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I'm done

Cenovus has a way to make it seem as if they are right on track with today's market yet with all the cuts in budget and resources your job security is flimsy at best. There is a wave of fear around the departments on who will be next. Upper... read more
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A few layoffs this week

Mostly under the radar but a few contracor and employee positions have been eliminated since the culling of the VP’s a week or two ago.
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SLT Layoffs

Do you think the recent SLT layoffs/changes were “deep enough?”
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Layoffs delayed?

Heard downloadbesttorrentblog.rus have been delayed until March. CVE will be hiring more HR specialists though. Any chance this is true?
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"Old boys club"

Let the "Old boys club" continue even after these layoffs. I wonder what's going to happen when they eventually have to start laying each other off.
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End of January Cenovus layoffs?

Heard last week at the office that something big is being planned for the end of January, but I can't figure out if the info is based on something concrete or if it's just an unsubstantiated rumor. Looking at other posts on this board, it... read more
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What’s the date

So when is the big layoff. What’s happening in the rumour mill?
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More changes incoming

It’s likely CVE is looking to sell additional Deep Basin assets to shore up their balance sheet in 2018. Next asset traunch from rumblings I’ve heard is the remainder of Clearwater. I’ve also heard they plan to scrap a long term production growth... read more
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15 percent will not be enough

You bet you are never safe. You’re only drilling 15 wells next year. How many people do you need to do that? 15% is not enough should be way higher. Get your resume updated people your going to need it. One thing I learned from COP you can’t believe... read more
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Who knew the Grinch's first name was Alex!

Obviously the polite mannered Canadians are taking this layoff with the usual "oh it's just business, don't take it personal" BS. Where are deep mole(s) that can anonymously get the word out to the rest of us peons. The process doesn't give a rats... read more
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With or without those laid off?

Somebody asked this already but there was no clear answer in the other thread, so I'm gonna try again like this: is the announced 500 to 700 with or without the several hundred who were laid off last week? Either way it's bad, but if it's with at... read more
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Another round of leyoffs

It seems like Cenovus is going to let 500-700 people go at the end of January. It is really a terrible situation especially for former Conoco employees who recently moved to Cenovus. They might be laid off again.
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Stay away from Cenovus

I have been an employee of Cenovus for well over 5 years and what I’ve noticed is there is a continual change in leadership and upper management who seem to be unqualified and are only out for themselves. It is clear that it’s not what you know, but... read more
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More to come

Announced this morning. 15% reductions overall or 500-700 in total. Foster Creek expansion on hold Narrows Lake Phase A on hold Deep Basin down to 15 wells and mostly in Q1.
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Never ending layoffs

Layoffs should not come as a surprise to anybody working at Cenovus. We've been having continuous layoffs without an end in sight for years now. The whole process has become a simple numbers game, completely ignoring who it is that is getting shown... read more
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How long are ex COP protected against layoffs?
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Layoffs Dec and Jan

200-300 ppl in Dec along with some VPs/Directors. Another round in Jan. Soon we will have an entire building sitting empty.
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How are those packages looking?

How many months/years of service? Any prorated bonus? Benefits during severance? Anything else? Help the rest of us plan...
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Be serious, who really just hopes for a package?

How many of you here at Cenovus are really just hoping you get a package? “Golden handcuffs” as some say. I know I am seriously looking outside. Maybe they should do a survey..
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Layoffs today

I heard there is big lay offs happening today??
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Any thoughts on the new CEO?
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Calgary Cenovus layoffs

Layoffs will continue into Q1 2018. Some groups will see more than others. Probably the biggest chunk from conventional being Calgary staff who aren’t moving to one of the acquiring companies. Anybody knows if this is just rumor or is there something... read more
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Drilling Program

What does your Q4 2017 and Q1 2018 drilling Program look like? Are you drilling very many wells?
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Mass layoffs over?

There will indeed be layoffs but not of the mass one or two day variety like we've see over the last three rounds. Probably after each respective deal closes will indicate the timing of it all. I believe you are right, . I think Cenovus... read more
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Will there be layoffs? When?
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700-800 seems reasonable

Most of the field staff in CONG will go with the new acquiring companies but the office staff are all toast. Probably some of the new Conoco people will get turfed since they seem over staffed for their planned activity levels until 2019 and beyond... read more
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Selling Assets

Is Cenovus selling the Deep Basin assets that they purchased from ConocoPhillips? Are you getting ready to drill in Q4 and Q1?
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