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Oak Brook Days

Remember the good old days at the Oak Brook Office when T.C.was our President, there was good morale among the employees, we had a nice cafeteria and Last but not least Rusty the dog.
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Veterans Day

Veterans Day is o.t. pay, RM says NO o.t. pay and suggested stores close on that day and observe the holiday. Ok sign on door will be-"store closed due to payroll restraints-good luck to all the teams that have games today-sorry we were not open for... read more
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Does anyone know what happened with DE?
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Board Meeting Today

The future of Follett is decided today. Pay dividends to family or invest in the company!
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Something is a brewing

Lots of whispering going on amongst the managers and hr today. Rumors of angles being played to lower our pay to the same as woodridge, transfer of some to woodridge, and letting some of us go. What if we all bound together for a strike?
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Glassdoor lies

Management's writers are at it again. 3 of the latest reviews are titled; Great Job for Students, Part of a Family, Follett is Cool. Management lies to current employees and they lie to prospective employees. Glassdoor is anonymous. It's a great... read more
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Who is there left to lay off?

I don't see how they can cut anymore. They have cut to the bone. Although the ivory tower is close enough to their bonus that they may use short term thinking and do more layoffs. They want their bonus. So much this, . Who is there left... read more
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The squeeze

HO already sent out the directive to severely trim payroll in November. Do you expect layoffs as well?
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Great Week for Follett

First we pummel Amazon and drive them out of college bookstores. Now Advanced Online is kicking Under Armour's butt. / read more
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This is a good thing for Follett

I see a lot of people bemoaning Amazon leaving the textbook business as bad for Follett, but explained it perfectly: You just don't understand. Our industry is different, we are not traditional retail. Follett has managed college... read more
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Follett has brang everyone's morale down. They don't want you laughing or being happy when your in work warehouse, store, etc. They just want everyone to quit so then they don't have to deal with us employees. People walk around are warehouse like... read more
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Net Income

Anyone check the net income for FHEG for the last 4 months? -99 is a big number. At least you'll know why your neighbors job was lost and you're stuck picking up the slack without extra compensation. OPM said it best. "What's the fastest way to go... read more
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Barnes & Noble Complaints

Anyone out there hear of a similar site for posting Barnes & Noble issues? I've heard they are just as bad as Follett
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Staff/Payroll Reduction

Just got a email today that basically stated "Either you cut your employee hours now or the Home Office will do it for you in November." We always joke the "Hassle-free Experience" is because there's no one left to actually help you. :(
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To the Newbies

You will eventually find out how Follett really treats its associates. Make fun of the oldies if you want but upper mgmt will show their true colors at some point. I knew it was a when a parent died and I was berated for taking TWO days off... read more
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Complainers and sad people

It sounds like the majority of you are whiners and love pity parties. Instead of b**ing about everything why don’t you do something about it? Get off your lazy a and make a difference! Every company that has ever started has gone through change. If... read more
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Get out

Was a store manager for 20 + years left 6 months ago and still getting calls for help from New manager who has been there for 4 months. There are companies who like and appreciate you get out.
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I'm an SM, went to a divisional meeting with multiple Deans and Chairs to talk about Included. One of them asked why is a bookstore cashier here?
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Glorified Cashier - Depressed Professional

Down the rabbit hole. This once great company has cut hours so much SMs now are cashier's. Degreed professionals holding down the fort. Nothing beats the depressing feeling of the University President visiting the store with a tour group and you... read more
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How is the contract count looking these days? Anything remarkable?
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can someone tell me what a g vp does? I know they look at spread sheets all day and reports, watching the numbers. They do store visits to find mistakes we are making. what else? Based on what I see, I could easily do that job.
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Hours cut at store level. What is going on.
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Race & disability?

Anyone know why we have to update our 'race' and acknowledge if we have a disability?
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Keep reviewing follett on tracks employers, open jobs, pay, and work conditions. Your reviews are anonymous. follett pays people to post false positive reviews. They're easy to spot. Have the word Good, in the title. Also, there must be a corp. goal to keep... read more
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Anybody knows if this is true?

The statement that Follett is getting rid of the higher paid employees is not a true statement I know for a fact the some of new employees hired recently make more than the ones who were let go of left on their own. Let the knowledge go and hire the... read more
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Follett will do all it can to avoid paying severance

If your salary makes you unemployable elsewhere its only a matter of time before follett throws you out of the frying pan and into the fire. What's more, they'll abuse you out. The don't want to pay severance. They'll pay lawyers to fight you rather... read more
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Kronos keeps having issues. I recommend that who ever is responsible for Kronos take a deep look into how people are using it and what kind of time entry and scheduling issues we encounter. I am not saying it's not fixable, I am just saying that it... read more
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Westbrook building

Why do we need such a big building with all them floors and they ain't even being used. Spread the people out amongst aurora and Woodridge. That would save Follett so much money and then they won't cut my hours to save money. I call bs
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Make a change

To those of you that are so unhappy - what have you done to make the leap and leave Follett? There's a whole world beyond those bookstore. I worked for Follett for over 15 years. It was hard, but I made the leap into a whole new career. My only... read more
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Con call

There was a con call today about TL's and ASM's compensation. Details?
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I wonder if we will be lectured during our CM weekly calls about how we are to blame for collapsing text sales this fall. "You did not set high enough QTC, but we won't discuss the 'tolerance' metric that persuaded you to do that."
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Reduced hours

B&T rapidly cutting hours. ADC looks like a ghost town nowadays . No work in or out. So who's going to momence il to work for B&T DC.
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Just a store employee here......

Why does Follett cut at the store level and expand at the home office. I/store employees touch everyone of our customers when they come into the stores to pick up their books from an eFollett order or buy them directly. The only reason eFollett is... read more
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