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Wireless pilot over in so cal, third party staying.

So Cal market was informed today that the third party reps are here to stay. Current wireless associates will be given 60 days to apply for a new position within the company. Didn't here specifics on severance just yet but will post if I find out... read more
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New hire orientation

All new hires will need an email address. As topics are covered they will electronically acknowledge. After Orientation is done, an email is sent to them with all their signed acknowledgements. Nice!!
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PTC Changes

Last year around March, Market Managers had Club Managers print out and post the Four key HR points . Last sentence says “ until Centralized HR and Workday is in effect”. Didn’t any of your managers post this in your office and discuss with you? When... read more
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People Modernization

People Modernization is on the way. Team leads better be ready to step up or step down. Oxygen thieves and entitled need not apply because you won't make it.
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Ptc changes

On the wire new process to onboard new hires. 90 page onboard now down to 6 pages. Looks like they are going paperless, new system to sign documents. Club managers now involved with the process more than ever.
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Zoning Candy and HBA til 1am

Since no one works during the day anymore and all of nights are on LOA due to who knows what, we were made to stay and zone til 1am last night. The argument of us leaving at 10pm always comes up but managers don't care when it comes down to it... read more
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Serverance check

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Forced Overnights

My club manager is forcing me to go to Overnights. Not getting the .50 cents more an hour and was certainly not asked to go on overnights either.
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Forklift maintenance

Is there any one on here that knows if the company is doing away with this position, I have heard in the past that people in these positions were grandfathered to them they just weren't replaced when that person left the company . Has anyone here... read more
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Do you think accounting will get cut completely?
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This will be the downfall what a f---ing joke!!!!
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Flipkart acquisition

So, what are everybody's thoughts on the latest Walmart acquisition? Flipkart is now a part of Sam’s club Walmart acquires 77% stake in e-commerce major in deal that values it at $21 billion... read more
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Vendor Scheduling

Has anyone heard anything about when we will begin vendor scheduling??
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Changes on front end

Just over heard my store manager on a call about the front end getting new registers and 2 people will be at a register. Changes are coming so I wonder about claims, receiving and marketing?? Anyone heard news on any of these departments?
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July 6 changes for night shift

Yes as of July 6th. Everyone will be offered a position on either the morning stocking shift or the evening stocking shift. Anyone who has been there full time for over a year who doesn't find or take another position will be given severance. From my... read more
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So has anyone heard anything about the ptc positions going away ?just wondering I have heard several things bout new process if they are doing all new new apps for new hires why do u need a ptc?
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Anyone ever had their job coded wrong in the system for a period of time? Does it matter? Does it change your pay? What if its wrong and it's not your fault? Will they give you money that is due to you? Please comment.
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Wondering if any other club are experiencing attendance issues ?? Not being held accountable for attendance anymore?? I have seen new associates that have call in 3 or more times before their 90 days and have not been let go??? Been w company over 20... read more
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Shrink is ridiculously out of control at my club. This scan 'n go is terrible... How much more are we going to continue to lose before we change things around here. These members are laughing at how stupid we are to let them check themselves out. Who... read more
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Wasted Company money

Why do we have Gisel flying around wasting company money we can give back to our associates. We can cut that cost by just giving her a broom. I looked at the Wire this morning and she has time to take a photo of clear skies in the Northeast while... read more
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If you took the severance package, foes that mean you cannot work for walmart ever again?
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Can any body else from membership tell me if they are always getting pull from your area to cover a lunch break at the door or cashier for half of your shift. But no one help out membership went it is needed. Not even went you are getting yell at by... read more
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Former Club Manager

I am a former Club Manager. I was with the company for over 20 years. I left before all of downloadbesttorrentblog.ruf/terminations. I can tell you I miss Sam’s Club. The grass isn’t always greener on the other side for everyone. For some it is, but I know for me it... read more
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MC position

I wonder why the MC position doesn't last. For the last past year 6 people have gone throw that position and have not lasted.
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Why are people that still have a job posting on here to complain?? Please be thankful you still have a job and not being laid off when you’re eight months pregnant and in a city away from any family or support system, and not waiting sitting around... read more
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20 Year luncheon cancelled?

Maybe my invite got lost in the mail... or maybe we're no longer having the 20 year+ luncheon this year.
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Club Managers Off Site Meeting

What other areas are having the club managers meeting today? Our club manager is meeting at off site location with all managers in our market. He is usually off today but said he has meeting with something new coming down?
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Has anyone noticed the managers do nothing but bark orders, and want to blame everything on workers. They threaten to coach for not getting plus and credit and they themselves can’t get one either. Then they wonder why turnover is at a all time high... read more
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Conference call

Any word about a conference call this morning? Club manager came in for call & left til his normal time this afternoon??!!
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Vendor Scheduling

Does anyone know the exact date in May when the HO will start making the schedules for us?
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Did anybody else receive 2 severance packets and 2 different amounts on each ?
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2 of my ex co workers that were displaced managers still have not received any severance paperwork... surprise surprise. So quick to take away our BYOD and Walmart access but so much delay in sending out paperwork.
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While managers wear jeans marketing must dress professional at all times, even when in the office this makes no sense still think managers need to be professional at all times. I DON'T MIND WHEN I'M IN FIELD BUT COME ON IN OFFICE LET'S BE FAIR HERE.
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