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Worked at Cigna since 1972

I worked at cigna in IT for over 43 years. Now retired, I find it necessary to offer perspective " there were many technology and process changes during my years of employment which required me to adapt and increase my contribution and performance" -... read more
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Age discrimination suit

I am hearing that a group is gathering across the country to sue Cigna on age discrimination. Anybody knows if this is true? I'd be more than happy to join this group in suing the company I gave nearly three decades of my life to just to be... read more
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January 2018 layoffs at Cigna

We've all known this was coming for a while, but now it's finally official. Sixty folks have been laid off by Cigna in the Chicago area, and from what I'm hearing, this is just a start. It's really sad that this is the way we started the new year... read more
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IT Developer

Full-time for 5 + years at Cigna Healthspring. Directions from Dave Croker SVP IT/Head of IT at Cigna-Healthspring is to phase out older workers via a silent re-organization. Dave Croker envision a younger cheaper work force. After spending millions... read more
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wishing for layoffs...

is it sad that i'm at the point where i'm hoping layoffs happen? i've been with cigna for many years and i watched it deteriorate from great to good to mediocre to awful place to work for... i'd leave on my own, but at my age finding other employment... read more
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Training issues

Cigna has a huge issue with training which should have been solved a long time ago, but for some reason it never changes. New employees get no initial training on their specific position but have to learn from other employees on the go. The problem... read more
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Cigna is a mess

Really not sure where to start with this considering how big of a mess Cigna is right now... There's absolutely no collaboration between various departments, internal processes are convoluted and unnecessarily difficult, everybody who isn't... read more
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So tired of current management

Why in the world is change such a foreign word at Cigna??? The leadership is so insecure and stuck in the old ways that if you even dare to suggest something change or bring up a new idea, you might've as well put a target on your back yourself. The... read more
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Nervous breakdown

I know of three people who suffered nervous breakdown in the Miramar IT department.. a sad place to work
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Ex Great West > Now Cigna

I came with the Great West purchase and total of 18 years. Good pay for my area and I work from HOME. Vacation is good. I am very happy.
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No chance to advance

Unless you are a friend or family with someone in the management or a major kiss a**, you will not move up at Cigna. I have seen the same people who have proven inept at their work get promoted several times, while experienced people with seniority... read more
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Cigna, a great company!

I also worked for CIGNA for 30 years. My wife retired from CIGNA after 36 years and our daughter is on her 18th year with CIGNA. Yes, it is a great company!
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This company is going nowhere

I've worked in customers service for a long time, and believe me when I say, this company has no future. Don't get me wrong, the pay was ok, but everything else was a mess. Or it was while I was there, but I doubt anything changed. Terrible work... read more
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Cigna Layoffs

Cigna is not a good company to work for as long as it is affiliated with Teldrug. Teldrug is the worst company to work for, everything about that company is political, they have supervisor that are disrespectful, liars, spiteful, and also... read more
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Not worth it anymore

I am considering leaving Cigna on my own. The pay is good in theory, but I have to do the work of four people every single day for it. There is absolutely no balance between work and personal life here. We have good people opting to leave all the... read more
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Be Careful Cigna

I got blindsided with a job elimination at Cigna a few years ago - no severance was received even though I was expecting it. At that time (2014) there were many layoffs and the review process was too rigid - really, I'd say not fair . Cigna managers... read more
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No layoffs as of July 2017 but you never know...

The market is awkward right now. There is a lot of uncertainty and Cigna is not an exemption here - we struggle too if times are uncertain. My wife works for UnitedHealth and they are cutting right now, I have a ton of buddies at Aetna, they have... read more
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Cigna US Healthcare Sales Talent Flight

I'm a bit concerned as a shareholder not sure if its true...Is Cigna loosing its top Sales leadership talent due to under-performing product portfolio US Domestic Healthcare or is it a reflection of market re-configuration?
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Layoffs In Phoenix for Cigna employees? 3/24/16 Announcement

There is to be an announcement tomorrow afternoon about the future of some Cigna Medical Centers in the Phoenix area. Not sure what is going to happen but pharmacist at one center visibly upset after meeting with Cigna executives
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Anthem Layoffs

I completely agree with all the Anthem posts. I would recommend staying away from that company if you are job hunting, unless you like temp work. As a company they constantly imply that they honor their employees and the community, but they directly... read more
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Anthem is lay off happy so cancel Christmas.

Those of you new to Anthem... Just keep in mind, Anthem is NOTORIOUS for laying people off while having open and active "help wanted" ad's up .... Just because they're hiring for your dept doesn't mean they need you. Just means they want a cheaper... read more
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CIGNA Layoffs 2016

What is the likelihood of CIGNA layoffs in Bloomfield in 2016? Please let me know if you have any information.
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Satyam India employees -

Per Hartford, Conn. NBC channel 30, Cigna Insurance is replacing hundreds of American workers with Satyam India employees. They reported there are over 20K unemployed Conn. IT workers. DOL reports Conn. has over 70K non-immigrant temporary workers... read more
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Bloomfield downsizing

I heard that we will be targeting IT resources in Q2 of 2014. This is becoming a pattern, Cordani likes to trim IT, the fact that we are already hurting on the IT side does not matter, people are working long hours and many are fed up with how we are... read more
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June 2013

1300 people were let go, 2014 to be even worse
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