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Dell EMC Layoff 2018

Dell Management had decided to layoff EMC legacy team members. All lead and Sr people are in great danger. They going to kick you out very quietly.
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Need for QA organization... ??

In the era of declining revenues and advent of automation technologies like never before.. does one need army of test engineers and worst QA managers ? Time for Dell to introspect?
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If you're over 50 you aren't safe at Dell

This applies to L4 and below and not the top rungs. HR has been surreptitiously informed to go after the 50+ and high paying folks. Clean job in the offing in the next huge layoff in April.
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VMW rules

remember feb 12th. kind regards
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Last day was not last day

My manager told me the 31st was my last day. I assumed I was getting laid off. The 31st came and went, so I asked my manager what was going on. He said well, I can’t kick you off the team. So I’m still here I guess. Is this common?
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Bad time to accept a job?

Hi, I am supposed to start sometime next month with the pro support team in OKC. However, all of these talks about massive layoffs have me spooked. I know nobody can be 100% sure, but should I reconsider my employment with Dell?
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Virtustream Spin Off

The management teams are preparing for the spinoff and sale before VMware purchase to pay down debt. I saw some people from Rackspace the other day and OVH has meetings with management since they purchase VMware Cloud.
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Dell/EMC consulting spin-off

I heard some rumors the consulting division of dell/emc would be spin-off in a separate company. Allowing for ipo and/or sell-off if the numbers aren't good. Anyone heard the same?
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Feb 2018 ??

Any news for feb..layoffs here about areas and locations
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Dell’s Logo - Irony

You can’t find this on the Internet. The design of the Dell logo with the backwards E was the “E” was tilted at 32 degrees to represent 32% growth each year. I guess that E should be colored red and flipped upside down to represent negative growth... read more
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VMware to buy Dell? Lol!

VMware buying Dell is another low IQ move out of Round Rock. The laptop sellers have no idea how to drag themselves out of the debt hole, thanks for nothing Bain, so wrecking VMware is going to be the next thing they try. And they will wreck VMware... read more
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The VPs are so busy protecting their own ass

Rather than hiring and training their own the VPs are at all time panic. Using their VPhood to make any and every average employee that is not paid by their cost center put all their effort to drive their livelihood. At this point each of us... read more
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Be careful of "anonymous" surveys at Dell

I was laid off over a year ago. Yes, over 50 and had just trained my replacement. I had just completed a not so complimentary Tell Dell survey which are supposed to be annonamous. My manager was a narcissist and his entire team would say so... read more
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Time to clean house

My manager is in new meetings this week which were unplanned. As he is a friend he said that things are going to accelerate quickly to clean house to get leaner for possible IPO offering. Anyone not pulling the weight will be gone to lower the costs... read more
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Poof, CPSD and Chad Sakac gone!

So our old VCE sales rep and SE have been reassigned into the server group. Another has been moved into Storage. From what I heard only a few people have been let go. Trying to get confirmation and then verify on ZZZ List. If you don't think things... read more
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Ireland more layoffs

Is there more layoffs due in feburary ..or is it done..i knkw of quite a few trying to get packages but are turned down all the time..i did hear new batches monthly
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Hey Tom Brady!

Nice game and your post is spot on too. It's no coincidence that layoffs generally occur shortly after DELL employee surveys are collected -It happens like this- employee reports truth, boss gets report, figures out who dinged their score, retaliates... read more
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Severance Packages Numbers

Any word on the type of packages being given last week and through the 31st? How many weeks of pay and benefits? Do years of service account for anything? Example, if one has been with the company for 20 years or more, will they be compensated for... read more
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MA (USA) by 31st

Heard through director friend to expect more next couple of weeks. Said he's upset about it, but out of his hands. Said goal is to weed out some of the older, longtime workers. Obsolete in skill sets, overpaid, some BS, among those lines. Something... read more
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Cork ireland hit

Cork ireland hit with layoffs but no front line staff are affected.dies anyone know if more are due in feb or march
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How many were laid off this week?

Anybody knows the total of employees that were shown the door this week by Dell? I'm just wondering how they are managing to continue laying off and avoid both WARN and bad press. I guess that's why we hear about new layoffs nearly every week - they... read more
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Layoffs at Dell Bangalore Storage.. update

It seems yesterday there was some action. What we hear is that most of the (if not all) leftover so called senior leadership has been asked to GO with April end as the last day... may be this is the end of the end which was much awaited. Though the... read more
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Layoffs today.

Heard from some friends still in PS (legacy EMC) that there was a bloodbath today - a number of the "rockstars" were let go, or were told they were gonna be gone, not sure which. I was let go back in September of last year.
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Ireland safe?

No more layoffs as we were told..looks like jobs in storage are back on track ..ireland safe for the near future..roll on the bonus Saw this in another thread, but it sounds a bit too good to be true. Anybody knows if this is true or just wishful... read more
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What happened to us?

Seriously, I was thinking the other day, trying to figure out how we went from the top to where we are right now in relatively short time. It's really sad for me to see this once great company as it is right now. I used to love coming in to work, and... read more
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