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Creating a deficit in expertise

It never ceases to amaze me how Symantec is ready to lose it’s top talent or simply let go of their more experienced employees on their own. Talk about creating a serious deficit in expertise. Management doesn’t care about new employees' lack of... read more
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This is not new

There is nothing new in Symantec deciding to let go of it’s best and brightest in favor of being “cost efficient”. Teams have been decimated for years now, causing added workloads for those that remained. Despite all of that, everybody who stayed is... read more
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No sense of direction at Symantec

With layoffs, budget cuts and constant transitions occurring, no wonder we are at a loss of direction as a company. Management is constantly changing due to acquisitions and mergers. These changes have lead to a stressful environment with more work... read more
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With a new CISO in October and a recent email saying there is increased commitment to investing in another location, came another round of layoffs. From what I have heard from others (including those who received pink slips). they received a two-week... read more
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December layoffs at Symantec

Been reading and hearing whispers about a massive round of layoffs coming to Symantec in December. I've tried to find some confirmation for it, but I haven't been successful. Any chance somebody here knows more about it? Whether it's true or just... read more
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Layoffs through 2018 / Springfield Oregon campus

Beginning in 2014 when Symantec announced it would split, planning began to cut costs each year out to 2018 which included downsizing layoffs. Combined with Symantec's quarter losses, those financial dynamics compounded Symantec's decision to... read more
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Symantec Springfield Layoffs 2018

Can someone summarize for us what's going on here as it relates to Symantec Springfield Layoffs 2018 and beyond? Anyone has more details?
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More layoffs incoming at Symantec

So much for hoping that we were over downloadbesttorrentblog.rus hurdle at Symantec. The company higher-ups just announced they plan to drastically reduce Springfield presence by March next year. Here's more info if anybody is interested:... read more
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Symantec Reorganization- layoffs?

Symantec acquired Lifelock late last year. Merger was finalized in May. VP of support and services suddenly out without notice, replacement is Lifelock exec. New exec touring stateside facilities, advising management to move talented people up the... read more
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Estimated percentage of jobs to be cut this year: 15%

Neil Chowdry Job Cuts Estimates Estimated percentage of jobs to be cut this year: 15% Estimated number of cut employees: 2,800 When Symantec announced its third-quarter results in February, it posted a 6% drop in revenue, to $909 million, and a hefty... read more
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The last chance Symantec had to do the right thing for its employees and customers was having a leader such as Steve Bennett. Steve had the vision of trying to improve all of the business. This did not mesh with the vision of the Board, led by MB... read more
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Drinkathon in Vegas

Did you ever use any of the tools needed to do the job? One starts with an O. Complete and utter garbage that made it IMPOSSIBLE to do the most simple things in a normal amount of time. Well at least they yearly had 20 Mill or so to send all the... read more
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This surprises me.

While I am no longer a Symantec employee, with Veritas Technologies now, my experience with Symantec has been very collaborative and positive. As an employee, my skills were appreciated and now as a contractor serving Symantec as a customer, I work... read more
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Your experience will vary based on your department!

With any large company, your experience can really vary based on your department. They do have frequent layoffs. (Jun 2013, Jan 2015, Jun 2016 for larger ones and several smaller ones in between those dates). MSS (a.k.a MeSS) is a disaster, stay away... read more
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Outsourcing Today

When jobs get outsourced, families and local business feel the hit. We already have more eager job hunters than there are jobs. Companies that outsource (not excluding Symantec) are being disloyal to their employees and to our country. Worse, they... read more
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Pune is Hiring

Just in case you are unsure where your future is, Symantec Pune is hiring big time... So, give it a year or two, everything will be moved to India. What a shame, you'll even get a chance to train your counterpart in Pune, you will be rewarded for all... read more
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I started at the very beginning

I started at the very beginning, when things were good, they were a small co that cared about their employees. Now Symantec is just a corporation that will slit your throat to get what they want, been laid off from there twice, and the last 10 years... read more
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Too much negativity and anti-Symantec hype

Yes, its rough this year but at the same time many of us will get to keep our jobs and Symantec is still one of the best companies in the world. I worked here before the Veritas/Symantec split. There were and still are a lot of good people who work... read more
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Marketing jobs on the chopping block

2014 will be tough - Marketing jobs are on the chopping block and let's see how this ends up. It's a pity that some people think that marketing is less important than other functions and that marketing can be run on its own.
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Job cuts in Marketing/CMO's org today

The long and short of it: this Shitshow just keeps getting better. The CMO sent an email yesterday basically saying: "we can't just cut funds out from marketing programs, so instead we'll cut people out of the equation." Not sure who he thinks will... read more
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