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130 perm layoffs coming to be Schenectady union at main building now
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How does being laid off affect your resume?

I've been thinking of leaving GE for a while now, but the idea of waiting it out for severance is too enticing, at least for now. However, it occurred to me that leaving on my own versus being laid off can be read differently by potential future... read more
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This is not healthy

Excellent article on how this whole game of not knowing what's going to happen and if/when we'll be laid off is affecting our mental health. In many cases, the waiting is worse than itself. This is what many a laid-off staffer would tell... read more
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Whats really going on at GE Transportation in Erie, PA?

Just curious as toooooo what's up here? I heard they are adding additional shifts to accommodate the workload in diff buildings. What workload??? India will be done by the end of the 1st qtr., 2018. Then what?????????????????? It would be a logical... read more
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GE year end financial results

So, any guess as to whether GE made it’s financial targets for the year? Cash? Revenue? Profits? Orders?
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Movements in GE Additive

Today D.J. head of GE Aviation announced that M.E. is leaving his post as vice president of GE Additive. Some external guy will take the position. The movement is effective January 1st (next Monday). This seems like an extremely rushed movement. Is... read more
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Fieldcore disaster

Am I the only one that is seeing the announced fieldcore disaster? GE managers are messing up one more time giving out to third part low cost company years of knowledge. Granite used to be the manpower provider for GE, the added value was minimum... read more
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Well, this is surprising

General Electric has decided to reverse its decision about layoffs at MDS facility in Rochester. This is a first (or at least I think so.) In any case, good on those 90 workers, I'm glad they got some good news for Christmas... read more
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Ombuds complaints

Anyone over 50 and who is on the pension is being targeted. They are either being let go or made so uncomfortable to try and force them out. Why are there not numerous ombuds complaints about this. Everyone over 50 should file one asap! I'm not... read more
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Salary actions at power

Maybe I'm just dumb, but it just dawned on me that if the power market is going to be soft for the next four years, doesn't that mean that there will effectively be no salary actions for the next four years? Why would any middle age SP stay? Those... read more
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PD GE why the double-down?

Why the double-down on PD GE?? JF tells the stat that only 60% of employees are using the tool. I bet they are rounding up... 54.5% etc. Duh... I think that would tell JF and such that only 45.5% emp. use it after it has been rolled out for a year... read more
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Fewer presents

Anybody else cut back on presents significantly due to the job insecurity? My tree looks sad with what's under it for this year compared to the last, but I simply can't afford to splurge like I used to as I'm not sure if I'll have a job once this... read more
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Healthcare coverage question

Does anyone here know if we are laid off at the beginning of Jan, if our health coverage continues through the end of the month? What about FSA and HRA? I have some procedures scheduled in Jan but after my separation date. I suppose I could purchase... read more
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GE needs to go back to vertical integration

GE Power is failing because of bloated cost structure full of duplication, excessive management, and inefficiency and cost of quality caused by turmoil in the workplace and gutting out expertise by inept management. Add to this the huge bloated cost... read more
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Some success anyhow

We had a reduction in force action that affected many people. We also had a few open positions that were backfills for people who had left. We were allowed to staff from the affected pool of people, ones that have GE knowledge, but will need trained... read more
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GE - A Faied Company

GE Is A Failed Company By Many Measures Declining stock price for decades Demoralized and unhappy workers Alienated customers Disconnected managers and leaders who don't know the businesses Since GE started trashing workers and installing six sigma... read more
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$50,000 Christmas party at Global Research?

Since the original post was flagged and removed (hit too close to home, VA?) I figured I’d restart it and see what happens. To summarize the deleted post: ALLEGEDLY, The “unnamed” Senior VP in charge is throwing a $50k Christmas party, which several... read more
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50+ employees

Anybody else noticing how quickly the employee demographic at General Electric is changing? People in their fifties and to a lesser extent those in their late forties are becoming an endangered species here. Just look around you and you'll notice... read more
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The Tax Reform Won't Help GE

Since they weren't paying taxes anyway. Though it may help the employees who are still with them next year as they will get to keep more of their income. It should create some new jobs that we can flee to as the GE ship sinks farther, as well.
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France to ban all oil, gas production by 2040

GE Might as well wind down all of the France based Alstom assets they bought, and EPE, too. France just announced that it is going fossil free. "French President Emmanuel Macron responded to the approval of the law on Twitter, saying in part: 'Very... read more
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Done worrying about layoffs

I've realized that what I've been doing for every single day of the past six months (at least) is worry about layoffs. Every. Single. Day. And I'm sure I'm not the only one. We're letting the idiots running this company affect our mental health and... read more
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Voluntary buyouts

Can General Electric offer us voluntary buyouts? I'd be happy to take one right here, right now. Might even save somebody's job. Please, GE?
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In case we are not done with layoffs for this year

I guess there's a positive spin on everything these days? Most of these apply to all states, not just Minnesota. Christmas layoffs feel horrible, but I want to identify a few reasons why things will not be as bad as you might think... read more
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With all downloadbesttorrentblog.rus and re-organization why the stock price is still at the bottom. May be investors have lost confidence in the top management and do not think if JF has what it takes to turn around the company any time soon.
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Greenville Cafeteria

I don't know what everyone else thinks but the breakfast buffet in Greenville is absolutely delicious. Its flooded every day with healthy options and yummy snacks. That is what I miss the most !
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