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VRIFs for IT

Was anyone else on the Mandatory call yesterday at 3om EST where they stated they are looking for Volunteers and that they have a target of 20% cuts across the board? Also hinted that if they don't get enough volunteers they will be going to the... read more
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PIP question

Is there any recourse if you were fired based on falsified PIP? Outside of completely useless HR, of course.
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With more and more boomers being laid off, it looks like Honeywell is becoming a company of millennials. Is that a good or a bad thing for us? I know this might be a touchy subject, but I'm just curious what people think. I personally think that... read more
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Severance package

What is the severance package that we are offered. Just out of curiosity.
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Pension settlement letter?

Anyone recently get a letter on a pension settlement giving the employees an option of a lumps sum or a very small monthly annuity? If you did is there a website or phone number to call? I heard the small monthly amount is the default for obvious... read more
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Layoffs at Honeywell Italy

For as long as this stays in Europe, I'm good. I'm okay with somebody else having to deal with layoffs for a while. / (This seems like somebody used Google translate to get the English... read more
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Layoffs in twos and threes

I keep reading that people are being laid off each week in really small numbers. Two here, three there... Is this true? Or are people only trying to create unnecessary panic? Frankly, I've heard about people being fired every week in those numbers... read more
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trouble logging in to make COBRA PAYMENT?

Anyone else having issues? I get to the visual identifier but then it kicks me back out to the initial login screen. I manually reset the password again to reselect the identifier twice and it appeared to work but when I went back in I got the same... read more
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SS Titanic (AKA Spin) Updates?

It has been unusually quiet regarding the spin. Does anyone have any news? I know round two of Honeywell employees were notified they were going to Homes last week. I have also heard there were a lot of surprised people who have never done anything... read more
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Life after Honeywell

Losing your income, benefits and long time career is mind-numbing. For a while. Especially when you know the only reason was age-related salary. Hard to find another (equivalent) job at age 60. But don’t give up! I was rif’d several months ago; it... read more
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Project Ice Age

I left the Ottawa office X months ago and just learned that the project I was working on is at the exact same spot it was X months ago with the same roadblocks. Think about how much shareholder value could be unlocked if competent leaders were... read more
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Honeywell PAC Contribution

I have just withdrawn my HPAC contribution after again being asked to give more. Instead i will give the money directly to the charity of my personal choice I don't see the point of having any employee foot the bill for HPAC as I already gave "at the... read more
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Aerospace ETS Org

Anyone know what is going on with the ETS org? There seems to be a ton of people leaving that place. Director retiring, management leaving, and engineers running out the door. Not sure if I should be concerned, might start looking for a other job?
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COBRA running out after being RIFFed

Would appreciate any advice on health insurance options in AZ. My COBRA is finally running out after being let go from HW a while back. Not a veteran, both my wife and I need health insurance. No job options soon.
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Payroll at Honeywell

You have to have heard about the chaos with the new Kronos. PMT is going to wake up in a new world on Thursday.
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What locations will be listed as IT HUBS globally? How much time will people be given to relocate? By when does this strategy need to be complete?
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Electronic Systems reorg?

I'm hearing there may be a reorg in Aero Electronic Systems biz. Anyone on the board offer any meaningful and relevant knowledge about it? Please keep it specific and on topic.
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ES Reorganization

Some managers are indicating privately that something big is going to happen this week... A reorg, there will be duplication of functions. Timing seems to be in alignment with some previously announced senior leadership retirements scheduled for mid... read more
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Honeywell PAC

I never had the priveledge of being asked to donate to the Honeywell PAC. Curious, nowadays how do they spin it ? Keep jobs in the US ? Just curious .
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Stop picking up extra workload

People really need to stop picking up workload of those who have been laid off or the lucky ones who left on their own for greener pastures. As somebody said in another thread, Honeywell will keep cutting people until it finally sees some... read more
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Honeywell declares war on fixed costs

Honeywell declares war on fixed costs May 22, 2018 8:37 AM ET|About: Honeywell International, Inc. (HON) Speaking on a webcast at the EPG conference, Honeywell (NYSE:HON) Darius Adamczyk said the company’s 283 manufacturing and logistics facilities... read more
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Make Like Gary Michel...

...and leave. The ACS/Buildings/Homes leadership revolving door keeps spinning. Gary was heading Buildings for less than 8 months. Seems like most of that time was spent looking for a new gig. What does that tell you? Vimal Kapur. Is he a dud? The... read more
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SPS Marcom Organization Consolidation

SPS Marcom org was just told if we don't already work in the Fort Mill (US), Bracknell (UK) or Bucharest (Europe) offices, we no longer have jobs. Those able to relocate (without assistance) must apply for a position, no guarantee their old job will... read more
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Done with layoffs?

Now that there is so few of us left, what are the chances there will be no more layoffs in the foreseeable future? We are down to bare bones as it is, I honestly can't see Honeywell wanting to remove more employees and expect us to pick up their work... read more
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Pension buyout?

Is there any truth to the rumor that HW is going to buyout or pensions?
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New CEO for Homes

The new CEO for the Homes spin looks like a strong leader. Hopefully he will come in and do a thorough review of the business and the current leadership throughout the organization and put together a team that can get the business turned around and... read more
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Big day tomorrow for Homes (SS Titanic)

Town hall with new CEO tomorrow. Maybe we will find out where the HQ will be and if Melville is being shut down. All aboard, the SS Titanic is leaving the dock! This is a disaster across the board. From products no one is buying, a marketing group... read more
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Rolling Updates for Week of 4/30/18

If next week as as bad as it appears across the globe this is the forum to post who took a hit as the week plays out. So far I know MP is taking huge cut including the Brain trust working on Sentience. On Friday the leader of Connected Enterprise was... read more
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DC spreading his disease

After ruining GE and Honeywell, he's now looking for more to assimilate and destroy with his disease. /
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Electronic Solutions Problems

I've heard ES is doing poorly and no work is available. Can anyone confirm if a layoff or furlough is imminent?
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