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Subprime College Crash: Latest Campus Closings

By the end of 2017, several hundred subprime college campuses and sites will have closed. Listed below are some of the subprime college campuses in the US Department of Education's latest monthly School Closings report. The agency reports are... read more
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Sad but true state of Career education

I stopped accepting teaching assignments with CTU and AIU because of this schizophrenic attitude towards grading. The rubrics you have to use are so 'flexible' that you can drive a truck through them. Students are used to getting good grades from... read more
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You have to pass everybody to get more classes

I have found if you hold the students actually accountable, you will get less classes to teach. They won't tell you this, it just comes out that way. If you just pass everyone, you get more classes to teach. Has anyone else experienced this? Yup... read more
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The future of Career Education?

Can CECO onload the two remaining schools and do the servicing like Kaplan and Purdue? Or do they get purchased by a large hedge fund like University of Phoenix and Apollo Global Management? Do they slide down to nothing and get purchased like EDMC... read more
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BlackRock, America's largest shadow bank, owns stock in several for-profit colleges: Career Education Corporation 7.9M shares Laureate Education 2.4M shares American Public Education 1.9M shares Capella 1.4M shares Bridgepoint Education 1.2M shares... read more
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CFO out

"CFO A.J. Cederoth will be leaving his post to pursue other opportunities after September 30. The company says that Cederoth’s departure is not the result of any dispute or disagreement. Career Education will consider both internal and external... read more
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CTU needs to stop its "Military Friendly" promotions

CTU is going to get in legal trouble if they continue to advertise themselves as a "Military Friendly School." CTU lost this designation more than a year ago, and Victory Media is becoming more protective of their programs as they get rid of many... read more
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Campus closings?

Any word on campus closings of schools that were on teach out? Cordon Bleu? Sanford Brown?
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Eitel's plan to deregulate

Anybody have an opinion about the Robert Eitel and his new job of deregulating education? I know he worked for Career Education and Bridgepoint in addition to his work for Bush II... read more
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Looking for whistleblowers

I'm looking for whistleblowers who can tell us how veterans are treated at CTU and AIU.
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CTU needs to stop calling itself "military friendly"

Colorado Tech needs to stop calling itself "military friendly." They are no longer recognized as a military-friendly school, and in fact have the highest percentage of formal GI Bill complaints.
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Career Education Continues to Downsize

"For the quarter and year ended December 31, 2016, total revenue was $155.3 million and $704.4 million, respectively, representing a decrease of 22.4 percent and 16.9 percent, respectively, compared to total revenue of $199.9 million and $847.3... read more
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John Lewis: "You have a moral obligation not to be quiet"

Career Education Corporation is taking advantage of the ignorance of thousands of working people, and targeting service members and veterans in particular. Is anyone here willing to speak out?
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Bad debt?

What is all this "bad debt" that Career Education is writing off? Seems like a sign that the company is still in trouble. That and targeting naive veterans.
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Crim folks at AIU and CTU may have gainful employment issues

"We continue to closely monitor the continuing programs within our University Group that are in the zone or are close to the threshold for being in the zone. The most significant of these are the Criminal Justice programs at AIU and CTU, which... read more
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Wang sells $2 Million in stock

Last week, Richard Wang, director sold 200,000 shares worth more than $2M. Mr. Wang, 40, is a co-founder and Managing Partner of Tenzing Global Management (“Tenzing Global”). /
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Where CECO is going...

Just in case you weren't familiar with CECO's latest board member, she was CFO of Apollo Education. /
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How long does this charade go on?

How long can Career Education continue going like this? What's it like at the teach out schools? How bad has it gotten with recruiting people at AIU and CTU? I see that AIU is rewarding alumni ($1000 in tuition cuts?)for finding new enrollees. I... read more
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Any honest people at CTU, AIU, or Career Ed?

Career Education is getting rid of its most legitimate brand, Le Cordon Bleu, and doubling down on Colorado Tech, so they can prey on vets? Does Todd S. Nelson have any ethics? He ruined Apollo Education, then helped EDMC collapse... read more
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I am sorry ...

I am sorry. I have been lying for years. As you will soon find out, I short stocks for a living and have used these discussion boards to support my financial needs. I am nothing more than a liberal hack.
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How did revenues magically double?

How did Career Education Corporations' revenues magically double?............................./
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If there are any ethical people left...

It looks like the only two brands left are AUI and CTU. Both of these schools target vets for a subprime education. If there are any instructors, librarians, or other people at any Career Education schools who want to do something decent, before you... read more
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Todd S. Nelson's work is done?

Looks like Todd S. Nelson has done the work he came here for: dismembering Career Education and making it "profitable." After leaving Apollo Group (in scandal), EDMC (in finacial ruin), where will he go after Career Education? I had thought he might... read more
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CTU Most Hated College Among Military Vets

In proportion to the number of military veterans it enrolls, Colorado Technical Institute online may be the most hated of colleges. The school only enrolls about 5000 student vets, but it has received 58 complaints from the GI Feedback... read more
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Severance package?

I am a financial aid advisor andmay be getting layed off from CEC, I am a bit nervous that I won't be able to make ends meet. Has anyone been offered a severance package? Anyone knows how they calculate it? Any info would be helpful.
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