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Is anything happening?

No indication of any layoffs where I am. Where is this info on more layoffs today coming from?
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Windstream Downgraded by S&P

S&P downgrades Windstream credit on exchange offer Jun. 19, 2018 4:16 PM • Jason Aycock Windstream Holdings (NASDAQ:WIN) finished the regular session up 2%, but S&P has now downgraded the company's rating to CC from B-, with a negative outlook. It's... read more
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Windstream Reverse Stock Split 2018

The stock split surely helped a lot - a bit of Windstream executive financial magic. Now all will be better and people will not be able to short us stock as it's more expensive. Genius.
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Stock Price

They must have run a NHRA drag Race yesterday with Windstream on one of the cars. Investors jumping for a piece of Windstream Stock made it go up a little today, lol.
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Sales Tactics

Allworx phones only work with Windstream Internet Allworx phones can’t be bought any longer, they are going out of business (owned by windstream) Allworx phones are being used on the SD-WAN solution for a cheaper rate (ehhhh, WRONG) You will own your... read more
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TT visiting Greenville this week

Just wondering if anyone has heard why TT is visiting Greenville office this week for a Town Hall, it came about with very short notice. When was the last time he was there?
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Is BTAC being outsourced soon?

We’ve lost probably ten employees since the beginning of the year and there seems to be no effort to replace them. Is BTAC going to be outsourced? I’ve heard that rumor from multiple people. Also I feel that if we weren’t underpaid, we wouldn’t... read more
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What happens if Windstream goes under (bankruptcy)

We can’t just shut it all down. So what happens when the walls come crumbling down? Does the government pick us up? Does a larger entity pick us up for pennies on the dollar? I’m just curious on what’s in store. We obviously can’t keep up a every 3... read more
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...and they buy another company

seems like they are drowning in debt...then they go out, get another loan, and buy another I just looking at this all wrong???
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Stock reverse split?

/ 7.37 to 5.92 ... nice. Guess that hope and change didn't work out so well?
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Where do you think Layoffs will not happen?

Not talking about Job specifics but rather which areas are hiring? We are expecting some office closures this year. We should see other areas hiring more to fill the gaps. Then it would curious to know if they are contractors or not... contractors... read more
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Date for Reverse Stock Split?

When will the reverse stock split occur? They better hurry up! Currently stock sitting at $1.22 having lost as much as $0.29 from the week's high. We might be a penny stock next week. In addition, since most hedge funds and institutional investors... read more
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Reverse split

Thanks management. You owe me a ton of money for your incompetence. How this was approved I’ll never know. Most shady and criminal dealings I’ve ever seen. It’s bad enough sales lies thru their teeth to gain accounts, but windstream is dead and I’m... read more
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Charlotte closings

I heard today that Charlotte is closing two buildings: the one near southpark, and the white building. They are moving all people to the brick building, and all will be moved over by October. The brick building cannot fit all these people. Certain... read more
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Are we safe until July?

As somebody said, downloadbesttorrentblog.rus seem to be quarterly right now. October, January, April... If Windstream continues that pattern, we should be safe at least until July. It's sad but knowing that would make me feel better. I gave up job security long... read more
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The forum has lost a little focus.

Enter - The purpose of this site is to provide a space for anyone who'd like to discuss the possibility, likelihood or impacts of layoffs in a company of interest. Sad to come here and see so much bickering and blaming. When EarthLink... read more
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More layoffs to come?

I have been out of the office for a week because of vacation. Has anybody heard anything about layoffs coming? I just need to be prepared.
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Restructure the management

If this company was truly concerned about the salary costs they would have restructured management by now. Most front line employees are either 6 to 8 layers of management from the CEO each level salaries grow grossly out of control as you go up that... read more
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Management is the BIGGEST issue in this company

Management is the BIGGEST issue in this company...for the past several years, several managers are only interested in their personal agenda....making the most money they can, it is not about improving the company and watching out for their employees... read more
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Rumors I’ve heard

-ILEC’s are going away -ILEC techs are also going away -We are going to a Enterprise Cloud/Application model -Heavily pushing partner and agent sales -Lots of internal fighting in sales -Stock split at end of May Some of this is more than rumor, like... read more
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What’s going on in morehead

Came up from hazard today and morehead has all kinda big wigs everywhere, just curious if there planning another layoff or what, since it’s not really hit Kentucky yet
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Glassdoor reviews

Do you think anybody from the management actually checks Glassdoor reviews for Windstream? That place is a true reflection of the current state in the company. Barely 2.7 stars with majority of latest reviews not just being bad, they are brutal. I... read more
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Call center closure question

I have heard from a very reliable source that Charlotte call center has stopped hiring for customer service reps. The person told me that they do not have the call volume. If one leaves they are not replacing. Our team is the same way, but we are not... read more
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Windstream Class Action Settlement

Yesterday I received notice of a class action settlement that states Windstream’s board of directors failed to disclose material facts in connection with a stockholder vote on two charter amendments relating to the partial spin off and reverse stock... read more
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Windstream bankruptcy

Internet search for “windstream bankruptcy” brings up stock and company value analysis. A 1.48 and debt downgrades for both win and unity it will be harder to get financing as they begin to outsource things overseas to stop the bleeding as execs... read more
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Millions in bonuses to execs amid mass layoffs

Funny how execs are milking this company, they are initiating massive layoffs while giving themselves millions in bonuses and raises. Why buy Mass Comm? There is no network or anything of substance, you bought customers who will leave in the near... read more
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Layoffs are happening as we speak.
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