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The hits keep coming....

By now, most of you have figured out that this is going on all over the industry, not just Humana, but sometimes it still shocks me to see hospitals doing mass layoffs. Been in this industry for decades, never seen anything like what's going on these... read more
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Severance question

Is there any way to receive severance payment in several installments instead of a big lump sum? This could make a huge difference financially, as it would be taxed less than it is. One of my former coworkers nearly had a heart attack when he... read more
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Severance question

So do we get paid until May 9 for the people that have worked for humana less than a year?
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Confused HCMRN

Here is what I don’t understand. People are say daily and weekly metric for HCMRNS need to be met etc. Last fall, upper management got rid of metrics for nurses. There is currently no requirement to make certain number of contacts a day. This had... read more
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insurance during severance pay

I have a question for the ones who have been through this... it says during severance our medical ins will be deducted after tax basis.... how much is that ??
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It has been a good year for BB

Thanks for our one time bonus BB Now we are hourly at our 2016 pay rate. It would be nice in 2019 to have a pay raise where my hourly rate goes up based on the bonus that was included for 2017 not based on my 2016 hourly pay rate. I’m not looking for... read more
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I was really hoping

I had heard earlier this week that there was a possibility they would release us today instead of the 9th if they had all the clerical work finished. It was a slim possibility, but now is certainly not going to happen. Dang it, I had my fingers... read more
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You can go counterclockwise on my tookus humane-a not

You have failed at HAH since the debacle with Gail and stating that you did not need licenses in every state you called. That was one money saving initiative you failed at because the nurses called your BS. Then when this failed she was gone. In... read more
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Internal position

How many people have actually gotten an internal position? I haven't heard of a single person yet.
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RIF associate here.

My coach has spent the last few weeks going through my roster with a fine tooth comb. She looked at my documentation on every single one of my HS members and told me to move all but 2 down from HS tele. If I felt like they needed to stay HS I could... read more
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2nd quarter lay offs

Folks that will be left after March 9th will face another “unplanned” lay off. You have time to prepare now. None of the members that were referred by PHC’s need HCM-RN’s so they are being graduated to monitored status. Plus, so many HCM’s are... read more
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Humana In Home

Friday's for me are like waiting for the next shift to come in and relieve you. But tonight was different. After 6 years as an HCMRN, first time I ever sat after hours and re watched the town hall meeting. With all the changes going on... I wanted to... read more
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Threatened with firing if we don’t give 120% percent

Ok now I think Humana is really pushing it. They have notified us we are being laid off, now to add insult to injury those of us “impacted” are being pulled into meetings with our coaches and being threatened with being fired prior to the early... read more
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Coverage Team

Can someone weigh in please- is coverage team going away?
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Town hall today

Someone please let me know your thoughts.... Did I hear the lady on the phone correctly when she stated the goal at the end of the year was to have 100,000 members in HCCP managed and 500,000 or more monitored? If so, that definitely means more... read more
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Hi, Ho, Hi, Ho It's Off to Humana I go until March 9th

Someone please shed some light.... I am hearing from various people for those of us that are RIF'd, yes, it is okay to need what we need to do during the day, i.e. job hunt, submit resumes, go on interviews, and/or take advantage of the internal &... read more
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The lucky ones!

RIFed folks don’t despair. Y’all are the lucky ones. You get out of this train wreck and get a head start on job hunting and also get a nice severance and health care benefits too. Humana has created an unhealthy work environment for HAH. Toxic... read more
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Coverage team going away and nurses being moved to other teams, so many changes I can't keep up...Any coach out there with some insight on how the program is going to be run moving forward?thanks
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Ammunition to terminate

After the member movement/graduations, will they likely use the fact that RIF'd HCM-RNs have no members to call as ammunition to terminate? What other ammunition will they likely create?
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When do we officially move over to hourly?
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How about we all make a complaint

This isnt fair. I have interviews to do and Im NOT taking PTO to go do that this is BS! They have always let others out earlier!
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darn it I was hoping before this dumb hourly crap. This is gonna be hard to do and they are looking for any reason to fire the impacted ones so not get severance...grrrrr
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March 9th

Last day. What are they doing to us!
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Rest Of CSS Helpdesk Informed Of Lay Off 2/20/18

The remaining CSS helpdesk analysts that were associates (not contractors) were informed yesterday 2/20/2018 that we are all being laid off (they are keeping a few to help finish training the off shore folks/TCS etc). Some details that may help... read more
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Todays meeting

I know we are hoping today is the day. Looks to me there are some time differences on the meet times so lets just say who ever had theirs first comes here to verify if we are getting a release date? Sound good? My meeting is 1pm est.
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RIF timesheets through April 9

We were told to enter time through April 9th. We were told to do this in the meeting when we were laid off! We were emailed how to do this and told what code to use. Now we are being accused of trying to steal time because the code they told use to... read more
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Thursday Meeting

Anyone else's team meetings for Thursday cancelled and moved to tomorrow?
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Tell us something please

We know “they” know our release date, so why can’t they tell us? This is ridiculous, just put us out of our misery. For once, be “transparent.”
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So now here is a kicker....HAH will be dissolved and Care Plus that is already part of Humana will be hiring 1500 people to do the program but with other twist and plans. They want all Bachelor degree nurses since can get paid higher. Plus the... read more
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WAH article-hope this helps

Look up Forbes and "Is working at home better for you?" Article is very good. They have 5 reasons it is advantageous to WAH and at the end of the article it had info about searching for WAH positions.
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