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It's going to get ugly

Car sales collapsing across the board and even truck sales losing their mojo. What did you expect after 6 years of "sub prime lending" to people who make less per year than their car is worth? Defaults are going through the roof right now and for the... read more
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What happened to "One Ford?"

What happened to "lets stop all the infighting?" What happened to "lets all work together to create the best car we can?" This seems like a completely different company from six-seven years ago when we actually started to recover. Not only is the... read more
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less politics, more innovation

i'm sure ford could do much better if we had less politics and more innovation. this is a good company, but the red tape is really slowing down innovation. it's getting in the way of pure engineering, something that should never happen in an... read more
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Illogical system for performance review

How exactly can I be graded on metrics I have no effect on? I don't understand that. They've set up the system so that the entire organization needs to meet the goal that only a few people working at the location actually can have any effect on. The... read more
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HR is utterly useless

I've never worked anywhere that had so many disturbed managers who took pleasure in mistreating employees. I've seen and experienced managers scream insults at people, bully them, even undermine their careers for personal gain. However, don't expect... read more
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Ford Layoffs 2018

I know that people are concerned but I heard from someone pretty high up in so we are safe here in Dearborn.
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Ford layoffs ruining my life!

My husband is an hourly employee at Ford. His plant has been laid off 6 out of the last 10 weeks! He just returned to work yesterday after another 2 week layoff only to discover that they will be laid off again in 2 weeks! We can't survive like... read more
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See the article here (MTSANDARD): Ford layoffs reveal anti-labor future: /
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Not Hourly? Start Packing!

Start packing, as long as it's not hourly we're cut to the bone now, so in order for ford to keep up with their 10% yearly cuts they have to go after salaried personnel to keep the shareholders happy.
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Upcoming layoffs at Ford (Update May 2017)

Ford plans to make major cuts to its workforce in 2017, this is a global move... The executives hope to boost the profitability and stalled stock price, this is all according to multiple reports that are hitting both mainstream business media and... read more
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10% layoff

Massive layoff of engineers and support staff. Non essential services to moved offshore.
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Ford Layoffs 2017

I know that my opinion does not matter much, but I can tell you that our executives are way too greedy and that is putting us all in danger here in Dearborn.
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layoff ford plant

my plant is taking a layoff last week of sept 2016 and the other side of the factory in first week in october 2016
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Layoff 2016

Are there going to be any layoffs in the summer of 2016?
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Ford's on the rebound in 2016

I guarantee you that there will be no cuts at Ford next year, we are doing much better. I do not like Union and I think the less role they play things will be better, so sit tight and wait to see what 2016 brings. I am really excited with how we... read more
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Saving Ford Jobs

FORD How Ford will spend $9B on plants, secure 8,500 jobs Alisa Priddle and Brent Snavely, Detroit Free Press 1 day ago Facebook Twitter Google Plus more Regina H. Boone Workers inspect and go over the brand new 2015 F-150 as processes down the line... read more
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Ford Layoffs 2016

What is the likelihood of Ford layoffs in Dearborn in 2016? Please let me know if you have any information.
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Layoffs at Michigan Assembly Plant (MAP) in Wayne, Michigan,

Do we have any updates here? I think there was a lot of rumors that the plant might be shut down and thousands of jobs were on the line. It's not the first time that Ford is threatening with things like this but at the same time I saw no media... read more
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Ford No Layoffs 2015

Upper management gets rotated to often to other positions - often, this is causing disruptions for people reporting to them, just when subordinates understand a direction management is taking (or learning the style of management), another change... read more
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Bridgend, South Wales Hiring Freeze

Is there a hiring freeze at Bridgend? I heard that you completely stopped hiring but at the same time I have your people approaching me about a temp contract job. I'd appreciate if you post any info that you may have about this facility. I know that... read more
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2015 Layoffs at Ford

What do you think will happen in Q1 and Q2 of 2015? Is 2015 going to bring us more layoffs and plant closures? How confident are you that our leadership will be able to keep us growing and keeping our jobs?
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Whatever happened to Ford's Ohio Assembly Plant in Avon Lake? The rumor was that up to 2000 people might be laid off by Ford?
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Ford Motor co. 45,000 layoffs

Have you ever let go of such a large number? School project on Ford, response please.
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