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Advanced Online-be careful

My regional is pushing me to talk to my campus about this program. Some things to think about- A)You have to do work for this site, but nothing hits your bottom line, so NO benefit to you. B) This program will take sales away from your store. C) home... read more
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Should I stay, or should I go

Had my first interview today. Sort of sad. They asked me why I left a long term job, said I haven't, yet, looking for replacement first. I hated every second. I don't have that many years til retirement, older you are the more difficult to change. I... read more
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Get Textbooks out of the store

Follett should do away with textbooks in stores that do poorly in text sales and go 100% online via the warehouse with competitive pricing. Keep stores that are profitable and staff them appropriately. If your store/campus does no have financial aid... read more
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Anyone else have a horrible RM that constantly lies? I would like to know the truth!!!!!!
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"For those that choose to stay"

I almost sh-- my pants when I read Ray Griffith's message just now. More changes coming. Adjustments and modifications to compensation and benefit plans. But at least he's positioning Follett for a brighter outlook "for those who choose to stay."... read more
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Want us gone?

If you are wanting us gone so us out. It's that easy. We aren't going to quit like you want us to.
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American workers first!!!!!!!

News In The H1B Visa Program.....Americans First Policy In the area of employment, some immigration attorneys expect difficulty in expanding the H-1B visa program not only because of Trump, but also because Senator Chuck Grassley, the Republican... read more
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Exactly what does HR do?

What is HR's job? Ours has done nothing but harass me over an incident brought on by a disgruntled employee, was quiting anyway, that I did nothing wrong. Doesn't even know the new vacation policy. I hope they got pay cuts & have to punch in & out.
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Make Follett great again

What's it going to take to make Follett great again? I'm going to be President and the Cubs won the World Series. Anything can happen...
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Inquiring minds want to know

I've been reading the post of all you disgruntled employees and am wondering, if Follett is such a bad place to work, why are you still there? I'm sure they are an "at will" company meaning you can leave wherever you want and they can terminate you... read more
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I was forced out

I brought a claim of discrimination to HR and nothing was done to the people to I accused. Even with the proof that I had, they did nothing except asked me to leave. I did leave and landed a much better job that I love. In an environment that is... read more
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What don't you understand?

Folks, it's all about adding value. Think about. What value do you add? What do you bring to the table? Relationships with he campus. In some cases this matters. But the relationships don't mean as much as they used to. They can and will find someone... read more
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School contacts informed

Has anyone discussed thie "store manager impact' with their school contact? How it might affect store hours, etc.
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There will be layoffs..

There will be layoffs in march. Bonuses are completely done. Benefits are as low as they can offer. There will be no more merit raises or cost of living increase. Once new fiscal budget comes out overtime will be strictly prohibited so you will not... read more
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There has to be something we can do...

There HAS to be something we can all come together and do to make something change. FHEG can't survive without us and our stores. So for those of us that love what we do, and love our jobs, but are fed up with getting treated like crap, what can we... read more
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This sounds like Neebo 2.0

Every now and then I like to come in and check on you guys. Sounds like everyone is still miserable and Follett is "Salary Plus'ing" their employees. Ask an old Neebo employee...if they're still around...about Salary Plus. It was fun times. This... read more
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Nq lied to FSS about pto accrual

President lies people won't trust you or the company. Rg just made you a fool to all FSS leadership. Read my lips no pto changes. What a joke. Go team. Rah Rah rah. Can't wait to read your bs update on monday. Going to quote this site again?
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The passion is gone. SO SAD.

The latest email about PTO no carry over is ridiculous. Make up your mind EXECUTIVE TEAM. Make a plan and stick to it. And quit taking it out on the backbone of your company, your team members. FOLLETT FAMILY--you should be ashamed yourselves for... read more
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What a joke!

This is starting to become humorous. Moves being made by the company to get employees to quit. Messages on this board telling employees to quit. Looks like things are starting to get pretty desperate. Sounds to me the board needs to clean out the... read more
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Voice survey!

Hey RG, just saw the message about completing he confidential put your name in the blank survey. I am thinking the lack of participation would be speaking for itself about how we feel. You truly want candid? Remove the identication part and put in a... read more
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The relief you get when you leave or been forced to leave

If the rare few who are still at the stores get the chance, LEAVE. I've been out since April (not the Fall layoffs like this board swore there would be) getting a check from another place is so worth it. While my new job is horrible, at least this... read more
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You can only work so hard for so little. Stop busting your butt, being devoted hard workers for no rewards.
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I call b---s---

At a time when reducing costs remains a top priority as we continue to fix, grow and transform our business, we have decided to eliminate annual carryover and transition the PTO program to a fiscal year calendar, effective March 31, 2017. This... read more
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After all the years of love, passion, do us so wrong. Hell, most of us even participated in your illegal and most certainly unethical "directive" to not refund "abandoned" web orders and just return the books to the shelf as well as... read more
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This is ridiculous!

I cannot believe this. How have they not declared a winner in the Hallowen Costume Contest yet! I don't have to stand for this kind of treatment!
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Play it smart folks.

They are wanting you to quit. It for you to do something to give them just cause to fire you. Work the needed hours to run your stores and if you go over 40, so be it. If you have to lock the doors for lunch, let the campus contact handle it. Charge... read more
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And the band played on

I'm recovering a topic that's now hidden under all the anger, betrayal, angst and disapointment that comes after management messes with the rank and file. While they were planning your pay cuts, management was celebrating at a football game. That's... read more
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Need answers please

In some states you are required to pay an employee a minimum number of hours, unless they volunteer to leave. For example, student worker comes in from 12-3, but it is dead and you send them home at 1:30, in my state you have to pay them for 3 unless... read more
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Unionized Hourly Management

Two can play this game. Hourly Management unite. We can negotiate for better pay and benefits. They would be lost if we all walked at once.... Contracts would drop like flies.
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Write to national employment law project;

Everyone needs to contact this agency & let them know how Follett is abusing their employees, we are being abused, should not be getting a cut in pay with being demoted, with this new law. This agency helped pass the law, but it is suppose to help... read more
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