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Just tagging it for #AgeDiscrimination (in a case someone searches for the topic):

Age of those laid off?

We've lost three people in our department today, all of them are over 50. Considering that all of them were exemplary employees, I can't help but wonder if their age had something to do with this.

Anybody else noticed that the age of those laid off skewers towards older rather than younger?

Age Discrimination

If your over 45, your protected from age discrimination. California supreme court already ruled that firing due to salary is equivalent to age discrimination. So if your more qualified than other people kept, and over 45, start the lawsuits. Massachusetts courts always follow California -- #AgeDiscrimination #StaplesLayoffs

we had a thread on this:





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This is so true, agree 1000%

Some managers I won't use the word leader because very few exist try and manage out tenured employees because they are not the future.

We do discriminate, and it's just a matter of time when someone actually proves this, trust me on this one, all it takes is a good attorney and a determined and pissed off worker.

#Injustice #AgeDiscrimination

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Discrimination based on age (Intel)

Intel Corp. is currently under investigation for the 2015/2016 layoffs as a result of age discrimination complaints that have been filed against them by individuals that have been affected.

For some reason the EEOC is not in a hurry to bring the case to court; however, the data that was provided by the company is now expected t undergo statistical analysis to verify the claims and produce a finding of rule violations.

Government agencies are not known for their speed of execution; however, the fact that the charges are still being investigated indicates that the EEOC has enough prima facie evidence to pursue the case to the end.


Speaking of the tag for #AGEdiscrimination as one of the responders posted here, this below deserves that same tag as well.

For Any Large Employer, “Blacklisting” Those Laid Off is a Form of Age Discrimination; Math Geek Demonstrates it Here!

This is not directed towards any specific employer, it is generic… Please forward if appropriate… Well OK, it DOES seem to apply to HPE!

The short version is this: As a brand-new college grad (or other youngster new to the work force), you haven’t yet had the chance to get laid-off and blacklisted forever. Every year that you work (the older you get), the greater your chances of having been blacklisted forever. It’s that simple!

Caveats and Details.

This kind of logic (here and below) would not find traction in court for a smaller employer. So you have 15 employees, and you forever blacklist those who you lay off? Big deal. Not that much impact.

You have thousands of employees, and sometimes hundreds of thousands in a given metro area? Your workers are a HUGE fraction of the local community, especially in certain specialized job areas? Your laid-off older folks will have to move long distances to find new work? NOW we’re talking!

But the biggest caveat here is we’re talking “probabilities”. The offending companies (when accused) will doubtlessly try to pull the following garbage: “Oh, no, there’s nothing that’s “probabalistic” or random about our performance reviews and resulting selections for layoffs; They are all 100 percent totally factual and rational and objective. No subjectivity involved! None at all!” . Unless your workers are driving “X” measurable lug nuts per day… Those kinds of jobs being long-gone in the USA today… Then this is just flat-out not true! Let’s say, for example, that you are trying to persuade a jury of this… (Make sure your selected jurors have worked for a boss at some time in their lives). Any rational common-sense juror will KNOW that there’s subjectivity in performance reviews! So dealing with “the probability of your getting laid off” (alluding to some randomness) is NOT an unrealistic assumption (or approximation), and most jurors will KNOW this!

Before doing the math, for you TOTAL geeks, we are dealing with “prior” probabilities here… The perspective of a brand-new hire, who does NOT know when the axe will eventually fall. Yearly “posterior” probabilities are not of much interest… Say the axe-chopping-rate is 1percent per year. After each year passes, it is still 1% for the next year, assuming you’ve not gotten chopped yet… Otherwise you’ve already been chopped, and your probability is 100% ! That’s not of much interest…

Assume 1% then… 99% chance you still have your job one year from now. 5 years from now, it becomes 100% minus (0.99 times 0.99 times 0.99 times 0.99 times 0.99) or 100% minus (0.99 to the fifth power), or 95%.

If you run the numbers, it looks about like this:

Rate 1 yr 5 yrs 10 yr 15 yr 20 yr 30 years (Prob. Of Still Have Job)

99% 99% 95% 90% 86% 82% 75%

98% 98% 90% 82% 75% 67% 55%

97% 97% 86% 75% 64% 54% 40%

96% 96% 82% 66% 54% 44% 29%

95% 95% 77% 60% 46% 36% 21%

(That last 21% means you’d have a 79 chance of being laid off by then).

Does anyone know the current rough numbers of employees v/s how many are laid off every year, for a sample company? That would give us a rough “probability” of being laid off…

Tagging it: #AGEdiscrimination

I'm a younger employee in my early 30s. I hear a lot of folks talking about age discrimination and I see it often. Management has told me that "you're the future of the company so youre safe from WFR." I am so torn right now because I see the advantages to staying with a smaller HPE bring more profitable, more concentrated, and without a lot of the dead weight that I see taking up dollars and time daily. However, the ever-possible WFR concerns me greatly. What would you do if you were me? Jump ship or ride it out?

#AgeDiscrimination - anyone?

72% of my VP's list was for people - OVER 40 - years of age

I strongly disagree that age is NOT a factor. 72% of my VP's list was for people - OVER 40 - years of age.

Let that sink in.

HPE Age Discriminatio Class Action Update

Source below. Here is the update on the class action for HPE #AGEdiscrimination:

Updated 9/22/17 at 6:20 am with comment from plaintiffs counsel.

A federal judge has granted Hewlett-Packard's request to arbitrate an age-bias suit filed over the company's massive layoffs, allegedly targeting older workers.

The proposed class action claims that the tens of thousands of job cuts HP has made since 2012 as part of its workforce reduction plan were designed to get rid of older workers, and that the company has since blatantly favored younger people in filling out its ranks.

The suit was filed in U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California against Hewlett Packard Enterprise Co. and HP Inc., which were formed after Hewlett-Packard split in two in 2015.

On Sept. 20, U.S. District Judge Edward J. Davila granted HP's request to compel arbitration on the basis of a release agreement signed by the plaintiffs.

According to Davila's opinion, the release states that an arbitrator must determine whether the arbitration clause is enforceable.

"The court agrees with defendants that, under the terms of the RA, 'an arbitrator must first decide whether the release provision contained in the agreement is enforceable,'" Davila wrote. "Then, if the arbitrator determines that the release provision is enforceable, plaintiffs' claims will be barred and the collective action issue will be moot. Otherwise, the court will then determine whether plaintiffs' claims may proceed on a class or collective basis."

Benjamin Emmert of Littler Mendelson represents HP and did not respond to a request for comment.

Jennie Lee Anderson of Ardus Anderson, who represents the plaintiffs, said in an email that the firm will seek reconsideration of the order.

"The majority of named and opt-in plaintiffs did not sign any arbitration clause," she said. "Thus, their claims should not be delayed by arbitration proceedings that do not and should not affect them."

HP slashed roughly 30,000 jobs in 2012 under CEO Meg Whitman, and has conducted smaller cuts since then. According to the complaint, workers over 40 were "significantly more likely" to have their jobs eliminated under the company's reduction plan.

The company has denied the bias claims, and last year, a representative for Hewlett Packard Enterprise said that age was not a consideration in the company's layoffs. "The decision to implement a workforce reduction is always difficult," the representative said in an emailed statement, "but we are confident that our decisions were based on legitimate factors unrelated to age."

According to the complaint, Whitman made no secret of her desire to overhaul the workforce with younger people, saying in a televised interview in 2015 that the company wanted "to make sure that we've got a labor pyramid with lots of young people coming in right out of college and graduate school and early in their careers."

In addition to downloadbesttorrentblog.rus, the complaint says HP implemented early phased retirement programs in 2014 and 2015 for employees over 55 to incentivize them to voluntarily quit. It also reversed its policy of encouraging employees to work from home, putting a burden on workers with families who were located farther away from HP's offices, it alleges.

The two HP spinoffs also face an age and race discrimination lawsuit filed in July which claims downloadbesttorrentblog.rus disproportionately affected older, black workers.

Source: />

When VSP is offered to older employees to save on insurance money and higher salaries, that is

#agediscrimination. This company has dishonored people including a family member of mine. Shame on them.

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If its VSP - this is voluntary. The company cannot lay off people based on their age, that would represent #agediscrimination

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I got laid off in July 2017. The only employees that I know that were affected were in their late 50's and 60's. Surprisingly, they just posted a job with my exact title on their website. Only problem is the job description was cleverly worded to exclude the people that had this position and got laid off. Targeted new grads for a job that was traditionally for more experienced people. Also heard they gave the interns a day off for the lay-off day so they would not see what their future held for them. Clever people.

The last bastion of acceptable discrimination

Hey folks...former Nike Marketig employee here...sorry to hear about the latest round of misery. Here's something to chew on....About 15 years ago I did an analysis of healthcare spending costs at a variety of companies....when employees hit 45 years old, the cost curve looks like a hockey stick. Companies shed older workers to save on insurance costs as well as salary.

It's the last bastion of acceptable discrimination left in this country.

Good luck to you all.

#AgeDiscrimination #HealthInsurance

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Regarding Nike Inc.

You are not alone - check out this #AgeDiscrimination - there literally 100s of posts from all kinds of companies (energy, tech, consumer goods, financial services) - this is rampant in the USA (probably the rest of the world as well)

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Check out this hashtag here on downloadbesttorrentblog.ru:


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Classic #AgeDiscrimination

It is very real. The area we are in the employees being severed are all over 60. Hope they band together and do something

We lost three people. One was 30+, one 40+ and one 60+... It's hard to argue #agediscrimination when the affected individuals span multiple generations.

Age Discrimination Lawsuit?

I was laid off today also, but at the back of my severance paper was another paper that was an example of who where to be let go. It said Exhibit A, all Department managers In Employee's District were eligible to be selected for separation as part of the realignment.

She's of eligible employees in the decisions unit selected for separation.

Title Department manager Age 44

She's of eligible employees in decisions unit not selected for separation Dept manager Ages 30, 35, and 40. Isn't this #agediscrimination - thoughts?

Sorry to hear this - nothing beats good old #agediscrimination - I am in Finance, and I can tell you that if you are over 50 you will feel like an outsider. No layoffs though, so I cannot complain

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Call it spade to spade - #AgeDiscrimination - anything else?

I wander if the state of Oregon has any requirements in terms of how things are reported from the age perspective. This is not just a Nike problem, age discrimination is rampant in the USA

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No White Buffalo, the buyouts are not voluntary, they are forced. When you reject the package and then your manager calls and strongly suggests you take the package, that is not voluntary. #agediscrimination

Age Discrimination

I fail to see the significance of so-called "age discrimination". I am convinced that the so-called "age-discrimination" phenomenon is simply another excuse for incompetents to seek some type of retribution, and for them, it is strictly monetary and a means to sue for their own personal windfall. Think about it, do you think that the plaintiff would actually settle for "getting their job back" as a settlement? I don't think so. I am in my sixties and just got hired on at a consulting firm, valued highly for my years of experience, paid more than I could ever imagine when I was younger. Where is all the "age discrimination"? Was there "age discrimination at Chevron because they laid off specific people? There's always some kind of discrimination if you want to pick it apart. They need to lay off higher paid workers to be able to stay in business and pay the remaining staff. Most of the higher paid workers are older. Wow, Rocket science.

Wait, I have a great idea to make big bucks, fellow disgruntled incompetent employees and unscrupulous lawyers. Let's claim "discrimination" based on age. That way we can make a big settlement and claim that we are being picked on and cry like babies, instead of finding gainful employment which we don't want anyway since we are lazy and incompetent and worthless to society. We would rather just be pathetic professional victims. #AgeDiscrimination

1000+ LR-ed

We saw over 1000 people laid off at our location over the years. The big ones have come this time of year and after the FY. Buttt Cisco will lay off any time of the year in small unannounced layoffs. They have made that very clear over the years. You are never safe at Cisco. The only thing you know is there will continue to be more layoffs. Heard a co-worker say years ago their VP went to a meeting in SJ. One of the topics was the average age of the workforce.

The concern is they wanted the average age to be lower like from 28 to 26 or something very close to that. Cisco very much participates in #agediscrimination as previous posters have mentioned. They pay well but its really a temporary job for many, ask anyone. Yes there are some people that have been there a while. They are either high up, know someone, or their group is profitable.

#agediscrimination - just tagging it

If you are over 50 at Cisco, you are the ones most likely to get laid off. They lay off mostly the 50+ that drain the health insurance, then sprinkle a few millennials so it doesn't look like ageism. The only consolation after 12- years of working there was the $94,000 severance. My husband was laid off Sept 2015. His 50 + brother was axed 3-years prior. Believe me, it was devastating at first but once they found better jobs, they were VERY thankful to be out of Cisco. Advice? Work at Cisco only 3-5 years and move on (good on resume). If you have a family that maxes-out health insurance, be careful...remember, the younger you are the less you go to the doctors. How many retirement parties have any of you gone to at Cisco?? Yeah, none.

Let's LR older folks, bring in some fresh blood

  • your fancy iphone: designed by people in their 40s

  • your fancy Tesla: designed by people in their 50s

  • your fancy Intel CPUs that power your computers: designed by people in their 40s

  • your fancy C++/python languages: designed by people in their mid 30s

  • your over priced cup of latte from Petes: designed by people in their 40s

  • your Lithium Ion batteries that power all your hipster toys: designed by people in their late 50s

  • your hipster Fender Jaguar offset guitar: designed by someone in their 50s


#agediscrimination can be defeated


In 2012, plaintiff Bobby Dean Nickel filed an employment discrimination lawsuit against the Company and its subsidiary, Staples Contract & Commercial, Inc. The lawsuit alleged that Nickel’s 2011 termination was based on his age (over 40). In August 2013, the trial court denied summary judgment on the age discrimination claim, but granted it as to all other claims. On February 26, 2014, after trial, the jury returned a verdict in plaintiff’s favor, awarding him approximately $3 million in compensatory damages and approximately $22 million in punitive damages.

The Company filed a series of post-trial motions asking the trial court to vacate the jury verdict and order a new trial or, if the verdict is not vacated, to reduce the amount of damages awarded through the process of remittitur. The trial court granted judgment notwithstanding the verdict as to the punitive damages assessed against Staples, Inc., reducing the total judgment to approximately $16 million . The trial court also awarded Nickel approximately $1 million in attorneys’ fees and costs.

The Company filed an appeal with the California Court of Appeal in November 2015 and the matter was heard in April 2016. On May 26, 2016, the Court of Appeal ruled against the Company, and subsequently denied the Company’s Request for Rehearing. On July 5, 2016, Staples filed a Petition for Review with the California Supreme Court. On July 19, 2016, Nickel filed his Answer to the Petition for Review and on July 28, 2016, Staples filed its Reply to Nickel’s Answer to the Petition for Review. The Supreme Court denied the petition for review on August 10, 2016. Staples subsequently paid approximately $22 million to satisfy the outstanding judgment, including interest and Nickel's attorney's fees and costs.

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tag it properly :-( #AGEDISCRIMINATION

Are you over 35? If yes, get ready for a layoff...

"I am not very pessimistic, but it is a challenging task and I tend to believe that 60-65 per cent of them are just not trainable," Capgemini India's chief executive Srinivas Kandula said. "A large number of them cannot be trained. Probably, India will witness the largest unemployment in the middle level to senior level."

Read more at:


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Can we tag this appropriately #AgeDiscrimination

Not so much a layoff, but a trimming of the gray.

Heard that US HW and Tech sales have been pushing out sales reps and KADs, specifically targeting anyone over 55 regardless of performance.

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I'd say it's #agediscrimination at it's best. We've had this happen before. We'll see what happens now, as they have 2000 people to lay off - I wander how many white males over 50 will be laid off - they tend to make the most, and are always a good target for cost savings.

Don't get me wrong, I know that this issue is not happening here at Hershey's only - it's a thing that plagues all large corporations today.

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My husband was the oldest and possibly highest paid ASM as well. Odd, that he just got a raise 3 weeks ago. Strange. Now, we feel he fit both of those categories, oldest and highest paid. Yesterday he got a call and they asked him to come back and interview on the 27th. He will pass. I think the if enough ASM's that were let go together they would find age is the common denominator. That could get sticky for Lowe's if it's true.

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Check this out - downloadbesttorrentblog.ru/h/agediscrimination or #agediscrimination - this site is peppered with cases of discrimination, across the corporate america

So this will give some people an idea of the department I work in... But one the less... The last town hall we were told that diversity was a problem and that, as we knew (we did?), that they were working to solve "the white problem" and look to bring in some young people who can relate to the customers better. He actually said GenX. Lol... Someone should tell him that's not young anymore. I think the way this company is going is going to kill it faster instead of saving it.

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