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more like prison labor than a job

talk about terrible and mentally unhealthy atmosphere... davita takes the cake... or at least my location does... nobody here goes for lunch... we should be able to, but management has created an atmosphere of fear where nobody feels like they... read more
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I hated working for DaVita!

I've been out for a year now, and boy is my life better! I absolutely hated working at DaVita. I still check to see what's going on occasionally because of my coworkers and I can see little to nothing has changed. Still same bad pay and benefits... read more
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Might be best ?

Lots of rumors on pacific coast (Cali) promptly would be best served if health care partners could break away and get back to serving the patients and not chasing the almighty dollar as current state with DMG module.
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Coworker fired without a warning

My coworker was fired without warning by DaVita. Not laid off, literally fired for her first infraction (never written up before.) It was nothing big, either. She was one of our best employees, so this makes absolutely no sense at all. I've asked... read more
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Low pay and even worse benefits

Really not sure where to start when it comes to all things wrong at DaVita right now. I guess with the obvious: the pay is noticeably lower than industry standards and benefits are jokingly bad. New people get very little if any training, and are... read more
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2017 Not Done Yet

Major restructuring on the horizon, if rumorholds true. Most likely this will impact teammates in late 2017.
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Davita Layoffs 2018

Do you have more details about job cuts in Denver.
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If the revenue doesn't catch up, there could be more layoffs

We were told DMG has been growing the administrative staff faster than revenue growth. They made this cut with the intention of it being the only one and they did not want to make any clinical cuts. However if the revenue doesn't catch up then i... read more
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DaVita Clinician Layoffs

From what I read in the comments here for DaVita layoffs is that it's mostly HR, Coding, and corporate jobs that are being laid off. No clinician layoffs so far, which I'm relieved because I'm coming up on my 5 year anniversary and we just hired two... read more
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24 laid off at Everett Clinic

It's not as bed as we have feared since DaVita took over, but it still stings. Of course, it's not as bad IF this is the entirety of the buyout fallout. Checking this board, something tells me more is to come... read more
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DaVita August layoffs

Do we know how many people altogether were hit in this round of layoffs? It looks like a lot of it was spread out by different departments, so I can't really get a good idea, but from what I am seeing on this and other boards, the number seems to be... read more
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My department is adding jobs

I was really surprised to see this in my FB feed. I work in Denver and my department has been adding new jobs. DaVita has also been buying up independent dialysis centers like crazy and building new centers. In many states, like CA and WA, we cannot... read more
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Coding and Registration Layoffs

My department here at DaVita is just fine so far, - HOWEVER we have lost part of Coding and Registration. This impacts us all and the overall quality of work went down.
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Are they getting ready to just let corporate be in Tacoma? Please share your thoughts.
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Davita August layoffs

Company email just went out today, 5 departments in the Pacific region got hit with layoffs. Not surprising, now that the HCP to DMG transition is in full effect, heads were bound to roll. Companies are not charities. CEO's are not looking out for... read more
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Layoffs continue, poor HR, poor Mgmt...

I've been with DaVita for a few years now, and it was OK in the beginnning. However, massive layoffs continue for the past several years and there is a ton of anxiety. Even this week. Job Insecurity is pretty much the number one worry of all... read more
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Davita Layoffs 2016

What is the likelihood of Davita layoffs in Denver in 2016? Please let me know if you have any information.
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Potential layoffs

heard many rumors, can someone confirm
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Downsizing big time in our IT group

I think the whole group is way too big for Davita - we are not a huge company and I think we spend way too much money on IT
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Davita layoffs 2014

Get ready El Segundo - Davita will be cutting resources in 2014 - IT group will be affected, so be warned.
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