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GE needs to figure out what it wants to do when it grows up.
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Boosting stock price

Q4 / ER will be tough as well despite Q3 being thought of as a kitchen sink qtr. At this point, there are one of two immediate actions that can boost the stock: 1) Flannery retires and Board hires external CEO 2) Flannery gives up Chairman role and... read more
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What’s going on in Greenville?

I’m hearing rumors that the plant manager is leaving. There’s a bunch of new positions that are open also, is that do to the fact that people excepted a job to then leave. Way to screw over your coworker you scumbags.
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JF Comments About News Media

Watched the latest JF video answering questions. Regarding the insurance hit, even JF warns not to believe the media reports (Fakenews).
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GE W2 Form

I took retirement on May 1st. 2017. Received pay checks up to end of May and started collecting pension after that. On line W2 shows my salary only as an active employee. Is there is a separate W2 for pensions? How do I get it? Need some help here... read more
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Finally the end?

Anybody thinks that the latest news that GE might break up into three parts is the beginning of the end we've all been expecting for a while now? This pretty much seems like a desperate move to me, and if it happens, I don't believe things will... read more
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New CEO Needed: Apply Within

It should have been blatantly obvious that any internal candidate to replace Immelt would not be capable of righting the ship. Time to bring in an external CEO to clean house, and pursue all possible legal action against the last group. The GE... read more
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GE W2 Form

FYI: Once you log into the tab under taxes already has the 2017 W-2's there. Just printed mine.
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I heard the problems at the insurance business are Alstom's fault.
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Does anyone with real info know what would happen to the pensions of existing pensioners or existing employees if GE is split up? Would the newly separated businesses inherit the pension obligations? What about Corporate pensioners? Thanks.
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Should the GE Board be Held Accountable

The Board of Directors should have fired the poor performing CEO Jeff Immelt . The board continued to support Jeff's failures and allowed his manipulations. The board gave Jeff extraordinary time to take such large ship into ground for more then a... read more
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Former GE empoyees/retirees - tax forms

Anyone having any success finding links to tax forms on the dot com site (US) for former employees? I know that GE owes us nothing, but at least get the only resource we have available working correctly. I cannot get any response to my note... read more
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C Level Execs

How stupid can they be. Now wounded, frightened and panicked they are flailing to say and do anything that makes them sound capable. TLTL. Game over, tilt, thanks for playing.
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Greenville - Manufacturing Staff

I have lost all trust and respect for the Greenville Plant manager and his staff. The staff is just as clueless as their boss. They continue to be disconnected and do not understand the basics of what we do. I'm finished with trying to teach them... read more
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Any word on Global Ops?

If GE is cutting down to three key industrials, what is going to happen to Global Ops? Aviation had a big project last year to offload as many people to the Cincinnati center as they could, but they are crammed in with lighting and other employees... read more
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GE Insurance Problem

Shareholders and Employees both have suffered from the Highest level of managements poor decisions, while they themselves have been rewarded beyond belief. Am I the only person that thinks people like the previous CEO should be legally held... read more
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All you confident hourly workers who really believe your jobs are safe with the condition this company is in are in total denial. They will continue to use you to push their damn product all while staying calm and focused; but trust me you will be... read more
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GE layoff assistants Lee Hecht Harrison

Just throwing this out there. Trying to see if it me or does Lee Hecht Harrison just s---. They have done nothing for me since day one. I’ve done everything they’ve tasked me with and still no input or results. I wish GE would have given me. The $$$... read more
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Big GE customers lost?

Any big customers jump ship from GE Power or GE Renewables or any other GE businesses for that matter in the past year because of all the negative press for GE?
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GE Greenville — More Layoffs?

GE Greenville has been suffering from extreme low morale. Manufactured turbines have repeated errors and quality “escaping defects” costing large amount of cash to repair. This cost continues to make already bad cash flow problems even worse. Yes... read more
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GE lucks out

Things turned out great for GE on the tax cut. The first pay with the healthcare cost increases will be the same with the tax cut so you won't notice much change. So why other companies give tax cut bonuses/raises and have not raised healthcare are... read more
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Paranoia at GE and overall environment of distrust

Have you noticed that you are now unable to attach files from work computer to personal email like Gmail? Management at GE has become paranoid and distrustful of employees. No heads up on the new policy...
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This site, GE

I wonder if GE, themselves, created this site, so they could try to find out what is what within their own company?????
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Mastrangelo gone

Just announced. Wonder if he's taking his goombas with him?
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Future of GRC Niskayuna?

From replies to a previous post: " I hear that the present Chief in GRC Nisky is going to move out to take care of other business ( back in POWER?!) to be replaced by the head of India center whose job it will be to eventually move the folks working... read more
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Any news about the LM9000 program?

Any news about the LM9000 program? I would like to know if anybody has information about that program. I work at Aviation ( LM9000 is an aeroderivative engine) and I was asked to work in that program but I do not want to end working in a doomed... read more
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