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UOP - Utah

The Utah location has been dead for some time. But they have an Education Program Chair and no students. I was told I wasn’t needed anymore because they weren’t running the programs. But they kept the staff. Maybe that explains the failures of UOP.
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June layoffs?

Traditionally we have layoffs in June. Anyone confirm they are happening again?
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Happy Faculty Appreciation Week

I got an email telling me it’s faculty appreciation week and I should reach out to my local campus leadership to find out what they are doing. I haven’t heard from local leadership in over a year. I’m not even sure who is still around. They announced... read more
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Glint, no action

We give up. For all the excitement and feedback provided guess no action from Glint. Are no leaders brave?
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Some faculty will ride it down to the end

Well --- I'm a former faculty member, starting at a local campus and then going online. For a long time we had a great reputation here, with many dedicated faculty. We put out a good product. The downfall of UoP came, in my opinion, with the rise of... read more
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What UOPX the company needs....

Faculty needs to band together and do a walk out. Given the disrespect, increase in class size and decrease in quality. Stand united and walk out. You need to be treated better. When our instrutor told us about how they are treated, dang. Not good.
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Bad (old) news on student enrollment

"Spokespeople for Phoenix declined to comment. But multiple sources told Inside Higher Ed that for-profit Phoenix’s enrollment may have dropped below 100,000 recently, which would be the first time it slid below that number in 15 years."... read more

What does the future hold for Phoenix?

What does the future hold for Phoenix? Will it rise from the ashes that it has created? Is it likely to burn up before any chance of ascension? If the past is prologue then the seeds of demise have been sown. The reputation cannot be salvaged... read more
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June Layoffs???

Any truth to this rumor? If so, what departments?
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TAC Reductions

Invester Leadership is still after more money and the target this week; TAC leadership.
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Why are you still working at UoP?

I worked for UoP for nearly 10 years. Why are you folks still working there? You obviously know how horrible it is. The grass is much greener outside of that life-s---ing place. Granted, 5 weeks vacay, and a steady paycheck is hard to let go of, but... read more
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Former UoPX lead generator in trouble

I wonder how many good leads Quinstreet actually got for University of Phoenix. Check out this report. /
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Staffing shortage

Is being woefully understaffed part of the overall strategy. Academics cant work their own students. Finance is never availble. Calls last 45 minutes cant even notate before the next one comes in, unsustainable!
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Is being woefully understaffed part of the overall strategy. Academics cant work their own students. Finance is never availble. Calls last 45 minutes cant even notate before the next one comes in, unsustainable!
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When do the exec’s, VP’s and upper management go?

It’s obvious to everyone that this company is going down fast. When do we start laying off VP’s (any one of the 100 we have) or upper management? Cut the fat already!!!
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College Scorecard Crash: Salary After Attending Drops $5K

University of Phoenix's sales pitch will have to be more imaginative as the numbers crash. "Salary after attending" data from the College Scorecard shows a decline of about $5000. What will these numbers look like in 2019 and 2020?... read more
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Does anyone have reliable data on current enrollment?
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Plan B

So how is the guarantee pricing going and the Genesys software?? Any hope left??
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The company will not make it to sale

Definitely bankruptcy ahead for us. We are limping to 4th quarter. It’s obvious to everyone here working with the systems, the students, the leads and resources that we are crashing and burning quickly. Upper management is unaware and they truly... read more
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What I see; what others see

I think there are two sides here. One side is the capital group thinking it is putting together a sale where the the organization will be snapped up by a buyer; the other side is thinking the organization will go out of business. The latter is what I... read more
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Honestly, I hope either one of these schools buy UoPhx and take over. They could keep most employees and it’s resources to expand. That would be awesome! Brian Muller or Michael Crow if your listening, come save us!
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Increase of Quality?

Many that work and teach at UOP believe if we increase the quality of courses we can right size the reality we are not providing value. Let’s make our courses more involved and frankly harder and requiring more work to providing a better education... read more
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I just watched a TV show called Taken in which corporate investors come into a business,strip it down to its bare bones, laying off staff, grabbing their pension funds along with any 'surplus' funds, and then sell it off again . It sort of reminds me... read more
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Registration deadline and layoffs

The signs are clear we are taking on water and going down fast. For those not in enrollment, UOP extended the registration deadline for March. Students now have until 3/23 to enroll for classes that start 3/27. Sounds like they are set up for... read more
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Break it down

At one time they were the only game in town. This led to people being fat and happy with 20% raises and weak standards. But then competition happened. They were left with VP's who are reactive and institute bad tech and policies. Directors who are... read more
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Enrollment Layoffs Tomorrow 3/22

Nobody has posted this, but it's happening tomorrow. Many reps and leaders will be let go. It's far reaching. Nothing more to be said. Good luck everyone.
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5 managers and unknown amount of techs. Once again no dignity or respect shown to employees.
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What we have lost....

What we lost as a company are ethics and a care for our employees. If you care for employees they will take take of the company. Fact. Leaders have lost their integrity.
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