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After Sidney Omaha is next.

There is a secondary corporate type office for IT people in Omaha Nebraska consisting of developers, IT security and server admins. Hearing rumors (yes rumors) here in the Hallways and conference rooms of Bass Pro, Omaha will be next on the chopping... read more
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You know the Real Estate market is tough when...

the CFO who's house is assessed at $404,000 can't even sell it at $229,000. I see that the ex CEO knocked $300,000 off his asking price. I can see why, everyone hates him in town and his tax bill is over $12,000 per year. My guess is that price is... read more
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A word of wisdom to anyone having to make a tough choice

If you were offered an early retirement- package, take it! Sincerely, JM has been very civil and beyond honest in attempting to be fair - his offer is substantially better than anything that Tommy and crew Ever offered. If you choose to disregard... read more
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What is the latest scoop on more layoffs at Cabela's

I have already been released but curious on what is coming next? Anymore job eliminations in the stores? Is it hitting corporate now? Anybody in the know with details. I'm sure people would like to know and have a heads up with what is coming.
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Can we all agree...

That most of the information on this site ends up being truthful and coming to fruition ( rumors about retail store layoffs-happened on the 2/1) and now Sidney retirement offers ie, disguised severance before actual layoffs happen. All you posters... read more
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Choices for Corporate

Who's staying within the company? And who is taking the money and running? Just curious
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Why be so judgemental on anyone posting comments. Anyone who still has a job is terrified and stressed about the future. If you don’t like a comment move on, would you want to be in there shoes right now?
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WH Changes

Confirmed from a very reliable source Omni, BGC Processor and VD will be eliminated soon.
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How bad is corporate looking?

Please stay out of this conversation if you are going to start nonsense about fake posters and all that. This is a serious subject. How many folks were lost today? I know IT and Accounting will remain. How many jobs does that save?
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Club Card Incentives

What are the current Club incentives or commision for Club Outfitters? Do we know if they are going to change to what Bass Pro Credit associates make?
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New Lead Positions

Our store has 18 lead positions posted. Will they be groomed to replace our store coaches/department managers in the future?
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Cabela Employee Discount

Anyone heard anything behind talks of the new 45% off employee discounts in effect? Word floating around is to rid Cabela products off the shelves for good-- and remainder brand names to be donated outside the store.
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Sidney DC on the Chopping Block?

So, not having worked in the DC for several years, local donut shop gossip has it that the DC isn't receiving any new product. Shipping only what's on hand. Is that ugly donut shop talk or is there some truth to it? I Remember when the DC used to be... read more
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Merger or decide

Merger?????? What are you talking about. Where are all downloadbesttorrentblog.rus taking place? Which execs were asked to chip in for severance for all workers? Which city has empty corporate buildings? Which city has 30% of it's home up for sale? Which... read more
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The GMs

Do any of the General Managers feel horrible about what they had to do with laying people off?
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I heard...

quite a few families moved this past weekend. Im not there no more, are these the employees who are moving to Springfield?
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The future?

So my Cabelas lays off several great managers, keeps a couple mediocre ones to cover and yet they don't even question keeping a bleeding heart liberal anti-gun ops manager? Let that sink in. The foremost firearm outfitter being run by anti firearm... read more
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Sidney DC manager issues

Now I realize why the Sidney DC is the most inefficient DC in the country. Look at the damn fool they have as one of the managers. Instead of working he's sitting on his computer all day reading this board. 30 years of working in that hell hole has... read more
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The RMMs

I was told some of the marketing managers were making too much and that's why they let all of us go. Just so the next day, they could post the same job with a different title. Some all RMMs have been with the company for a long time so they were... read more
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Our store was spared

Okay, I keep reading that a bunch of managers were let go from a bunch of stores on Friday and I'm wondering how our store managed to avoid it. Anybody knows what was the criteria for layoffs? We certainly have a manger or two that is completely... read more
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US Department of Labor Emplmoyment

What does this mean for those laid off unexpectedly? Just curious. (WARN- law in place to provide advance notice to layoffs) Click link: /
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All the part-timers were laid off today. Truth or rumor?
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Ok then

Our store yesterday let go 1 sr manager, and 4 department managers..... I get that their had to be cuts, and for the most part I understood the decision between the department managers. The part that makes me scratch my head is how did our GM choose... read more
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AP Eliminated?

Salaried AP eliminated. Asset Protection as name has been changed to Operations Specialst. Stores are no longer permitted to stop and detain shoplifters. This is going to be epic when people on the street find out. Open season at Cab! I can’t wait to... read more
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Not over yet!!

The mid February one everyone talking about is the regular outfitters. They will look and see how many full timers and cut. Part timers and cut. This is when they will look at pricing, Omni, signage, vd, and so on! Good luck everyone
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Is there any information on what could happen with Warehouse personnel. Omni, Vendor Direct, Bargain Cave, IMA’s etc? Have to think this is only the beginning.
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