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Commision Restructure

Our region just received word of commision restructure. This change will take effect July 1st. Training has been sent out with information regarding change (VZ105676: The New Compensation). From the literature, we will be going from targets to a per... read more
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Stores closing in Georgia

Camp Creek, Lithonia, Lawrenceville, Marietta Layoffs are not over..this is happening in a few days
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Over staffed stores & NO TRAFFIC!

There are reps going home without a check each month because stores are over staffed, quotas are unattainable & Verizon is Greedy. They know this. A layoff, downsizing or hourly ONLY has to be in the works. It’s painful to go through each day &... read more
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Everything will be ok.

The reduction occured last week and impacted SMs from select stores, in addition to few store closures. That was the extent of it. I don't anticipate us seeing other layoffs until potentially next year. The May 17th and June 1st rumors were exactly... read more
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did i miss something or did nothing actually happen?
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Stop hyping tomorrow!!!

Guys, there’s no way that they are eliminating the SMB role, firing 1/3 of GMs, firing a ton of SM’s and converting half the stores to indirect. Due to business needs, our stores wouldn’t run for a couple weeks and Verizon would lose money. It makes... read more
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BGCO Call Centers will NEVER go HBA

If you want security in call center work, get to a BGCO center. That’ll entail moving to Maryland, Atlanta, or Salt Lake City, but they will be the last centers standing. Everything else is just quicksand.
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If it happens while I’m on vacation

I’m currently on vacation, say if does occur and my store is impacted. How is that normally handled? Do I get a call? Or do they wait until I’m back in store to tell me?
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What are we looking at on May 17?

Do we have any more info on what will be hit the most? Are we looking at more stores closing or only at layoffs of staff within the stores? The rumors at work have been all over the place, from conversion to indirect to elimination of entire roles... read more
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Bye-Bye RETAIL! Visible is Verizon’s way out!

Bye-Bye RETAIL! Visible is Verizon’s way Out! Visible is a new startup for Verizon Wireless. I read the articles and basically it’s a company that won’t require representives’ help. All services can be done on the app they provide n they... read more
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Open invitation to CWA.

They closed Texas City, and fired another SM in ST07, If union cards just happened to show up in the rest of the ST07 stores, Youd get your majority signed before HR could make it out from the office downtown.
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Long five days

Anybody else here not able to sleep or relax before May 17? I know by now I should have learned not to stress so much about the possibility of our store closing out of the blue, but what can I say, I'm a worrier. I think the wait is worse than... read more
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More layoffs and closing today?

After yesterday's carnage are we looking at even more layoffs and closings at Verizon today and next week? I'm scared that yesterday was just a beginning and that in the next several days I am going to get to work and find the door locked like so... read more
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Layoffs 5/10/18

1 sm from smaller stores, 2 sms from larger stores. closed an entire store and everyone location laid off. also DM was laid off yesterday. big screw for those "bonuses" too. shameful. anyone know of any media attention?? there should be.
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Any word?

Any word on stores closing Sunday’s? If so, which market?
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Praise the Sun! I'm on vacation!

F**K Verizon. 10 year SM, with a near perfect attendance record, and asked multiple times over the years to apply for _ GM position, but didn't because I was waiting for one with a commute I would be okay with, and well.... gtfo. At least I'm getting... read more
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Be aware!

Of people asking you which exact store you work at or what exact position you held, before your store closed or you were laid off. Remember, management HATES this site with a passion because it tells the world a truth they want covered up, so if they... read more
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Is commission factored in with severance?

Is commission factored in with severance or just the two weeks per year? I’m in NEM and was let go today. My 6 year anniversary was late July, figures, will probably just get 10 weeks pay instead of 12. My day off so I haven’t been in store yet... read more
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More SMs gone in Socal

2 SMs let go this morning, both were the 2 newest in the position. Looks like it’s not up to the dm to decide who to keep. We have several “problem managers” in our district.
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My store closed today

My store closed today As i drive up to my store today for my shift, gates are down. We all found out today we are laid off and it’s being turned into an indirect. The lease coming up in June, indirect visiting out store and facilities talking about... read more
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SM's laid off today

just got confirmation several SM's were let go in GLA area, Pacific Market. What other areas are being affected?
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Solutions manager

Is it true, they are all gone tomorrow, closing stores on Sunday, one manager, 2 key holders instead?
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Key holder

I have heard there are key holder mandatory trainings the next few weeks. I have been told this is due to an upcoming cut of solutions managers. Any word?
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This is business move for Verizon

Stores are being closed and converted to indirect, call centers are closing and being converted to home bases agents. Departments will be outsourced like the IT departments.. it is simply a good business move for verizon. Why pay salary and benefits... read more
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Store Merging

I am Hearing rumors of store merges in SEM. Does anyone know about this? I was told June. Was told Will let go most managers and some reps. Any idea? After I heard this my DM has been in my store more then ever and haven’t seen our director in... read more
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stores closing

2 stores closed down in California this week northridge and Lynwood... Anyone got anymore details?
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May layoffs

Certainly not just Verizon Wireless! Also many Verizon Business employees, effective 5/9/18! Posted in an old thread, any more info on this?
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So, we know that six or seven call centers are "relocating" to home based agents... for now at least. Any word on when the rest of the centers plan on doing this?
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Rumor mill RIF's coming ~ 5/17

Heard rumor that wireless RIF's are coming again, some select retail, operations, and call centers... coming again around 5/17 and paid till end of June As all the others take this with grain of salt just what I have heard.
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Post to Pre

Now stores are telling us to process post paid account and convert to Pre paid account. Where is the code of conduct with this company. Oh my god
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In space, nobody can hear you now

My concerns with Home Based Agents (HBAs) are multiple. First, it strips away any sort of “team building” or ability to interact with coworkers and leadership. This will make it almost impossible to move upward in the company because you’re no longer... read more
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