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Town Hall Meeting

Will the Executive Team address what is going to happen with the Santa Ana office? Dave Goff continues to assure us that ECMC will keep the office open. But with the lease agreement ending early 2019, no new property evaluations happening; is that... read more
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Is it true we are looking at April layoffs?

Been hearing plenty of rumors around the office that we are looking at some major layoffs next month. Can't find much on it anywhere else, though, so I'm not sure what to think. I was wondering if anybody here has heard some more about it and has a... read more
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The devil just put on a sweater

Did I view the post on the www correctly? ECMC is now welcoming partnerships with for profit institutions? Didn’t they just buy 53 of them, turn them non profit, mis manage them, and then close all but 3 down? What institution in their right mind... read more
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So what happened to our W2? Got letter to say it was wrong and would get new one. Thanks, I already filed return. So do these idiots pay for my amended return?
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Secret ECMC Group Meeting

Anybody have a clue about meeting in 14th floor conference room? There's a Do Not Enter sign & they've put paper on the walls to keep people from looking in. What do they have to hide?
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Typical Goff

How to win over the minions Make them stay late to shake hands
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What's the plan, dear leaders?

I've never felt more rudderless at ECMC than I do now. What's the strategy? Where are we headed? Please tell me there is more to this place than signing up defaulted borrowers for loan rehabilitation. Who is our leader? When are we going to hear... read more
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Employee Appreciation Days...

...Are not going to stop the wave of resignations. Leadership is OUT OF TOUCH. Top talent is leaving in droves.
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Who is running ECMC now?

It's seems like a group thing. Are they still getting default portfolios from other guarantors due to their "special deal" with the Department Education?
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On the brighter side

We are really good at collecting on defaulted loans from former students that never finished school and can't find a decent paying job. Makes me proud.
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The company is in decline.

I think the last person who should be blamed is DH. He literally helped me save my family. The guy has the biggest heart of anyone I know. He still checks in with me to make sure I'm taking care of my family. If there is someone else like him at this... read more
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Going Backwards

Been there many years. It's been so sad to watch ECMC be a wonderful employer and great place to work turn into such a crap hole. Zenith was such a huge mistake and no one cares to turn it around or just scrap the entire thing. Dave Hawn wrecked the... read more
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Declining culture

ECMC is not the same. We have lost our identity. We need a single leader. this group approach isn't working. Decision-making is too slow. Senior leadership is not very friendly. LOTS of jobs open downtown!
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Sweat shop master

I hope there is an investigation by the trump administration. Nothing is better for faculty since ecmc took over cci. Benifits are higher cost, work day is 12 hours paid for 8, you have to work unpaid overtime for what used to be paid holidays, new... read more
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What does ECMC do?

A multi billion dollar profitable nonprofit collecting on taxpayer guaranteed student loans. Enough is enough. Feds need to recall all accounts and shut this and all other guarantors down. It would save hundreds of millions of dollars. Trump needs to... read more
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IT not running the company!

Hey, I still work there and I'm in IT. It's not so rosy. Dave Hawn intervened early in the year and talked a bunch of us into staying. In exchange he flew the coop. Most of us are now looking. benefits are great so most of us are being picky but... read more
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Board should do the right thing

And resign right along with Hawn. You purchase a company and allow the DOE to dictate terms on a transition plan for a business you know nothing about. Any of the CCI Execs could have stayed on for a six month transition and taught you minimally what... read more
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ECMC gives $250M to Zenith

The ECMC governing board will give $250 million to the ECMC Foundation to support Zenith. Peter Taylor, will become Zenith’s president and CEO. He replaces Dave Hawn, ECMC Group’s president and CEO, who also has been Zenith’s interim leader since its... read more

Podesta Group Payments Up to $580K

Podesta Group continues to lobby for ECMC--taking in an additional $90K. Podesta Group has strong ties to the Clinton campaign. Brothers Tony and John Podesta started up Podesta Group in 1988--and the lobbying group is one of the most influential... read more

Dave H

The BOD should be embarrassed by your appointment and immediately move to replace you. You are horrible!
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You should have kept Owen, Wilson, Bosic and Mortensen. You wouldn't be in this mess had you not listened to the DOE, K. Dean, R. Kenyon or any of the other's why they where never in charge and you where so arrogant you thought... read more
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I always love hearing a student whine over wine

Unemployed for +4 years, ECMC now uses computerized speed dial to phone BOTH a residential address affiliated with my name AND a business address affiliated with my name.A pitched squeaky voiced male who fradulently uses the name "Jim" repeat dials... read more
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Dave Hawn

How did it taste when jack came in ur mouth and closed the cci early and U lost chances of regional accredit?
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