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Dream Foundation Lucky For No Media Scrutiny

The Dream Center is so lucky that there hasn't been more media scrutiny. I guess the media outlets just got tired of hearing students who were facing a lifetime of debt peonage... read more
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Holiday Plans

Get ready.... you’re going to have the best holiday season ever. Make sure you check your Thetan levels because pretty soon you will be probed for pre-qualifications to be chosen to be accepted on the “mother ship”. Now... don’t freak out!!!... read more
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A credible source at EDMC has indicated that AI will be implementing major organizational changes across the entire AI accreditation platform after ownership is acquired by the DREAM CENTER, and following the SACS audit. The source pointed out The... read more
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More info on the sale

The Art Institute of Pittsburgh and Philadelphia are not part of the sale at this point. All other schools (not in teach out) are. The teach out schools will remain under EDMC until they graduate or transfer the last students. AIPitt and AIPhil have... read more
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Pittsburgh Post Gazette Article - AIP EDMC 10/1/17

Amid upheaval, Art Institute students try to maintain focus SEE ART, PAGE B-8 By Daniel Moore Pittsburgh Post-Gazette For Azsa Coleman, the college search was easy. Hoping to break into the highly competitive field of animation, she had only one... read more
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More layoffs are guaranteed

You have to stop the bleeding before you can rebuild. Many will lose their jobs before it levels off. No one is buying a company that's losing money to continue down the same path. Major restructuring will take place over the first year starting with... read more
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Ai and gainful employment

"Three institutions accounted for a quarter of all graduates from failing GE programs.... Of the 115,985 graduates from programs that failed the gainful employment test in the first year of reported data, 32,801 of those students—or 28%--came from... read more
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Not dead yet?

How many people remember this far back? Have the Courage Everest Librarian Laurie McConnell did the right thing, by reporting on the abuses at her school. And now her story is being told in the US Senate. How many people at EDMC (and Argosy... read more
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Dream Center take over

When is all this going to change? Has any management started talking about it?
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EDMC Transition to Dream Center - Get Ready

The Dream Center executives have confirmed with a source at EDMC that a major reorganization is inevitable cross the entire AI platform within the coming months! The reorganization will consist of reducing both part-time and full-time faculty members... read more
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Will we have to reapply

So when this Dream Center sale is done will we have to reapply for our jobs? I would imagine they will be reducing pay too. Trolls, we don't need your bs on this. These thoughts are on many minds
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Art Institute of Indianapolis?

I heard from a parent of a student who tried applying to the AI of Indianapolis that the campus is planning to wind down, that her daughter would be required to complete her animation degree in two years instead of four. Any news from Indy?
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Look at the's going to get much worse

It's going to get much worse in US higher education. According to the National Student Clearinghouse, college enrollment is down by 2.4 million from the peak year of 2010-2011. I am projecting continued enrollment losses, despite Department of... read more
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Any real updates on what's going on?

Does anyone inside corporate have any real updates on what's going on with the sale? Is it stalled, dead, or still in process? Any word on if some campuses will close before or after the sale? Those of us with families would greatly appreciate an... read more
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Loan forgiveness

Are students really getting loan forgiveness for attending for profit schools?
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Sale related layoffs at EMC

I'm in corporate and word is the sale will close on the 15th. I have no idea how everything will get done. Many people were let go at the end of August. If the sale going through is true, who else is worried about the incoming layoffs? I'm pretty... read more
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EDMC Transition to Dream Center

I'm a new employee to EDMC and knew about the transition before accepting the job. I like the job so far and hope it will last. I have worked in the industry and seen things like this before and it usually doesn't end well. I'm very stressed about... read more
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Sale almost 💀

Did the DOE bless this deal... or did DeVoes pull a fast one for the scamsters?
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Sale almost final

Looks like we are getting close for the sale to go through. Hoping no lay offs to come. Have a nice day everyone. And for all you haters kick rocks. Some of use still care about the students.
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Told you so!

Told ya this place would crash, that it was just a fraud and these students we ripped off would get the last laugh. Quit in 2006 and have been watching this hole sink since early 2000's.
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School Campus

Our campus is already bare bones except the ADAs. It would be a smart move to get rid of the programs that have poor employment stats but these are the s-xy programs that the ADAs can sell to the uneducated. Media and Game Arts are examples
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Goldman Sachs ruined EDMC

Goldman Sachs, Investment bankers, absolute power infinite financial might - they ruined this place.
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I remember enjoying working at EMC

I remember liking working here. People were kind to each other and the end goal was always helping students. Boy are those days gone in every aspect. Today, the management is rude and completely immature, upper management has no idea what is going on... read more
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no real news on here anymore

This site has turned into whiner central. Just people b--ching about he same ol' stuff that is long over. We get better news on campus then anyone can find here - and that is not much lately. Too bad, there use to be active participants besides the... read more
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Dream Center and EDMC

What's going on with The Dream Center buying EDMC. We were told end of Summer and it's almost Septemeber...seems like the deal might not go through. I hope it does though but wondering what will happen to employees of EDMC. When is PA location... read more
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North Hollywood Art Institutes protesters

Protesters outside of N Hollywood location. Ai employees removed signage from main entrance and attempted to usher open house attendees out of side door, but protesters spread out to cover multiple entrances. Parents of prospective students are... read more
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Fraud alert

AIs is try to hold open house to siphon more money from Feds and the taxpayers. Don't take any wooden nickels!
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EDMC Announcement today

Good afternoon, I'm pleased to share that progress continues toward completing the sale of substantially all of EDMC's assets to the Dream Center Foundation. Most of the required regulatory approvals have been secured. The Dream Center Foundation is... read more
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