers get walked out today. Their jobs were eliminated. We just hired someone last month (young and cheap). Twice now. No more big layoffs, just small ones you never see coming. HR made sure management couldn't... read more
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Out the door!

Sounds like quite a few engineers are making a run for it. Looks like it's time to split before your workload doubles...
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Mass exodus?

But oil is at $50.. there are no jobs out there! Surely, no company is profitable in this environment; you should be thankful to have a job.... blah blah blah.. At least that is what they have been feeding us. This is what happens when you keep... read more
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Unemployment Benefits 8/10 RIF

If you were impacted by the last RIF, please comment and advise whether or not TWC has approved your unemployment benefits. Myself and several others have been denied until our severance weeks end while others are receiving payment. This is... read more
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Who else has doubts?

After the promotion announcement and more I really doubt the cost savings lines. We laid off only to promote and I'm sure give raises to new VIce Pres? I'm sure the majority of us will go on to year 3 with no raise and less bonus and benefits. I was... read more
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SAP IT support system total failure

we are just not getting good SAP IT support. no one knows the big picture and on top we have been asked to stay patient. this is just not working.
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Get Out!

If you don't like it, get out. If you don't like the new leadership, get out. If you don't like the measures being taken to survive, get out. If you're one of these people, you are a huge part of the reason Denbury is in this mess. So blame yourself... read more
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“It can’t go to 0.”

“It can’t go to 0.” Paste this chart to your wall and look at it every time you have that thought. /
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Gareth Roberts and TPG

I read an artical years ago, I think it was written for the WSJ, as Gareth left. It read Denbury would not survive, and the only way Denbury would make it, is if Gareth came back to run Denbury . TPG was a major player in the Gareth era . So maybe... read more
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Denbury is a shadow of its former self

I'm on the hunt and hoping to find something before things get any worse. It is really, really sad though. Denbury used to be a great place to work, far better than anywhere I was before. Now they are slowly chipping away at our income and benefits... read more
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Denbury Declares Bankruptcy

What's the likelihood that we'll be declaring bankruptcy in next 6 months? What are your thoughts?
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Who will do the work?

There will be so few employees after the next layoff in 2018 that the remaining staff will have to work 7 days a week just to keep up, That is unless DRI can start selling off fields such as Conroe and most of the So. Houston fields, Thompson... read more
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Shareholders celebrate layoffs

It's sad when shareholders rejoice at news of layoffs. So many overpaid managers who still receive bonuses in Denbury, but hey, that's not the issue, it's the regular employees who are the true leaches! Damn it, this makes me angry... read more
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