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Customers are NOT important

I find that working for DirecTV is such a challenging and often NOT very rewarding job. I feel sorry for the long time customers who have given their loyalty to us. Tech Support is supposed to be there to assist with their needs especially when we... read more
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Blind promoting the blind

We have some really inept leadership at DirecTV. There are a few who are constantly making terrible decisions and who keep promoting employees who couldn’t find their way out of a paper bag. This isn’t a popularity contest for crying out loud... read more
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700 laid off, lots more to come

As it seems, AT&T is made of lies. Nothing new there. 700 people were just laid off from DirecTV, with more to come. So much for promises of new jobs... Timing is awful as well, two weeks before Christmas. Do these people have no soul? If you are... read more
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Confirmed layoffs February 2018

Heard of massive cuts in california including Long Beach and el segundo in February 2018. No one will be spared and no amount of company loyalty will matter . Rumors of upto 33% cuts in workforce as a result of trickle down At&t takeover cuts
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DIRECTV Layoffs 2018

I thought that we were safe (oh, well - wrong), even tough many competitors were cutting people, do you think we'll cut here in El Segundo.
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Ever since at&t took over DirecTV.....

Customer service at an all time low. Being lied too about pricing, their union employees don't want to do the work and are doing poor installations. Contractors are held to a high standard and are out performing in house installers. I've worked for... read more
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QP1502 Error Code

I guess I should not be saying anything else... "QP1502" kind of sums it for all of us. / #qp1502
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DIRECTV Layoffs 2017

No layoffs, yes layoffs??? Gossip… Rumors? What's correct, there is a ton of rumors about layoffs here in El Segundo.
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Working at DIRECTV

DIRECTV was a great place to work, integrity was number one as well employee satisfaction. Since ATT took over we have seen a need for unions, cuts in benefits and overall pay crappy shifts, layoffs and putting up with ATT flipping accounts for a... read more
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California Broadcast Center in Long Beach, CA

Layoffs are decimating the California Broadcast Center in Long Beach, CA. Our inept, ignorant, headhunter manager has brought in 20 years old inexperienced kids that we more experienced broadcast engineers have been forced to train. It's taking 3 of... read more
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software developer: up to $40/hr

$40/hr? really? hah you guys are pathetic lol: Software Developer El Segundo CA Long Term Contract (Up to 36 months) DOE, up to $40.00 Hr. We are searching for a Software Developer to work on a long term contract basis for a client of ours in El... read more
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Rumor about end of year surplus

I heard there will be a huge surplus in LA before the holidays seasons. Mostly in engineering and ops. I am surprised it took this long for AT&T to decide after failing to integrate DTV. Well, this failure does not surprise me, however, when AT&T... read more
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Just lay us off and quit trying to make our jobs HELL!

We see a video about the preferred scheduling and how they saved 5k hours in OT, yet they slam us in the queue every day and let the early crew go home but an hour later they offer OT and cancel all offline activities, so the late shift gets screwed... read more
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News about Legacy DTV Call Centers

Hey, all - I'm a legacy DTV guy in El Segundo, but have made a number of connections with folks in the DTV call centers, and I just wanted to get some news about how much damage has been done out there. I've heard that Huntsville got slammed today... read more
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CSr's for DTV

Many CSr's for DTV got there notice AT&T wishes to take over so there laying them off. Also many contractors in areas at&t Uverse is located or not having contract renewed Uverse techs will be installing DTV now,
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DIRECTV Layoffs 2016

What is the likelihood of DIRECTV layoffs in El Segundo in 2016? Please let me know if you have any information.
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Ergen will kill you all in the next 5 years.

The former DirecTV engineering prior to 2005 was great. They were the one pioneering the whole sat delivery idea. The new DTV management after 2005 got rid of them and hired a bunch of incompetent "engineers" (they were technicians, actually. Look at... read more
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Our PMO is the best PMO crew on the plannet
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Do you think that DirectTv and AT&T will have layoffs because of this merger??
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November 2014

how was the severance package for round last November 2014? Thank you.
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this week

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