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Layoffs in the New YEar?

Anyone else hearing about layoffs in the New Year? I heard that Bill has said the average cost per service employee is too high and that Paul is saying there is less work in the New Year? Anyone else hearing this?
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Best thing I ever did was quit this company

Seriously the people who work in Rhode Island are the biggest bunch of 2 faced a holes I ever met The only way this job is tolerable is if you kiss a-- and get into one of the little clicks they got going on The owners are disgraceful and lie to... read more
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Too many douche bags in rhode island

Seriously I hate the people who work in Exeter Most are uneducated white trash idiots This company sells a good game but the people who work here are sub par
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Service vs sales issue

The "Service vs Sales" is a big part of the problem the organization has been dealing with for some time. We are all part of the same machine. When service is feeling the strain from not enough cycles to do all of the work demanded, they get stressed... read more
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If you don't like it leave

I don't understand how everyone b--ches and complains about Carousel. I previously worked there nearly 10 years and had a great experience. Its pretty simple, if you don't like it there leave. No one is forcing you to work there. I noticed that all... read more
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shut up and do your jobs

I am so sick of service people whining on this site. One of my prospect customers found this site and you cost me a sale. Quit whining about your job. If you don't like it then leave. You wouldnt have a job if it wasn't for people like me oing the... read more
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times were tough so we layed off people that doesn't seem to stop our beloved ceo from buying luxury cars houses and 100k golf trips i hope he doesn't need to buy another beach house this year i need my job
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Former customer

I am a former Carousel customer and I wish I would have found this site before I signed my original support contract. I wouldn't have signed in the first place. I don't know what is true and what isn't here. But my experience is that service was poor... read more
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More summer layoffs

There is a moodiness around the office that needs to be let go Hopefully downloadbesttorrentblog.rus wont be too bad Maybe the moodiness will never return
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Lousy job experience at Carousel

This was the low point in my professional career. I don't even have it on my resume. I had more fulfilling menial jobs when I was younger. There were a handful of people trying to improve processes and make the organization stronger but most weren't... read more
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Owners looking to sell

Is it true carousel industries is on the market ? Who would by this lousy company ? Jeff and Jim are dreaming
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Next round of layoffs

I heard from management they are going to start firing field techs and dispatchers . In addition about 10% of the NOC along with its management
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big financial issue?

I heard something about some big financial issues does anyone have details?
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why I hate working here

The top reasons I hate working here: Owned by someone who only cares about money and screws employees over Constantly lied to by owner, EVP, Sr, VP's, and the other 50 VP's We don't get the help we need to support customers but get blamed when... read more
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Dear Carousel Customers

you shouldnt worrry about the massive layoffs today you shouldn't worry that all noc staff including those fired today have your usersnames passwords and Ip's and that they won't be changing them i'm sure you'll still be safe any concerns just ask... read more
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Phony 5 stars reviews on Glassdoor

I heard the marketing dept are posting phony reviews of the company on sites like glass door and indeed . Have you ever noticed everytime you see a 1 star negative review it's followed by about 6 or 7 5 star reviews telling how great it is to work... read more
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Screwed by Carousel

/ CEO and CRO have been fudging GM numbers for years to avoid paying accurate commission Managed Services and Dedicated Tech are the worse averaging 8% difference between actual and reported GM
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take away digger's donuts

someone needs to take away digger's donuts until he stops lying selling deals or make him take the calls after he promises the world
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Can s--- the ball juice out of my left testi---{{paragraph}}}And eat it until you are hungry for more
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Trump wins

F--- you carousel F--- you jeff Gardner I hope your company crumbles under the new admistration
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Here here

I have a lot of dirt on everyone from low level management to senior vps in the company Respond yes or no if you want to hear some stories And I'll post at a later date I'll also tell you certain people to stay away from in the company and people you... read more
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Cisco 49 billion in sales vs avaya 4 billion

Cisco is kicking a-- . Avaya phone systems are junk . This is why carousel is partnering with Cisco Avaya has given them so many awards over the years but even carousel isn't stupid enough to believe in the up office phone system The ip office was... read more
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This company is horrible . They are huge Hillary supporters and pay terrible wages and screw their employees out of decent health care coverage. The average pay is around 40k a year but the company makes over 500$ million a year Do the math you are... read more
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Company of has beens

This company jumped the shark about 6 years ago I feel bad for the people who still work here
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Step out of the garden

As they pulled you out of the oxygen tent You asked for the latest party With your silicone hump and your ten inch stump Dressed like a priest you was Todd Browning's freak you was Crawling down the alley on your hands and knee I'm sure you're not... read more
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Just like the Boston Red Sox

This company is like cheering for the redsox Sure they've won a few championships in the last 15 years but at the end of the day they are a second rate ball team with lousy fans who have bad attitudes and poor pitching
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The truth

Carousel is a great company and has lots of potential but it's basically run by a small handfull of a--holes Not much else to say Hope you enjoy working here Lol
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Daddy Was

My daddy was a bank robber But he never hurt nobody He just loved to live that way And he loved to steal your money Some is rich, and some is poor That's the way the world is But I don't believe in lying back Sayin' how bad your luck is So we came to... read more
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Born to lose

If you like to gamble, I tell you I'm your man, You win some, lose some, it's all the same to me, The pleasure is to play, makes no difference what you say, I don't share your greed, the only card I need is The Ace Of Spades Playing for the high one... read more
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Roger Allen wade

Oh, there's a party in my pants and you're invited. Ay biga fiesta in my trousers, I'm excited. I'm so happy my little cup-cake I can't hide it. Oh there's a party in my pants and you're invited. I'm sick and tired of sad and broke and busted'. I'm... read more
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I want to become president

I've been working in the noc for 3 years and all of these lesbian women in the office turn me on I'd gladly let any of them take me home and have their way with me . As for advancement . I will suck any cock in order to get a promotion . I want to... read more
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Unless you are willing to open up your butthole for gay sex then don't ever think you will be a VP at carousel industries Middle management is where you will stay and where you will remain until you quit . Signed : upper management
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Don't work here

For the most part they under pay but preach a team mentality so people will enjoy working for little moments money Prepared to get chewed up and spit out within a few years . Loyalty is preached however they don't want long term employees unless they... read more
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Convergence tech

Vice Presidents and directors work for this company who hold nothing more than high school diplomas That goes to show what kind of company this is Yet they want new employees to have college degrees to get their foot in the door
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