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Things not looking good

When everybody is predicting drop in sales and earnings for the quarterly results, you know things are not getting better at JCPenney. I predect more layoffs in very near future... read more
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One more JCPenney store closing

And the dominoes keep falling. The latest one is JCPenney Home store in Peoria which is being consolidated into the JCPenney store at Arrowhead Towne Center. I hope the employees get a chance to move there as well, but I highly doubt it... read more
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JCPenney incoming June layoffs

This is not a surprise as everybody knew what was coming after the sale of the building, but in case somebody missed it, here it is. J.C. Penney Co. Inc. has informed state of Wisconsin officials that layoffs of more than 520 employees at its massive... read more
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Major layoffs at home office

As part of ongoing efforts to manage expenses, simplify operations and streamline workload in support of the Company`s long-term growth and profitability, approximately 130 Home Office positions were eliminated across various departments... read more
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List of JC Penney closing stores for 2018

As somebody predicted, more store closings were announced today. These are the stores that will be closed sometime this year (so far): South County Center in St. Louis, MO Garden State Plaza in Paramus, NJ Sandburg Mall in Galesburg, IL Viking Plaza... read more
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JCPenney layoffs February 2018

This is really not good. It's not only that the stores are being closed, now JCPenney is closing its distribution and customer care center as well. Nearly 700 people in Wauwatosa will be out of a job by the end of summer. I think it's only a matter... read more
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Another store closure

JCPenney to close its Galesburg, IL location. /
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So much for improving

I was hoping we were on the way to recovery, but I guess I was wrong. It looks like JCPenney is on the death watch for this year together with Sears and Toys R Us. Dust off your resumes, everybody... read more
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Another day, another store gone

JCPenney is closing Hampton Village store in St. Louis. Sad end for a store that has stood there for nearly seven decades. I feel for 45 people who will be laid off as a result of this. This store is outside the already announced 138 stores, which... read more
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Different company

I used to like working here. I truly did. But things have changed so much in the past several years that this became a completely different company. Scheduling s---s, plain and simple. Whether you are available or not, if the store thinks they need... read more
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enough with credit card apps!

i'm sick and tired of being required to harass our customers into submitting credit card applications... not everybody wants it, we are antagonizing them into not returning if we continue on like this... i especially don't appreciate being threatened... read more
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Worst job ever

Got out after a year, but this was by far the worst job I ever had. Management's among the worse I've ever seen. Management at the store's completely unprofessional. The way they dress, bully employees, yell at staff with customers around... Those... read more
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Chronically short staffed

Dear JCPenny management, since you obviously have no idea what you're doing, here's a little lesson from the front lines. To earn money we have to sell our products. To sell our products we need customers. To have customers, we need to make sure they... read more
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Will JC Penney survive 2018?

What are your honest thoughts about the likelihood of us surviving 2018 and beyond. There is so much speculation about the BK that I am not even sure that we can make it through the year. I am no finance person, and I'd be curious to see if there... read more
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JC Penney Layoffs 2018

I spent last 10 years with our company and it'd be a real shame if they were to decide to lay people off from our offices in Plano.
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JCP Athens, TX Store Closed

Our store closed this month in Athens Texas! So sad! We were a great store with good employees!
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Back to Basics

The company needs to get back to basics. Customer service employees that care about their jobs, customers and the stores they work in. I'm sure Mr JC Penney is rolling over and over seeing how his company has gotten so far away from the golden rule... read more
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JCP should simplify things

The company needs to get back to basics. Customer service employees that care about their jobs, customers and the stores they work in. I'm sure Mr JC Penney is rolling over and over seeing how his company has gotten so far away from the golden rule -... read more
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horrible work environment

working here's getting more frustrating every day. in addition to low pay, issues with scheduling, and absolutely no recognition for our hard work, the environment at my store has become increasingly more toxic day in day out. managers are... read more
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An the saga continues

You can whine all you want nothing changes here at JCP - I mean nothing - this are so rigid and people live in their little kingdoms, silos or fiefdoms - stone walls have been erected and you cannot change a thing here. Look at the management layer... read more
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List of JC Penney Stores Closing in 2017

Does someone have this list of stores that JC Penney is planning to close in 2017. I heard the announcement today that they will be closing stores - this the list of things that I heard: Close 140 stores That represents 14% of the total number of... read more
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140 stores to be closed - 2017

They've just announced, JC Penney is closing about 140 stores in next few months (from now till the end of June). This means 6000 less jobs soon. They will be offering voluntary early retirement to supply chain and store workers as well as corporate... read more
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JC Penney Layoffs 2017

Just focus on work, focus on work, work, work. I know that people are concerned but there is nothing you can do about it - yes, I did hear about layoffs in Plano.
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List of JCPenney Stores Closing in 2016

Here is the listing of JCP stores that will be closing in 2016: Walnut Square Mall in Dalton (Georgia) LaGrange Mall in LaGrange (Georgia) Gwinnett Place Mall in DuluthLagrange Mall in Lagrange (Georgia) Southbridge Mall in Mason City (Iowa) Westland... read more
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JC Penney Layoffs 2016

What is the likelihood of JC Penney layoffs in Plano in 2016? Please let me know if you have any information.
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2000+ Laid off from JC Penney

Having been in the industry since April of 1902, we have come a long way to become a renowned chain of mid ranged departmental stores, which have served customers for decades. However, we encountered declining sales in 2013, and had to take the... read more
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Ullman will completely kill Penney

33 stores closing, 2000 people being let go, in 2 years there will be no Penney - the model is dead, the company has no chance of surviving..
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I started with J C Penney in Early Eighties...

I started with J C Penney in Early Eighties.... 1982 to be precise. I started as a temp, and was retained. I worked hard and long long long hours, won awards and was promoted many times. I moved from town to town as needed by JCPenney. I was a... read more
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A lot of people who work at JC Penneys should be gone

A lot of people who work at JC Penneys should be gone. I was shopping there on Sunday and i was sitting there waiting for help and all the employees there could do was argue amongst themselves. I ended up just leaving never to go back again.
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