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Employee Engagement Survey Coming!

Always right before downloadbesttorrentblog.rus. Brace yourselves. Be sure to let them know exactly how you feel because they want to collect nice happy numbers before the sh8tcanninh begins. Like it here? Great! Great company! Yes, we eliminated your position but... read more
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June 1st

I heard from a reliable source that all DeVry campuses will be moved out of Chamberlain or closed. This is the end people!
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Townhall May 2018

Just get to the meat of this meeting. WHAT ABOUT COGSWELL!!!!
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No Student Evaluation Results Yet?

Does anyone else think that it’s suspicious that the student evaluations from last session haven’t been released yet? They are usually out much faster. I am wondering if it has something to do with the new ownership, maybe scrubbing the data before... read more
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Stand-alone University

Anyone else find it interesting JB said DVU would be transitioning to a “stand-alone university”? Does this mean Cogswell/PV is out and DVU will sink or swim with no parent company? Interested in your thoughts on this.
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Chicago Campbell Campus Relocating

DeVry has been looking for real estate to relocate the Chicago Campbell campus and get out of the building with CCN that Adtalem owns. They want to relocate near an L station for better accessibility for students. This will be an absolute mess trying... read more
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Didja notice

The post with Wardells Chicago address that is for sale disppared?
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Cogswell College is NOT the same as Cogswell Education

FYI Cogswell College is NOT the same as Cogswell Education. In essence, the 600 student school is not going to take over DeVry. Instead, this newly formed entity "Cogswell Education" will be doing the takeover. Cogswell Education apparently owns... read more
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Local Campus Community Sites Taken Down

The local DVU campus “community” websites have been taken down. A lot of the information was out of date anyway, but seems like an opening bid for a new round of consolidations and cutting. There are only a handful of faculty who have profiles on the... read more
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DeVry being Sold

As often speculated here, official announcement of sale of DeVry University to Cogswell.
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EDMC/Dream Center - Layoff

If you want to know the future of DeVry (assuming the sale goes through) you might want to take a look at Education Management board today. About 6 months after the change in owners, downloadbesttorrentblog.rus ramp up.
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Don’t expect a large amount of layoffs before the sale but do expect a cleaning up and some restructuring of managers and other positions by the end of May. Cogswell (Palm Ventures) has yet to confirm the sale or made any form of public announcement... read more
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Word is out...layoffs and position changes in May.
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How long do we have?

I know everybody here knows that DeVry's days are numbered, but what do you think how much longer do we have? In all honesty, I think we'll be done within two years, if not even sooner. Such low number of students is completely unsustainable, and... read more
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just let us know....already

since December, the whole direction of the company is causing me to have continuous stress. do i have job or should i start looking? i have a feeling that one will say anything and we will be standing there with nothing. just tell... read more
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Who will stay at DVU? And for how long?

No one knows the fate of DeVry colleagues. Regardless of the outcome of the pending transfer of ownership, outlook doesn’t look good. Surely management says nothing nationwide, and its business as usual. Do people think Cogswell will want to maintain... read more
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Have we heard anything on layoffs?

Have we heard anything on more layoffs at DeVry? There is very little info circulating right now, which can either be good because it means there will be no layoffs any time soon, or it can be really bad because it is the quiet before the storm. It... read more
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Last month's layoffs

did they layoff group level managers last month? it looks like a bunch of senior managers are no longer with the company. Was wondering the same thing. I can't find any info on this, but it certainly seems to be true. Frankly, I don't know what other... read more
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DeVry will transfer ownership. Leases and subleases have already been signed. All the numbers and requirements have been flushed out for over a year. It is costly to separate an entity from another and the teach out would have already been put into... read more
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IT Changes

It looks like their changing the responsibility of the IT. They will no longer be POC for setting up meetings for Town Hall, etc their appointing OSC's and Campus Deans the responsibility. Looks like an opening for lay offs for the IT Department.
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Pay cut instead of layoffs

I would take a 20%-30% pay cut to save my job, since it’s been hella tough trying to get a new one ( three years on the market). They should give us that option before doing layoffs. It’s a much better choice than a 100% paycut. Unfortunately, I have... read more
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The final nail in DeVry's coffin

According to this study, "Public sector students outperform for-profit students on nearly every measure, suggesting that the overwhelming majority of for-profit students would be better off attending a public institution. But what if attending a... read more
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It has been predicted that layoffs will happen in March prior to the Town hall. Please update this thread if your campus suffers layoffs.
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Smiling faces tell lies

LinkedIn Sign in Join now Main content starts below. Adtalem CEO Lisa Wardell threw DeVry to the curb. DeVry sold to lowest (subprime)bidder (Update: 12-7-2017) Published on March 13, 2015 LikeDeVry sold to lowest (subprime)bidder (Update: 12-7-2017)... read more
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