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Ten for ten

What happens when employees stop caring about their work. If this isn't the best indicator that nobody at HPE gives a damn anymore, I don't know what is. We are ten for ten... read more
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Hewlett Packard Enterprise - Onsite Service Delivery

It is confirmed today March 5 Eastern US, all full-time HPE Field Engineers (Customer Engineers, Datacenter HW Specialists, Installation Engineers) will be outsourced to Unisys in the Americas. The actual details are not published, but the... read more
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Meg sells nearly 13 more million in HPE stock

Talk about writing on the wall... Meg just sold another close to 13 million in HPE stock... Meg Whitman had set up such a plan on March 2 and over March 14 and 15, the plan sold $12.7 million in Hewlett Packard Enterprise (ticker: HPE) stock. She... read more
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At least the CE's will receive their 401k match

I talked to my manager one on one yesterday about the Unisys spin. The good news is that they will be able to keep everyone who wants a job. Unisys will honor HPE's commitment to employment for all. And she said that they are working on paying out... read more
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HPE let go of their field service techs

While life is grand at the San Jose headquarters with new gyms and lavish cooking facilities, the field, the backbone, gets laid off. Monday March 5 we were all notified that we would be outsourced to Unisys.
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I was kicked to the curb after 30 years

I am also a long time CE 30+ years and will be kicked to the curb with the others it looks like. I was honored to work with a team that went above and beyond daily to help a customer and keep HPE's name up front with the customer. Beware those left... read more
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Huge layoff coming to Bay Area offices

Heard on Friday there will be a Bay Area focused layoff . It’s gotten too expensive to run the Bay Area buildings so layoffs will occur and the buildings will be sold. This information comes from solid sources
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Are you really that unemployable?

Reading this board makes me think that HPE desperately needs to clean out its ranks. If there is so many otherwise unemployable people working here (and only people who are completely unemployable can fear layoffs in this economy,) then it really is... read more
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What about CMS ?

various rumors are spreading around, layoffs, split etc .. Do you have some reliable information ?
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Some people need to get a life

I left HPE last year after 21 years. HP/HPE gave me the opportunity to raise my family near where I grew up, while allowing me to spend invaluable time with my children as they became adults. Was it all good? No, it seems like the past 18 years have... read more
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Technology is the true culprit

Let me ask all of you. You were always afraid of the dark side, are you still. What does a customer need when a system is installed? Help with their migration efforts/vmotion as an example, maybe assistance provisioning, maybe help with performance... read more
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How are people being notified of Layoffs?

How do they let you know you are laid off? Do they do a group announcement? Call to an office? Who's there? Your manager and HR? Also, when do they tell you severance details and do they walk you out immediately? Do you have enough time to say bye to... read more
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If I am laid off from HPE, can I go and work for HPI? I know I cannot go back to HPE but there is an opportunity with HPI that I'd like to pursue. Any thoughts on this?
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FIghting a losing battle

The IT market can no longer afford to pay HPE prices for hardware and support. Not trying to defend HPE, but they're fighting a losing battle. Cheap hardware can do the same with much less cost for maintenance and support. Found this post on another... read more
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Black Monday begins

US wide meeting today outlining the end of customer engineers. Seems the powers that be will be moving service work, all phases of it, to a 3rd party. This is GSD wide. Sad, very sad...
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March 5 GSD big meeting?

Monday March 5 0830 GSD meeting with some important announcement for all GSD employees... Any ideas or rumors as to whats going to happen?
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This is no more or less sad than Xerox, Kodak, and Yahoo.

The real question, of course, is whether Unisys is better or worse than HPE. It is clear that HPE no longer wants to be a IT solution company, but only a box product company. Shedding software and services is a pretty clear signal. This is just the... read more
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Anyone know the status of the response centers?

As a current CE with many years, I need to occasionally leverage the Response Center for help on 3Par, XP, Superdome, Superdome2's and various proliant and blades. I've heard L1 and L2 have merged. How will I (if invited to join Unisys) fix the tough... read more
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Confirmed huge layoff in February 2018

With the seasonally empty buildings the execs are letting their guards down and having hallway conversations that would normally take place in secret. Today while in a breakroom in the Palo Alto office I overheard two execs discuss in detail the... read more
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GSD to be Outsourced?

Is is possible that GSD is being outsourced to DXC. But its happening Monday whatever it is. Theres a gsd wide meeting point next transformation. Then a meeting with our area manager right after that
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GSD and The Contractor Model

Rumor has it that there will be some sort of "push" to turn most or all of GSD into contractors. After The Meggot got rid of ALL (or almost all) of USA-wide contractors about 1/2 year ago, there is now (post-Emperor-Nero) a push to get contractors... read more
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HPE Soars and Employees Get Shafted

HPE numbers exceeded Wall Street expectations, but how much of that was due to the execs eliminating the 2017 annual bonus? It did not hurt the execs since much of their compensation is stock options and RSUs, but it did hit the rest of us whose... read more
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