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Big Meeting At Corporate This Week

This company does not intend to open a forum for negotiations at the expiration of any current national contract. There will be numerous and definite plant closings for many facilities on the state side along with overseas facilities. Reduction in... read more
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Age Discrimination at GE Global Ops

If you’re 20 something, you do not have as much life and work experience. Younger workers pay their dues, work hard, develop their skills, and over time their salaries will rise. I started at GE as a younger worker but as soon as I hit a certain age... read more
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Layoffs and Politics at GE Oil & Gas

Heard about more layoffs in May. Does anyone know when it's happening? There is still a lot of redundancy in some functions. Quality group at JFK site has 3 Managers (SPBs) to manage 6 LPBs while the quality leader himself is most of the time out of... read more
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/ Love to see Tier 1 crying about benefits, especially the ones who voted in the tier system with no pension and then walked out the door.
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Where we are

A job elimination target of 12,000 was announced several months ago. The company is not even half way to this target. Expect more layoffs to come. I was thinking about this today, trying to figure out how far we are into that number. Unfortunately... read more
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Job security still exists...elsewhere

Found this really interesting. I was honestly shocked to see that many people confident of their job security. Working at GE, I seem to keep forgetting that ours is not a universal experience... read more
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San Ramon Shouldn’t Exist

...said Scott Davis, chief executive of Melius Research, an independent financial analysis firm... The logic is here: /
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Layoffs news?

There has been very little chatter here lately about layoffs lately. Calm before the storm?
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How companies are getting rid of older employees

Thought this would be interesting to some of the folks here. It's an old article but even more important today, as all of this only intensified in the last several years. The "Suddenly stupid" part is especially on point... read more
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Not sure I share this guy's confidence...

Markets become more forgiving and less risk adverse, paving the way for GE stock to climb steadily and away from the single-digit dollar value. Core businesses are stabilizing and opportunities are emerging that suggest the stock is finally... read more
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New GE failure Navy Carrier Propulsion System

From the article: Couch and Huntington Ingalls spokesman Beci Brenton declined to say who made the bearing that failed. But General Electric Co. is responsible for the propulsion system part, and the Navy program office said in an assessment that an... read more
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This site is full of idiotic posters

Here’s the thing these people on here posting stuff about plant closings and layoffs that they know are going to happen, if they are so sure they are happening they are complete morons to still be working here “can’t wait till the doors close.” Talk... read more
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Schenectady Layoffs- why so hush hush?!

We KNOW that there will be layoffs. Why no inclination whatsoever from the union or management as to how many and where? I wonder why MORALE IS SO LOW.
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Schenectady campus is going to close next 3 years or less

At the Schenectady campus he seems like a no holds bar type of plant manager. He straight up said “ he want his workers to go home tired” Well I wake up tired from all this stress and this unneeded BS from the management staff. Can’t a factory worker... read more
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2017 Layoffs -- Anyone hear anything on bonus payout?

I was laid off this time last year, and was told by my very trustworthy HR talking head that I would be entitled to a partial bonus for working 1/3 of the year. I was wondering if anyone on here that was laid off last year has heard anything on this... read more
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So much for a stable career right?

Mas layoffs and cuts company wide as restructuring all businesses are top priority is what I have been told. Power sector facilities will take the biggest hit and is in a world of manure. Good luck! So much for a stable career right?
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Layoffs in Global Ops R2R?

Has anyone else heard the rumors of layoffs in R2R? I heard it was in all 5 centers, can anyone else confirm?
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What happened to job security?

Times have changed at GE so freaking much. I used to like working here. Not so much anymore. Especially not with the eternal axe hanging above my head every single day. Anybody believes that a time will come again when we we will be able to stop... read more
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Another one bites the dust...

/ "Manufacturing of combustors and other parts will move from the MHPS factory in the state of Georgia to the company's other U.S. plant in the... read more
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Relocation claw back for voluntary resignation

Anyone have experience with this? GE is seeking remuneration since I left after 18 months but the contract isn't explicit in timing ('12 months of the expiration date of my relocation' which I interpreted as last disbursement date). I've never heard... read more
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