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Come back home, my beloved daughters and sons...

... Things will be so different this time, so come back to papa. Much lower salaries, less benefits, at least 70% of the population 25 years old or younger... You know this is what you want. Come on... Give me a hug and kiss my chin! DXC Technology... read more
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The captain should go down with the ship

or in our case, the ship went down because of the captain - I now give up and will resign tomorrow - looking for a new job without having to look over my shoulder has to be better than this and I am worth more than what HP is doing to us all.
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HP Pension Annual Rate

If one gets WFR'd, are we required to transfer our HP Pension to an IRA? I have been with HP/HPE for 23 years now. I received a mail about options to transfer out the pension to an IRA. Maybe because I am with HPE. I ignored it and kept it where it... read more
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Oh, well HPE! 18 years down the drain!

Laid off in May after almost 18 years. Oh and who is doing my work now... someone in Costa Rica they hired full time 1 week before laying me off...gotta love it...not
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Worst Company I Ever Worked For!!!

HP/HPE has got to be the worst company I've ever worked for. I had to code solutions that all of the offshore saviors couldn't deliver on to save their lives! I understand the "why" (money) of outsourcing but I truly believe companies that outsource... read more
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HPE's core business

What is HPE's professed core business? We know its not software - that got spun out. We know its not consulting or services - that was spun as well. We know its not computers or printers - also spun. We know its not test equipment - spun long ago. We... read more
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Checkmate to us in Houston...

Now everything makes sense... I've been hearing for weeks that we (employees based in Houston) were going to take a big hit before the year end. The offices "relocation" is nothing more than the perfect excuse to slash the current staff from 3,000 to... read more
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What's with the unrealistic deadlines?

Seriously, I can't remember the last time we were not given an unrealistic deadline and didn't end up with very frustrated at best and pissed off at worst clients. Why promise something that can't be achieved to get a client just to lose that same... read more
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What is "HPE Next" supposed to be?

So, HPE just laid off a massive number of people in Houston, all ages, experiences, genders, roles - makes no sense. Not sure about director level and up - they seem to be holding on for now - maybe to manage the jobs outsourced until their... read more
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HPE HR Global Communications lurking on this site!

A good friend of my wife works in HR Global Communications and was asked to “track down this guy” (referring to the author of the “goliath’s prophecy” article). After quickly checking, I told my wife... For what? To give him a warning? To fire him?... read more
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Repenting my decision to join HPE

The worst decision I have ever taken in my life was to join HPE. I was working for a great company with high employee morale. I am repeating for leaving such a good company and stick here in HPE with fear of job loss. I see few jobs coming here to... read more
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Is it even possible for morale to get any lower?

In my over three decades of work experience I've never worked at a place where morale was as low as it is at HPE now. People are so stressed and disheartened that it's become a palpable feeling in the office. It's depressing, mildly put. It's not... read more
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Nothing amazes me now

So I managed a WW program. In this layoff they laid me off and two other region leads. Boss actually asked me if he could call me after I was laid off if he had any questions on managing the program........to boot he is from Europe and when I told... read more
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Laid of our entire department

Although the promise of HR "working" to match jobs to profiles not one person out of 14 found a job from that effort.....if you look in the job posting senior positions are being filled in Mexico and Bucharest
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Today is the day

It's two days before the end of the quarter and I will find out today whether or not I will be with HPE on Wednesday. Our manager scheduled 1-1 meetings with each of us on his team today. He blew them all off with no explanation last week. I know... read more
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Why HPE folks in California work for HPE?

Seriously. If you live in the bay area, and there are literally tens of thousands of job openings, better paid, better benefits - why in the world you move over to a decent company? Even if you are older or whatever, they are still looking for a... read more
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Confirmed more layoffs happened today in Houston

i know two people for sure were affected by today's layoffs. I believe these were pre-notices, instead of the typical Monday morning. But yes, 2 that I know. Both ong term employees from early CPQ days and one from Digital acquisition.
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Someone should pass this on to Meg and the Board

Ever since stocks were first bought and sold, investors have sought to find company metrics that would separate the winners from the losers. Sales growth, earnings growth, earnings per share — even CEO pay. Now it turns out that companies that are... read more
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Was there a big layoff this week?

A few people keep posting in different threads about a huge layoff at HPE that took place in the past several days, yet I have heard or seen nothing of it. Anybody knows what that's all about?
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Who Was Paying My Salary, HPE or DXC?

I was WFR'd this past June, and am now in a dispute with my state's employment office re whether taking my EDS pension reduces my unemployment insurance amount. It has to do with who the "base year" (year you were laid off) employer was. They say it... read more
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