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Hey Tom Brady!

Nice game and your post is spot on too. It's no coincidence that layoffs generally occur shortly after DELL employee surveys are collected -It happens like this- employee reports truth, boss gets report, figures out who dinged their score, retaliates... read more
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Severance Packages Numbers

Any word on the type of packages being given last week and through the 31st? How many weeks of pay and benefits? Do years of service account for anything? Example, if one has been with the company for 20 years or more, will they be compensated for... read more
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MA (USA) by 31st

Heard through director friend to expect more next couple of weeks. Said he's upset about it, but out of his hands. Said goal is to weed out some of the older, longtime workers. Obsolete in skill sets, overpaid, some BS, among those lines. Something... read more
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Cork ireland hit

Cork ireland hit with layoffs but no front line staff are affected.dies anyone know if more are due in feb or march
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How many were laid off this week?

Anybody knows the total of employees that were shown the door this week by Dell? I'm just wondering how they are managing to continue laying off and avoid both WARN and bad press. I guess that's why we hear about new layoffs nearly every week - they... read more
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Layoffs at Dell Bangalore Storage.. update

It seems yesterday there was some action. What we hear is that most of the (if not all) leftover so called senior leadership has been asked to GO with April end as the last day... may be this is the end of the end which was much awaited. Though the... read more
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Layoffs today.

Heard from some friends still in PS (legacy EMC) that there was a bloodbath today - a number of the "rockstars" were let go, or were told they were gonna be gone, not sure which. I was let go back in September of last year.
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Ireland safe?

No more layoffs as we were told..looks like jobs in storage are back on track ..ireland safe for the near future..roll on the bonus Saw this in another thread, but it sounds a bit too good to be true. Anybody knows if this is true or just wishful... read more
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What happened to us?

Seriously, I was thinking the other day, trying to figure out how we went from the top to where we are right now in relatively short time. It's really sad for me to see this once great company as it is right now. I used to love coming in to work, and... read more
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Has anyone else received a self assessment form lately? First time I have seen this. Could legacy Dell folks explain if this is the first step in a layoff decision process? I feel like I am on the hook. Insult to the injury is that they make you give... read more
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Ground preparation for major layoff in Dell EMC storage

"....... whole of Dell EMC storage is in trouble. JC has now started exercise on getting the headcount baselined. Every manager in storage (yes only storage not server, desktop or networking) is now asked to provide the details of his/her reportees... read more
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CYCLONE in trouble

Any news on what's happening to the Cyclone program at MRES?
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Skills and talent

Dell seems to have the impression that their most important talents and "skills" are the "people managers" only. It is a generally understandable with the execs oversimplified thinking that their people managers are the ones actively manage their... read more
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Data Protection needs Data Protection

So this finally has come to light after a number of people internally tried to highlight that DPS (BURA, BRS, DPAD, DPS, we keep changing our names every year to throw them off the scent) software is in need of starting over. Data Domain is still a... read more
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Re-engineer your interviewing skill

I can only say in Canada the EMC and DELL sales management, AEs and pre-Sales are left over Dinosaurs. Good people started leaving 2011 and only buddies are left. Start looking now - EMC skill sets are no longer in any demand. -DELL is even in a... read more
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Word around office in MA is next round will be in February. Anyone else hear that or how many?
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Dear Mr Dell

How many VPs and directors of yours actually knows what iis artificial intelligence and actively put effort to apply them in their team? Have you seen how many trees we kill just to communicate with smoke?
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EEOC questions

What is the point of filling a complaint with the EEOC? I’m not after money. I would let it go, but I’m afraid I’ll regret not doing anything and the statute of limitations will pass. Have you ever filed one? If so, any tips when you don’t have hard... read more
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How do you move on?

I'm so ready to move on from Dell, but I'm so scared of taking that step. It's been nearly fifteen years since I last looked for a job. I'm guessing the interview process has changed at least a little in that time. I have a lot to offer to other... read more
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Layoffs Sept - Dec 2017 over 9K

The total number in the zzz list from September - December 2017 was: 9,376. September = 1,753; October = 2,029; November = 2,611; December = 2,983.
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Layoff and glassdoors are great sites

Thanks to these we have freedom of speech otherwise shut off by department lead who runs it like a dictator while perfecting acts with his/her most trusted kiss a-- subjects to say and act in a way that hides how they torture us and sew our mouths in... read more
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This is so true

My last 1 year at Dell EMC has felt just like what is described here...and still ongoing: /
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January layoffs are a given

Layoffs during the end of Q4 is a normal annual ritual in Dell. No prizes for guessing if it is going to be any different this year Jan. This year will be all the more crucial for Dell to reduce non performing liabilities as they have done poorly... read more
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Dell is

a place where subject matter expert and director roles are given to those who can't even google their own questions. And anyone with real expertise are squeezed till they leave
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Merry Christmas

Looks like it a very uncertain time for a lot of people. A lot of homes this Christmas have heavy hearts, trying to make the most of despite the uncertainty for their families. Remember life is a forward moving thing opportunities will appear EMC is... read more
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What is Dell culture?

wtf is Dell culture? Be friends and promote friends? Wtf is the culture because I see too many stupid "friends" being promoted and use gifts and group bully to get people who are not "friends" in line! This happens in Asia region, go check out your... read more
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6 people impacted in Irving

Me and five of my peers just recieived termination notice. No severance, justified as to be poor performance based.
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Voluntary buyouts?

I know everybody is talking about big layoffs coming in January, but I've also seen it mentioned that there will be voluntary buyouts offered before than. Any chance this is true? I know a few people who would jump at the opportunity, and hopefully... read more
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Net neutrality

Will out lost battle with net neutrality affects this site and showers Dell execs with praise and worship?
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Confirmed huge layoff in 2018

A huge and massive layoff will happen in February 2018 across the board. No site or level will be spared . It will be a bloodbath . Get out now
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