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Remember when ....

the conventional wisdom was that HPE was the way to go at the split and that HP inc couldn't possibly be headed for anything but the trash heap???? Today, Not a single post on the first page for HPE that is more than one month old. Not a single post... read more
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What's most vulnerable?

We all know more layoffs are coming after the quarterly results are announced (and they are not going to be pretty for sure,) but I was wondering what's most likely to be hit the hardest? Somebody already announced HPE Software, but do we know if... read more
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A new day today

With old CEO gone and a new one in, it is a new day. And hopefully a new beginning and a promising future for this company built by legendary Bill and Dave. I hope the cronies of the old CEO also leave, cuz if they don't leave, this company will... read more
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HPE Created Thousands of Intense Enemies

I recently had the chance to be involved in a bid where HPE was one of the participants. Hmmm. Destroy my life and that of my family after decades of superb service and want me to buy from you? Really?
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Voluntary WFR

Has anyone had success with requesting a WFR? I found another job already so I figure it couldn't hurt to ask. Anyone successful with this?
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Meg has a new job

Meg is going to DreamWorks as CEO for their new mobile video venture /
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HPE Never Intended to Succeed

An interesting and very likely observation was made by another contributor in a thread. Because it was buried a bit, it was unlikely to get the attention it deserves. His or her hypothesis is that the company HPE was never intended to succeed. The... read more
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Is the grass really greener on the other side?

Peeking over into the boards for other companies people are jumping to, most of them look just as bad. In fact there's one big company in particular that looks 10 times more toxic. Is this just the reality of IT? Considering switching to a completely... read more
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There are only 17K HPE employees in the US?

Someone ran an LDAP script and came up with 16,892 US employee count. If there are only 50K HPE employees, this means that there are only 34% in the US. During Carly's time, she wanted a 60 US/40 WW mix. Then Hurd changed it to 40 US/60 WW. I heard... read more
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Atlanta is getting hit HARD

Looks like they are going to let go all contractors, so storage and other teams will be hit very hard. 3par will become a even bigger mess than it already is. This company is going downhill fast!!!
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Having A Pretty Good Memory

If the a majority of posts that were deleted on a thread titled, "Adding a placeholder here for people to share their HPE Jan 16th layoff announcements stories." some how constitute a violation of use then what value does "thelayoff.com" actually... read more
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Purge of EMEA organization layer continues

HPE announced back in September 2017 that the regions (APJ, Americas, EMEA) will be eliminated. Also 80 out of 160 countries will be closed. Pointnext Advisory and Professional Services (formerly known as TS Consulting) will only operate in 24... read more
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Can we actually recover?

Anybody believes that HPE can actually recover after everything that has happened in the past few years? I was worrying about next round of layoffs before it hit me this is my reality now. There is no escaping layoffs anymore. No matter how many... read more
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Any news on next Tuesday? (Jan 16th)

I’ve heard a lot of gossip about next Tuesday, but hall rumors are just that. Does anyone have any specific numbers/locations? Without wanting to be rude (just as our beloved President), I’m just interested in US sites and not any other s—thole HPE... read more
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Yep, it's starting

I'm on the list for Jan 16. they're shutting down our company. they bought us 10 years ago. we went from 250 employees to 45 in that time. i know of others on the list, but we'll see how generous they are in setting people free
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Confirmed information

The country I am working initiated works council negotiations. Impacted positions is about 16%. The process will start next week and finish by end of February.
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Can we keep it to confirmed layoffs instead of rumors

For 2018, can we keep it to confirmed layoffs instead of, I was walking down the hall and I overheard somebody at the water fountain or in the bathroom stall or typically this is when layoffs happen in the past. It's hpe, there will always be some... read more
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You Will Be Ok!

I was let go 8 months ago. Not a big deal. (And I live paycheck to paycheck with no savings) I've had a dozen jobs in a 20 year career. You guys with 35 years at HP complaining...you have already ridden gravy train with bisquit wheels. Loyaltu not... read more
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Layoff talk for February

Has anybody heard of a layoff next month? Heard some talk in the hallways today so was wondering if anyone else has heard anything in Palo Alto hallways
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A Christmas message from MW

During this Yuletide time in our lives I want to thank all the employees (current and blacklisted) of HPE over the years and want them to take the time to reflect and enjoy this time with their family, friends and colleagues. Although my lay day is... read more
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This is why we are upset

Why the hostility by some posters towards people who are clearly distressed and upset at their (the) situation? Clearly many of the older workers at HPE were impacted by the WFR, chances are they were top performers and thus expensive to keep. When... read more
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No layoffs until next year?

I was told by a coworker he heard from somebody a few steps above that layoffs have been put on hold until next year for "optics" reasons. I know we've had layoffs around Christmas time before, but maybe they've learned something from that and we can... read more
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WFR Rules?

I know that if you are WFR'd from HPE you cannot work for them again (blackballed) - but can you apply/work for HPI?
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