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Good job search tip

LinkedIn is the source, your network is critical, and your positive profile is vital. A tip I learned the hard way: disconnect your leaders from your profile. They are most definitely monitoring you! Also, many hiring managers and recruiters know... read more
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How much is severance really worth?

So, with all the taxes and additional costs with full medical, dental, and whatever else, how much of the severance is really left over to use as a safety net before a new job? I get a feeling it's much less than many people expect it to be. Also... read more
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Well Perspecta is coming soon to a theatre near you.

First of all I love it when the new employees refer to the new name as Prospecta, Peerspecta, Prespecta etc. We know that they have retained the most qualified employees to run the show. Second I see no familiar names from EDS, HP, HPE, HPQ so there... read more
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Remember that Mikey wants his pension to be in place and completed by 2020 so he can retire without a care in the world. Note to DXC spies watching this website: why not do weekly layoffs? That means Mikey would get rid of more people quicker!
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A client's view

Sidenote: I am retired from CSC and happily collecting pension from HP/EDS old cash balance. My last client contacted me yesterday and shared their frustration and comments from a client only meeting they just had about a new project. They said... read more
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Not normal

Listen to your gut . Follow your collective intelligence and at least admit that this Work Culture of paranoia, fear and abortive negativity is not normal . No one gets up in the morning to put themselves through this, unless they have to, to pay... read more
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Regrets : I’ve had a few

I get it . Business is Business. But why would you deplete your staff to the point of no return ? Ever walk into a store to buy something and no one is there to assist you, so you simply leave the item on the counter, or nearby rack, and just... read more
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WFR Occurring Now in US

Sadly more WFR's happening in the US as you read this. I counted 6 humans with families that I am aware of. DXC cutting the muscle and bone now. A sign of a very sick company and it appears will not recover from these sort of cuts.
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How long to find a new job?

How long does it usually take people to find a new job after they were laid off? I know everybody is talking about economy doing great and there being so many great jobs, but I've been putting out some feelers for a month now and the best response I... read more
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UK Volunteers Being Sought Now

Some UK people would have had a nice Thursday surprise in their inbox this morning. Volunteers for the latest redundo round are being sought. Nothing on numbers, relatively small apparently...
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Job security

Been thinking lately about how nice it would be to have job security. Imagine waking up on the weekend and being able to relax and not immediately start stressing about the following week. Does anybody think we will ever have job security at DXC? And... read more
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DxC will be out from Malaysia!

I have written to the new PM of Malaysia on how DxC has been treating it's local employees in Malaysia. What I can say is DxC will be out from Malaysia this year. Malaysians dont and will not tolerate this type of BS anymore. So long DxC. Move your... read more
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Save yourself

Get out as quickly as possible. DXC is the most corrupt unethical place ever! Dump the stock.
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Question about short gap in health insurance in US.

I know that I will be WFR'd this week, and my last day is Friday, May 18 I already have another job lined up, beginning May 29. I don't expect any medical needs, so I wasn't going to bother signing up for COBRA since there will only be a 10 day gap... read more
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The best thing people can do is abandon ship immediately...this DXC one is sinking...there are LOTS of much higher paying call center jobs than this one....DXC doesn't care about you, WHY DO YOU STILL CARE ABOUT THEM! ?
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Is severance really this low?

"After 20.5 years I was notified may 10th that my services were no longer needed. Last day was may 11. Of course no one mentioned it to my client. 8 weeks severance pay, zero retirement benefits." Wait, is this possible? Is severance now really this... read more
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Dxc true meaning

D- Downsizing X - transformation multiplier C - Company Tax free spin off money maker for shareholders and exec's ruining the lives of families across the globe
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Roles / operations to be moved from the USA to India

Most of the roles / operations will be moved from the USA to India in order to lower costs. India delivers a larger output at a fraction of the cost thus improving the company's profitability. Quality wise, due to lower costs and multiple levels of... read more
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Houston and Roseville WFRs

Number of people got their WFR last Thursday in those two locations. Perhaps other US locations as well, I just don't know anybody there.
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Am I thinking about this too much?

I have been with one or another iteration of the company for about twenty-three years and my forty-eight birthday is rapidly approaching. How worried should I be that I am about to be fast-tracked for layoffs? I used to believe that this whole rule... read more
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Layoffs are no longer quarterly, they are monthly

WFR is actually occurring on a monthly cycle in some territories (not quarterly). For example, end of May will see cuts in both US and India that were mandated by leadership earlier this month. This. People at DXC who keep believing they are safe for... read more
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FY18 results date

Someone was asking when the first year's results are in....24th May / The USPS spinoff isn't happening until the 25th May, so that won't be in this year's figures to... read more
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Constructive Dissmissal

Just saying ; it’s apparent that as times are getting harder to maintain a sense of professional ethics, doubling down on workers is not your best direction to go .
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Some PMs are taking money from resources not to include in WFR list and also from people who resigned to keep them in WFR list
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Nervous ahead of tomorrow

I really hope that May 4 rumors turn out to be false, but I am still nervous ahead of tomorrow. There was too many small and large layoffs lately for me to be able to ignore any rumor outright. I wish job security was actually a thing at DXC, but I... read more
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Age being key factor for WFR

Age seems to make a big difference in staying at DXC, Especially in high cost countries. Older employees are being the target for being laid off, as Mike Lawry thinks older people are too expensive and are not dynamic enough anymore to fit in the... read more
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You can always quit

Just wondering why don't all the bitter people here who believe DXC is so horrible simply quit? There are plenty of other jobs in this economy that I'm sure will make you much happier than you are here. If I was that miserable somewhere I'd certainly... read more
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FREE AT LAST, FREE AT LAST, LORDY ALMIGHTY, FREE AT LAST. Free of a DEAD AND DYING CORPSE...when a business treats it's employees like CRAP, what doers that say for the CUSTOMER?? If a business treats is workers as A#1, they will take care of the... read more
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Friday layoffs?

People are mentioning May 4 (I'm trying really hard not to throw in a Star Wars reference since this is a serious matter) as the next layoff date. Some are even claiming they know they are on the list for this day. Is this true? How can you even find... read more
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Uk townhall

Allegedly or according to the intranet, there was a uk townhall call with Mikey last week. Did anybody on here attend as everyone I speak too didn’t even get the invite!! Just about sums it up!! If so any revalations, or same old same old!!
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The good news is that as word spreads about this company the high energy high performance high IQ people will stay away and all they will be left with are low energy low performance sick and diasabled people, and low IQ...their contracts will crash... read more
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April 4

You have been warned - at least in the US
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