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Voice survey!

Hey RG, just saw the message about completing he confidential put your name in the blank survey. I am thinking the lack of participation would be speaking for itself about how we feel. You truly want candid? Remove the identication part and put in a... read more
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The relief you get when you leave or been forced to leave

If the rare few who are still at the stores get the chance, LEAVE. I've been out since April (not the Fall layoffs like this board swore there would be) getting a check from another place is so worth it. While my new job is horrible, at least this... read more
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You can only work so hard for so little. Stop busting your butt, being devoted hard workers for no rewards.
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I call b---s---

At a time when reducing costs remains a top priority as we continue to fix, grow and transform our business, we have decided to eliminate annual carryover and transition the PTO program to a fiscal year calendar, effective March 31, 2017. This... read more
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After all the years of love, passion, do us so wrong. Hell, most of us even participated in your illegal and most certainly unethical "directive" to not refund "abandoned" web orders and just return the books to the shelf as well as... read more
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This is ridiculous!

I cannot believe this. How have they not declared a winner in the Hallowen Costume Contest yet! I don't have to stand for this kind of treatment!
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Play it smart folks.

They are wanting you to quit. It for you to do something to give them just cause to fire you. Work the needed hours to run your stores and if you go over 40, so be it. If you have to lock the doors for lunch, let the campus contact handle it. Charge... read more
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And the band played on

I'm recovering a topic that's now hidden under all the anger, betrayal, angst and disapointment that comes after management messes with the rank and file. While they were planning your pay cuts, management was celebrating at a football game. That's... read more
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Need answers please

In some states you are required to pay an employee a minimum number of hours, unless they volunteer to leave. For example, student worker comes in from 12-3, but it is dead and you send them home at 1:30, in my state you have to pay them for 3 unless... read more
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Unionized Hourly Management

Two can play this game. Hourly Management unite. We can negotiate for better pay and benefits. They would be lost if we all walked at once.... Contracts would drop like flies.
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Write to national employment law project;

Everyone needs to contact this agency & let them know how Follett is abusing their employees, we are being abused, should not be getting a cut in pay with being demoted, with this new law. This agency helped pass the law, but it is suppose to help... read more
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We live by our Values

Integrity - Always doing the right thing= Cutting pay and moving team members (over 20 years with Follett) from exempt to PT Accountability - Own the outcome = Have no one at the home office make a statement about the change (IE Ray Griffith)... read more
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Weather related closings?

Managers were paid on these days if they did any work at all, even from home. Now what? I feel like nobody is telling us the expectations, rules, typical of Follett to roll out a new plan with no info.
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Just curious to see if people are choosing lower benefits packages because of the paycut? Another way for Follett to lower their expenses.
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We have to get it below 40 by 12/31. Bet they start taking away weeks of vacation. Work 25 yrs, get 5 weeks vacation? Bet that is next to go.
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They manipulate labor law changes

They [Follett] manipulate labor law changes and cut my actual wages. I am one of those middle managers that was salaried and now cut to hourly. Follett basically forced me to quit my job because of what they expect for me to get done and what they... read more
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Actions louder than words.

Actions are louder than words. We just moved you from being a professional to an hourly employee. And cut your pay doing so. But hey we just recognized you on the quad. Public recognization doesn't pay the bills A--WIPES!!!!!!
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Salary Manager Who Doesn't Work

Does anyone else have a Salary Store Manager who doesn't work? Well I do and it's getting quite old. No matter how many times employees have complained to the RM and HR nothing gets done. My store manager is bullet proof for some odd reason. He just... read more
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Union, Union, Union.....

Damn, Follett is so bad it makes hard core Republicans want to join a Union. THINK ABOUT THAT RAY! You don't realize the insurrection you've created.
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HR is bailing

2 Corp level HR employees left last week. It's bad news when HR isn't even sticking around.
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What a dung heap.

Their idea of fixing things is by having stupid contests and making us jump through hoops. I promise you, you show the stores an ounce of respect and give them the control back, they will fix the stores. You want to transform...then knock off the... read more
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Salary to hourly with pay cut

Just received notice about going from salary to hourly, all with a pay CUT! Not allowed to work over 40 hrs per week. I do that by Thursday. Dont have an ASM, so who is going to run the store? Also are we suppose to close the store to take lunch... read more
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Have business contacts been told?

When things come up after our shift, who deals with them? Seriously, I really need to know the plan, as I will have to let my staff, the school, others know. When staff calls out sick on your day off, normally I would find another person or go in... read more
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If you do find another job...

If you have zero interest in working for this company again...please tell them where and how far they can stick it up there a--- when you leave
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Loss of benefits??

So in this move to 'impact' store managers, what benefits have they taken away? Vacation days? Sick days? Personal days? Health insurance? Haven't seen anything regarding this? Raises? Bonuses? Just kidding about these, way long gone! Part of why I... read more
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Why work here. It's a Shiite hole sinking in the abyss. If your not worried about a layoff, the sh--tty pay, assshole managers, recalssification of jobs, crappy hours, management concerned with the numbers but does absolutely nothing to progressively... read more
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Play it smart.

They are wanting you to quit or for you to give them a good reason to fire you with just cause. Stay strong, focused and organize. Anything else will not be in your best interest.
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Don't be party to wage theft!

Since they are making SM's hourly, SM's must be hourly employees. That means you have a 30 minute lunch (unpaid and off the clock). Leave the store and don't answer any questions or help in any way or you are working for free (wage theft). If you are... read more
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How does your garden grow.

An unattended garden grows weeds, attracts critters and is just unproductive. Whereas a well care for garden is attractive, attracts butterflies and can be productive well in to the freeze.
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Here we go again

Now, a situation where everyone (including leadership) is getting a pay cut in order to keep the business afloat. The message is that we're all in this together and we feel it's better to cut everyone's pay than to start laying people off. (If... read more
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All a bunch of crap

Manager 1 and 2 go hourly while 3's and directors stay salary?? Why some managers and not all? From an inside home office source, Next are ops managers, text, etc. All changing to hourly along with us. Home office thinks we do 210 hrs of o.t. a year... read more
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