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FTTP - Fiber to the press

When are they turning on the glass? Beta testing for long enough. It’s been well over a year since the project start date and there is jack sh— done. Watch all the Romanian glass they purchased being defective, I wouldn’t doubt it
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5k deductible? WOW!

Is this true? I heard there's a $5k medical deductible that must be met before any bills are paid. If so, WOW!
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Chief executive of ats

Chief executive and general manager of ats, great job with the meeting at lodi, love your model abuse and more efficient and zero times at delis, lol great speech .
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What’s the next thing on the chopping block?

Question : Any new information about these rumored lay offs in sales? Answer : Depends on which department you are talking about. For Direct Sales you will never see a layoff They just keep raising the bar so you have to make more sales to make what... read more
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Dont let this be you.

Local 3 waited three years after the last contract expired, sabotaging the opportunity for joint industrial action during the Verizon strike. It only called a strike when Spectrum decided to stop payments into the IBEW pension fund, which the union... read more
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A short story for the anti union people.

A CEO, a union worker and a non union worker are having breakfast. On the table sits a dozen donuts on a plate. The CEO takes 11 of the donuts, then elbows the non union worker in the ribs and says to him "You better hurry up and grab that donut... read more
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Today’s meeting

After what I saw and heard today,it appears that the union needs to get a better negotiator. It appears that the union is more concerned about how they are getting the dues than the workers.
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Redoing the coax system for fiber

Rumors are that this whole conversion progress will complete by 2020 while most of the footprint will have fiber deployed, is progress being made and is being a fiber splicer worth it
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Listen to both sides

The company forces you to listen to their anti union hilber broadway script but any smart person would also go to union hall meeting and listen to their side also. Get your news from both sources...not just one. Also heres a good question to ask in a... read more
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Any rumors on a new retirement package?
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Question for you union guys

Just exactly what are you going to do for us I don't understand why everyone is so full of hate for what has gone on here over the past year or so. Just because you have a union doesn't mean a damn thing as I see it look what happened to spectrum... read more
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Fiber is failing

Heard that a lot of strung fiber is damaged, can we get some statistics?
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One question for Lodi

Now that you have officially filed for an election, I have only one question to ask: Are you going to allow Hilber to come and manipulate your brain cells?
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Circle of Excellence

So this replaces the Warehouse Run. Did anybody actually even know about this? I see two ATS employees that won. Of course in the Suddenlink footprint. I'll be honest though, never heard boo about this. Anybody?
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Monmouth depot

Has anyone heard rumors or any truth to this? How do we feel about it?
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NJ depots

The time is now. Your 2 year guarantee is about to expire. Don't let the company mislead you with a contract that is not even close to being ratified. If being union s---s so bad why are they doing so much to stop you. I'd rather fight for my future... read more
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Morris Union

Hearing some grumblings in Morris. Any fellow techs here interested and have you heard the same?
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Hawthorne Poll

Trying to get an idea where Hawthorne stands right now. Go to this web site and honestly answer this question. (Hawthorne techs only) /
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Another ftth manager jumps ship

Another ftth manager jumps ship to spectrum. Whos next? They know the deal with this place. They all fill your head things are going to be great and they do the opposite. They are all full of $hit and lie to your face.
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Fiber beta

So when are we selling this service, it’s been tested enough
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questions for Hawthorne shop

What else does Altice have to do in order for you to say "enough is enough"? Is 2.8% supposed to be the new norm? At what point do you think you should take action to secure your employment? Do you really think Altice has intentions of making things... read more
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2.8 percent

Did all Techs get that 2.8 percent ??
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HR question

Just wondering if it's safe to approach HR with an issue relating to somebody a few levels above me? Anybody had any dealings with them and can tell me if I should approach them or simply stay away to make sure I don't put a target on my own back?... read more
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Is there an announcement coming soon? There’s been rumors swirling about the acquisition of media com or some mediacom markets ...local radio ads are now adverstising in these markets as suddenlink or altice and they are still currently mediacom... read more
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Imgaine if our customers knew we were pulling fiber instead of fixing down cable,outages and drops?
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Direct sales is cut off at the knees

If you are looking to work in Direct Sales you may want to pass. This department requires your own car own insurance and has had a compensation cutback that will make you cry. The corporate Managers are all feeling the pain to save money.They cut... read more
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Response to poster MODUS OPERANDI

This in response to a post by modus operandi I respectfully disagree with you. You're certainly entitled to your own opinion but I must advise you NOT to convey information that is not factual. "they take credit for things they had... read more
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Even the qc jobs are being contracted.

Quality Control Technician ITC Service Group (“ITC”), is a leading provider of broadband installation, planning, wireless, design and staffing solutions to the telecommunications industry. With over 40 years’ experience in the telecom business, as... read more
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shout out to Oakland

A year ago today (3/1/17), you guys pulled off the impossible. You voted YES (49-to-46) to be represented by IBEW. I give you guys a lot of credit for being able to see through all the deception, manipulation, and intimidation from management... read more
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Cost Cutting Technique

Wonder how much was saved for... Sick days removed Holiday removed Holiday bonus cancelled Sick and personal payouts eliminated New pto accrual limits Holiday parties cancelled Reduced vehicle maintenance Pay check errors And on and on and on... Is... read more
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