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That's it!!!

I'm done! Not because of the 401k cuts, not because of no merit increase, and not because of the bonus restrictions. It's because of the lunchroom supplies being taken away! That's the final straw!
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So how is everyone's rush going? Did not see much chatter about price matching this time around.
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I am sorry Follett

How will we ever compete against Amazon. I have two kids in college, a Follett employee and it is cheaper for me to get my textbooks from Amazon. This is just icing on the cake. Maybe if my kids got financial aid it may persuade us to shop the school... read more
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Faith in Senior Leadership - We all have jobs to do.

Every day, I drive 45 minutes to Westbrook, spend 10 hours each day doing my job and more, and then go home to repeat the next day. We all have jobs to do and I work very hard to accomplish mine each day. While I don't agree with the constant layoffs... read more
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Next Layoffs

In the month that starts in 4 days. FSS you're not spared. The new fiscal year can't start until many more job cuts are complete. Don't believe the unbelievable. #MakeFollettGreatAgain
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PTO problems

Make sure you know how much PTO time you have... kronos is still wrong at my location and we are all seeing negative time earned, even if 60+ hours rolled over and show on our last pay stubs.
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Ding, dong

One Follett is dead. Share services moving back to the business units.
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I was shopping Walmart yesterday and found it interesting when the cashier, after asking me to complete a survey, stated " it will help my quarterly bonus". I know Walmart has made some changes in their pay structure and employee appreciation... read more
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Where Did the Managers Go?

Those that have left (congrats) what sort of jobs did you find? I am struggling with what direction to look. Being middle aged, not easy starting over after being with the same company for 20+ years. I don't want regular retail, as the hours are not... read more
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Ray is all about stock price to get his CEO incentives.

CEO typically has a 3 year contract with big incentives. Ray is coming up on 3 years. Crystal clear that his incentives are all about share price and one time profit end of this year. Selling out everything to hit profit goals and drive stock price... read more
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Innovation Website

Went out to the Innovation submission website last week and determined that not a single submission other than benefits/PTO changes have been made. It has been a year and NOTHING has been completed. It is obvious that all downloadbesttorrentblog.rus throughout the... read more
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Most of the worst-rated companies are customer-facing, low-paying businesses with high employee turnover rates. For a number of these companies, the most commonly reported annual compensation on Glassdoor is lower than the national average annual... read more
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Get Rid of CT Web

Why did you pay good money to build the web version of CT. It is complete garbage and does not work. My store is dying a slow death with CT Web. Please scrap it and revert to CT. Even if it was developed without issues, it would still not provide any... read more
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Amazon at it again

I really don't know if it makes any difference but Amazon just announced that they're building warehouses in both Waukegan and Aurora how does this affect the Follett distribution center?
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Age Discrimination and Racism

Well I got Follett on the naughty list and it was beautiful. Santa gave me a nice present this year. After more than 10 years service with the company and dealing with the changes thinking I survived, I was terminated stating a reduction in force and... read more
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Life after Follett

I quit in November after they went to hourly pay and dropped everyone's rate. I wasn't going to wait for the other shoe to drop. There is a lot of opportunities for great jobs outside of Follett. I no longer stress out, overwork, have to be on call... read more
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Acceptance is the only demon you must confront in this company right now. You are accepting this kind of treatment, you are accepting this kind of pay, you are accepting the culture. If you weren't these issues would not be here. Trust me I left 2... read more
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HR at it again!

I see HR is doing what they do best, lying on Glassdoor. "Wonderful Company" nothing negative to report, etc.. What a joke!
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Have you left?

Is there anyone on this page who has left Follett and is much happier? I'd like some encouragement!
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It is your life.

"In the name of the best within you, do not sacrifice your sense of life to an enemy that would claim your precious mind...Do not let your fire go out spark by irreplaceable spark. Do not let the hero in your soul perish in lonely frustration for the... read more
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Character a. Intent i. Caring ii. Transparency iii. Openness b. Integrity i. Honesty ii. Fairness iii. Authenticity Competence a. Capability i. Skills ii. Knowledge iii. Experience b. Results i. Reputation ii. Credibility iii. Performance
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Good to be holding on to that inventory?
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I know of 3 managers who quit under RM JP all 3 had complaints about how he treated them. All 3 were g--. Hmmmmmm
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Follett Survey Results

Anybody see the results from the last employee survey or know when they will be communicated to us?
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Open Letter to Britten

Two weeks ago your CEO promised no additional layoffs before year end. The separation agreement is on my coffee table. Merry Christmas. Does this generation of Folletts require integrity and accountability of those who run your company? Or are the... read more
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How to motivate a team.

Paying them well, mentoring them, challenging them, promote them, involve them, APPRECIATE them, VALUE them, include them in the mission, vision or BHAG, empower them and most of all trust them.
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A lawsuit

There is a lawsuit against Follett. It was about time.
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Wow another new SVP/ CFO

So after Ray said there were no new layoffs planned they canned 25+ people but then turned around and hired a new SVP/ CFO because we need another bean counter to tell us how we aren't making enough and that we need to trim the fat all the while I'm... read more
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Follett Alumni Facebook group

There's a group of 200+ former associates who will provide mental support and networking, along with a chance to vent a b--check it out if you're on FB.
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