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Regional Meetings this week.

At least here in the northeast. My new District Leader and others from the area in Boston all this week. I expect big news.
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New info on incoming layoffs at CVS

Last word I got was the lay offs have been delayed due to hurricane Harvey, they didn't want to do the lay offs the same week as harvey. was supposed to happen last Thursday obviously the company doesn't want to look bad so they postponed... read more
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HR dept at the Orlando DC scrapped.

The HR department has been eliminated at the Orlando DC. One associate gone on 12/01, the others at the end of Dec. Employees in other departments shown the door because of performance or errors. Very sad. No turkey given out before Thanksgiving... read more
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Next on the chopping block will be our FCT. They will be eliminating/changing the job duties. The Fct will be a part time position, most fct have tech licenses and will be able to make up the hours inside the stores going foward starting March 1st... read more
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SSS Surveys

Honestly no one does these! I work in the pharmacy and all month I’ve had 2 drop. One was good and one was bad. So my over all score is terrible. None of my customers do these. And I feel like a super lame pharmacist asking people to do them. Plus... read more
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Get ready there going to be releasing more info/changes on Monday! Cvs posted sh--ty FS earnings. While Walgreens posted 9% increases in FS. Walgreens kicked our butts.
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New Coupon Policy?

Has anyone heard about an upcoming change to the coupon policy?
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Target takeover

Target will be taking over the FS side of the buisness. They already have small format stores in SF called “target express” i have been in them and it’s pretty much a cvs. Cvs is admitting defeat in the front end. They are willing to cut loose the... read more
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Nuclear fallout

Soon there will be nuclear fallout within 3-6 months with the company. All field managers i know are not happy with the changes. Most are looking for other employment opportunities and will find something shortly. All of the execs that got demoted... read more
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Questions on budget

Everyone post what state your in and avg weekly sales and payroll budget. Just doing some comparison.
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retail plan

I do work at CVS Corporate in Rhode Island. I know the short term plan for low volume stores is to continue to remove SKUs from store level and replace with blank space holders, and begin pushing customers to our online or high volume stores. Long... read more
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Store Managers??

Any news on Store Manager positions? I've read through most of the recent threads & found nothing. I'm eager to know if my position is being done away with. Thanks.
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Operating hours

Has anyone heard about minimum hour stores cut to below operating hours x 2? Making an already near impossible job more difficult.
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Finally found out

Finally had my call with District Manager about what's going on. She is staying on as District Leader. Rx Sup was given the option to leave or go back to a bench. Several other Rx Sups and DMs have been let go from the company. Our district went down... read more
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Hiring Freeze? No, Plan? Yes, There is A Plan

"The Real Plan" - "Layoffs" for lower wages is Not A Good Same thing here, told had hiring freeze, will pull from FS to RX, RX to FS, fill gaps.. Don't believe anyone in management. Few months ago, CVs at Job Fair with a booth. Past month - 4 new... read more
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Lousy treatment of employees

Does not matter how hard you work. The management is not profeissional and incompetent. Supervisors cannot even write sentences. Amazing that they have such a bad attitude towards employees. This is what especially amazes me - the complete disregard... read more
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District Admins

Will district admins keep their jobs or are they being cut?
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Feb 2018

February 2018 there will be another restructuring. Including FCT, Tsm’s, District admins, and Rlpm. Just got word through the grapevine. Store closures will be coming too. Low volume. Low script stores in the cross hairs (under 35k FS and under 500... read more
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20+yrs - seriously

Over 20yrs for a lot of folks impacted by this ridiculous restructuring. There were 4 key areas who really made this company money- and only a few key regions. But the best leaders- those who managed by people first foundation will now be gone. No... read more
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Scheduler/Admin hours info

I am Scheduler/Admin, and I have heard we will be budgeted 7 hours a week for Scheduling and 7 hours for Admin Duties. We might be able pick up another district with the same budget. Even though it will be more stores than we have now, we won't even... read more
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Admin/Schedulers cuts

I heard that once they review "what's needed" yes cuts will happen to Admin/Schedulers. And if your lucky and make it this year you probably won't next year. So RUN and update your resume. CVS only cares about dollars not humans they don't care if... read more
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Those laid off can apply for other jobs at CVS

They hired a consulting firm and basically gave everyone a point value from DM, Rx sups and up. Key factors were how long ones been with the company and performance specifically favoring those who are pharmacists and have been with the company a long... read more
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Execs and our business

Here is my two cents on the executives and the overall state of the business. I think that Larry simply has not clue about retail. This will hurt retail in the long run, he does not get it. Helena and her extra-care program was fine but it is slowing... read more
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More to come?

Has anyone heard that there’s another phase to come early next year that will impact FTM’s, HRBP’s and FCT’s?
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2018 budgets release today

Budgets were released for 2018 payroll. Its bad. My store currently does average of 65-70k a week in fs and 2000+ scripts a week. We were running at a fs payroll budget average of 270-290 my new weekly budget is 261-264 per week. Making an already... read more
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More to come?

Has anyone heard that another round is. Minh next year to include FTM’s, HRBP’s and FCT’s?
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Hiring Freeze

Anyone else aware of a hiring freeze? Was told that we can not hire and that staff must pulled from RX or FS pools to fill gaps for now.
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The future of CVS

The future of CVS is without a doubt heading towards health care clinics. All corporate retail stores are coming to an inevitable restructuring process. Consumers are starting to purchase online more and more. CVS is just trying to stay ahead of the... read more
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Have any FCT's out there been let go? I have heard conflicting stories that the training jobs are safe but then i've also heard that the training teams could be reduced. I'm just wondering what's going on out there with everyone else?
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The most stressful company to work for

This has to be the most stressful company to work for with all the metrics and checklist. I see so many stores being ran with little or no help. I see managers in their stores by themselves for hours at a time just to make payroll I see district... read more
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Prayers For Everyone!

It’s all true everyone, everything you are hearing is true. Everyone in management or higher positions will be affected by all these cut backs if not by this month definitely by March. (Store managers) That’s bonus time. I’m sending everyone and... read more
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