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Run away for this sh-- company

I cannot express the frustration by writing I have working for this fake company. There is really nothing to be proud of. The management keeps using the fear management type that you could easily compare with some people from Germany used 80 years... read more
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Streamline IT = 20% RIF IT before 30th of September

Great town hall in IT today by Krishner. Said we would streamline IT a ton which is probably 10-20% RIF not counting all the people who will leave with the SPINOFF Plus big RFPs going on now will also move more jobs offshore In total by December 13th... read more
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Product Marketing Layoffs

I was just laid off yesterday, as were several others in HBT Product Marketing. They are consolidating the product marketing team into 10 global pm's removing all brand focused pm's. This after confirming you only get matched 401k dollars if you are... read more
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Rifs are starting-Corp it

Just heard that from my colleague in emea that rifs are starting in Corp it today. Emea was informed today. The meeting held by DE part of TGs group was a shambles. For the first 7 mins DE had tech issues with Skype but didn’t realise it. So the... read more
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The wait is nearly over

Word on the higher up street is RIF begins next week. Just FYI for everyone living this day by day uncertainty. It will soon be over and for those let go, you can now move on to a better life. For those that remain employed with Honeywell, sorry... read more
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Bravo awards

Does Honeywell still have the Bravo system? As a band 4 I was able to give out 2 ($200) bravo awards/year without any approval. If the award is given to a group of individuals than that only counts as one award and each person gets the $200. It... read more
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How many reasons does it take to quit? 3, 5, 8?

Basically Honeywell is just stacking up the reasons to quit so the don't pay severance to reach the next OEF (organization efficiency factor=layoffs). Darius said there will be no stranded costs which also means cuts for those who don't realize 401k... read more
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Conduent Issues for Cobra Payments

Another way to screw HW retirees. I paid for my January Cobra payment at the end of December 2017. Just got an invoice fro Jan, Feb, and March. I called and the January payment did not get moved from the old to new system. I gave them the... read more
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Retirement advice

Hi all, looking for some advice on HON retirement. I left last year and had the lump sum pension plan (6%), Am I better off waiting until retirement age (20ish years) to get a single life annuity or just rolling this over to an IRA as a lump sum now?... read more
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Anybody else worried?

Anybody else worried about this? Especially since oil companies seem to be among those hardest hit? Manufacturing group 3M is the biggest faller on the Dow right now, down 5.5% Oil firms Exxon and Chevron are close behind... read more
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What's the latest on layoffs?

I've been checking the board, and very little has been mentioned about layoffs lately. I'd like to take that as good news, as maybe we are safe at least for a bit, but when it comes to Honeywell, I know better. So I was wondering if anybody new... read more
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These are the good times?

Note in HPS on cost control: no travel, no training, no external hires, no relocation, no overtime. This on top of no vacation accrual, no work from home, de-vesting of 401k matches, etc. Gee, if these are the good times, what happens in a downturn?
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Are USA Honeywell employees really better?

In my two decades as an Engineer with Honeywell Aerospace I have seen a lot of guys trying to do as little as possible. Watching movies, surfing the net, and doing personal business. Then there are the ones that place a priority on self promotion... read more
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So I guess a lot of RIF activity before Dec 14th then

In addition, rather than having a match each pay period, any match will be paid annually in a lump sum by the end of the January following the calendar year. This benefit rewards loyal employees who choose to remain at Honeywell with an increased... read more
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More Department closures at DV aerosp

2 depts at dv announced their dissolution or reorg recently. SWTools 12 jobs going to india under india mgr,, customer training 5 jobs going, they are giving employees 30 days to find other work. Please add other departments in jeopardy to thread .
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Match year end lump sum vs Bi-weekly

Which is better? According to the VP of HR the year end is better for employees . I quized him on this and on his statement in 2009 that the 50% pull back on matching was "temporary". He says they done extensive analysis to show year end is better... read more
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Time to dump HON stock

Now we all have an incentive to dump HON stock in favor of something else. If we all dump just prior to the lump match payout in January, we will get a larger match.
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Honeywell 401 match ripoff, and Spinoff businesses

The 401K match threads seem to be all about pissed off (as they should be) people complaining, and other pissed off people reading the posts and maybe adding their own comments. Maybe this does some good in the sense that perhaps it is a place to... read more
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Strategies for new 401k rules?

I’m just going to take the match next Jan and sell it immediately to lock in the $$ I deserve (unless the Honeywell stock is undervaled at the time...). It’s lame I can no longer sell it regularly like I usually do and put it immediately into... read more
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Is it me or is the company vulnerable to serious accusations of s-xism, racism and nepotism? I see it and hear it all the time, and it sure seems all too common. I have to believe the % of female and persons of color are lower than most Fortune... read more
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Departed and ZERO regrets

Hey everyone, I quit last March & moved to Florida. It has been great, nearly a year now and I have ZERO regrets. Don't just gripe and complain, put on your big boy pants and quit. If it scre ws over coworkers b/c you leave oh well, it's their choice... read more
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If you saw or watched the town hall meeting where DA announced the 401k match increase it was very awkward and rushed. Brushed over even. Now in hind sight it seems that someone was obviously showing us the carrot while hiding the stick. This was no... read more
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Why anyone would consider working a day longer

Years ago I stuck around for the 'step up' in pension benefit at age 55. A big part of that equation was medical coverage for retirees. Well, that got snatched away before I retired. I'm retired now and I wonder why anyone would consider working a... read more
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Be here or they keep the money.

Now Honeywell will be sitting on a mound of cash in December. Just itching to get rid of people. At least we know the date when the final layoff for the year will be completed. December 15th... Be here or they keep the money.
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Get the word out

Anyone know if Glassdoor works? I see a lot of positive reviews, that are NOT possible. If it truely works, then: We ALL need to get on it and rip Honeyhell a new one. Not sure it would help or not, but everyone needs to know what they are in for... read more
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