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One Property of Excellence: One Team, One Voice

We are asking you to embrace the opportunity to support our One Property culture as you hear more about how we address these challenges. The usual something is coming email... what’s this all about? Hearing changes to the property claims structure?
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890 losing their jobs?

Some people from overstaffed roles found positions in understaffed/maintain roles. My question is...Does State Farm still want 890 people to walk out the door in Bloomington, or has that number been reduced?
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890 losing their jobs?

Some people from overstaffed roles found positions in understaffed/maintain roles. My question is...Does State Farm still want 890 people to walk out the door in Bloomington, or has that number been reduced?
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Changes outside of Systems

Curious to know if there are layoffs/restructuring happening much outside of the systems function. Perhaps at Corporate, such as Finance, Investments, P&C, Marketing, etc.
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State Farm is a joke

I made a decision to leave and I'm so glad I did. There is no future at State Farm. With everything that's been going on here lately, I can't understand why anybody would actually want to stay here unless they really, really didn't have a choice... read more
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Go to college then work for the Farm

I was hired 19 years ago into auto claims and into fire then NatCat handling both at the MA (then RB and now RA) and MG levels. We saw the future of "specialization" coming when ACC and FCC started then CCS-J and CCS-D. It has been horrible for the... read more
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The much bigger picture

30 years on the Farm, in a number of roles. My role is in just as much jeopardy as anyone else’s, and I don’t claim to like that. But all of this change isn’t about State Farm reducing expenses, or eliminating jobs, or carrying out a purge or... read more
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Team environment but held individually accountable...

Is it just me who finds team environment in claims to be a non sense? If they have us handling claims in team environment how much control do I have as an individual only touching a claim once? Some claims are such a mess that only a SM can turn them... read more
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Employee Opinion Survey?

Does it exist anymore? I haven't received one in a couple of years. I have been thinking about the questions on there related to communication from upper management. I would answer those different now than I used to.....
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How was your layoff handled?

I am starting to get some closure now. My usually-nice and complimentary managers seemed suddenly mean in meeting. No "you did a good job, sorry about this" or anything. Maybe HR gave them a script and told them to act harsh? If you got... read more
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Considering a career at State Farm?

21 very productive years in the northeast zone. Then I moved to the Dallas OC . I was exposed to a pitiful display of mismanagement. Micro management is an understatement, the atmosphere is akin to a sweatshop mentality. These representatives are... read more
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What happens to you if you leave before 55

Please let me know if I am wrong on this. If you leave for whatever reason before age 55 you: Keep your 401k and can leave it with the Farm or move it. If you are vested in the retirement plan you keep your accrued pension benefits but can not claim... read more
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Low Resource Staffing

Anyone noticing major issues due to lower staffing levels - I work in Express claims for 14 states and I know that some groups lost many people. The amount of work is the same. How can this be sustained without causing issues on the business side... read more
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State Farm Agency not like it used to be

As a State Farm Agent in GA, I can't believe what's happening with this company. Steady rate increases on auto, no more LTC, confusion on the mutual funds line, lack of support from leadership, etc. It seems all the VPA's and Sales Leaders want to do... read more
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Does anyone know about the future for the swap board in the call centers? I have a bad feeling this might be taken away or have a lot of restrictions soon.
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Are impacted PLUP locations receiving severance?
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Wave 2 announcements

Does anyone know a date when the wave 2 folks can be expected to know their fate?
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Updates on Bank

Does anyone have updates about the Bank layoffs? I know some people in Bloomington have been given offers and others let go.
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Claims- How did we get here

How did claims to get to be the miserable place that it is? People in impacted roles don’t even want to go to claims when they are facing losing their job. The non option OT going on 20 months in some areas and others that need the OT are being told... read more
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Another Tuesday, another threat of layoffs

Since it's Tuesday, anybody knows if we are looking at more layoffs today? I've started dreading this layoffs-happy day of the week more than any other day in a week.
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No changes to Pension

I think we have a troll folks. Pensions changes are a possibility because of a couple dCtors. 1. We Are Not Making Any Money. This is a big ship to steer with no money coming in. And two defined benefits plans are dinosaurs and liabilies on ANY... read more
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Toxic Hell-hole

I'm in an over staffed role and witness every day how much morale has tanked in ET. People can't sleep, their health has suffered, they're experiencing anxiety and depression. Is any job worth all the stress? I sincerely hope I don't get a job offer... read more
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Wave 2 - the big one bites

The next round of cuts is the big one for SF, for those in Systems / projects areas in roles deened "overstaffed" at Corporate South. Mid-May was wave 1, where approx 3600 professional/tech in understaffed and maintain eoles were offered A position... read more
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OT pay violations should be reported

If your position qualifies for OT and you're being told to only log 38.75 hours, that should be reported. You should be paid accordingly. It should be reported to the Department of Labor. /
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We were notified last week that Mail forms (PA1 funtion) is going to be leaving October 31st.. Being told that we “may” be obsorbed into the DE function if thats the case are they going to give us the PA2 pay? My guess is no. Has anyone else heard... read more
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So starting to hear about the 2020 grand plan. 40 percent of auto claims completely automated. Any info?
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They ask us to come in on overtime on sat n sun on our days off yet you can't schedule any days off for vacation time earned. Why help them out when we can't even get vacation days. They don't care about us n we shouldn't care about them. Stop... read more
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Class Action

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Downers Grove office

Just reaching out to ask how everything is going on your respective floors. How many of you are left on 3 and 4? It seems to get worse here by the day. Any rumors about when they plan to shut this sorry excuse for an office down? I feel like every... read more
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Founders Day Message - What’s missing

Disappointed in the Founders’s Day Message. 1) No mention on plan on stemming customer defections, we are bleeding!!! 2) No mention how we are dealing with autonomous vehicles, Uber, and loss of vehicle policies in be future. Where’s our game plan... read more
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How are things in BI?

I escaped the Farm earlier this year with what was left of my sanity, for an entirely different career direction and didn't keep in touch with anyone from my old department (there was no time to get to know/talk to co-workers after the teams were... read more
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Unionize State Farm

Former SIU Section Manager 24 years' experience Trust me-I recognize your frustrations over what you all are experiencing regarding your mistreatment at State Farm. I semi-retired recently as a result of the treatment of employees at all levels... read more
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Loosen purse strings and live a little or retire early?

Ever since the hubs were announced I have tightened up my household spending alot. Crunching some numbers last night and we are saving a bit over 4K a month on top of retirement contributions. After surviving the transformation I just don't know when... read more
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Sales Leaders next to experience a round of downsizings

My sources tell me the Sales Leaders will be the next group that will be looked at for possible downsizing. Also, the trend for hiring new sales leaders is to bring in talent externally who have strong investment sales background. This is already... read more
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