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Did anyone that left earlier this month still get their “bonus?” I know some people may have gotten it last Friday. Hoping to get mine this Friday since I technically did work through December 31.
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Spin is worse - I am dizzy!

They keep telling us those of that will get laid-off it has been a team collaboration on who is going. However, have you ever stopped to think... The first people to go were those who started with Green Ribbon. ... Then, last go round, most all of... read more
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If you are a coach please help alleviate our minds with a few things. We KNOW you know more then you are letting on. You were told to do assessments on each of us and most of these reports are flawed. Heaven help you if you were out for extended time... read more
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What happened to transparency?

I wasn't worried about my job until the last Town Hall Meeting. I work with CICO and our work comes from HAH. The writing is on the wall. If HAH is being eliminated or reduced in size, how will my department fit into the picture? I doubt this will be... read more
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PHC’s in live healthy

Does anyone know if any of the live health PHC’s will be kept and moved to other areas?
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LOA & Layoffs Humana

Will HCM RNs on LOA for over 12 weeks still be safe from layoff, first to go or no one knows like everyone else?
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You newly hire me now facing layoff hcmrn

I just find it so irritating that this company newly hired us nurses less than six months ago and even had a training class after us now you are possibly going to let go of all of us???? Terrible company I could never recommend or take your insurance... read more
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RNs look here for companies hiring

Hello fellow HCM-RNs. I wanted to list some of the places I have seen job openings that are home based. If anyone else has anything to add, please do so. We are all in it together folks. Aetna, Anthem, Cigna, United, the Travelers, BCBS, CVS... read more
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Should I just stop investing in my 401K now? I've been with Humana less than 2 years and it will be less than 2 years if I am laid off in this RIF. MAYBE more money will go into my pocket the next couple month?
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"Be positive!"

So many seem to think that they can literally change reality with nothing more than a positive attitude. The nuthouse is full of people who believe that too. Howabout being realistic? Not overly negative or positive, but dealing with reality... read more
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Who is PHC at Humana?

Dislosure - I am not an employee, I am a member. My company has a lively board here so I thought to see your board and hope someone can help answer my questions: Who is PHC at Humana? Thank you. Good luck and I hope you have more luck that my... read more
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Are we ever going to feel safe again at Humana?

I was just wondering, does anybody think we will ever feel safe at Humana again? Or is job security a thing of the past now? It occurred to me that I cannot remember the last time I was not stressed out over potential layoffs, and frankly, I do not... read more
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I am persoanlly tired of every other month being worried for my job. I say this knowing I have a very good standing within my team. My team is very good compared to others! I just do not understand why people that do not take benefits(health... read more
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WE all know where we stand with our numbers, our reviews, our productivity, etc....based on that, though you don’t know your teammates info, you should be able to get a feel for where you are in your team, as it’s ranked. Take advantage of the time... read more
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Take away

OK, this post will probably be long, I have held off on commenting on here, but after reading some of the comments, I have to put in my two cents. First, I am an HCMRN with over 25 yrs of experience, Ive worked in hospitals, home health agencies... read more
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Question About 60 Day Notice

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Positive Polly Has Left the Building

Hey guys and girls.......everybody needs to stop and just breathe. No doubt this is difficult, even heartbreaking for some, but beating each other up anonymously on this site is not going to make things better or change the inevitable. So please stop... read more
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Done deal?

Has hr already chosen who they will lay off? Is the next 3 weeks just for them to get paperwork together? And does anyone know if the coaches have turned in this supposed evaluation form already?
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Blown away!

HCMRN here, and I have to say I am blown away by the coyness of our coaches. You were a part of the system they graded us on. You have a pretty good idea of the amount of people being laid off. I’m positive with the lay offs you had some meeting... read more
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Safe assumptions from what was said today?

1/3 of the hcmss, CMs and their coaches will be laid off, based on enrollment being 1/3 less than it was and not needing to staff to that number. Layoffs will be based on the rankings, or point in time assessments that the coaches and coms did and hr... read more
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If you hate humana

And you hate your job and you think they are unethical then why do you work here? You could have quit at any time. Any time I hated a job that much I left
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Hang in there

Thankfully stating to all of you that there is life after Humana stress, ups and downs. Accepted early retirement in nov 2017. Finally healing and beginning to feel human again. I lost all that during my last 2 years as a HAH care manager. Worked... read more
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Still keeping us guessing

So, let me see if I get this straight. After letting us wait for months, guess on when more layoffs we knew were coming would happen, make us stress out and even reach for anxiety medication, they make an afterthought announcement in which they still... read more
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I love how some will get 60 days and others told that day is their last... How ethical is that? Discriminatory if ask me...
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Humana Announces downloadbesttorrentblog.rus today!

Today was the day for the Humana announcement of more "IMPACTED" associates. Truly an afterthought to the introduction of the new leadership. Be prepared those impacted will get email on the week of February 5 -9th, with the 8th being the target... read more
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Wish they would quit twisting the knife

Quit telling us about how you are justyfying this with analytics and just SAY it. So much bull with are not transparent. I don't understand why they're dancing around the subject. For gods sake, just tell us!
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Not a "bonus" but taxed as one

So this whole "it's not a bonus" for the lump sum payment is quite funny seeing as those my lump sum was taxed 25% !! When adding that + the additional tax and 401k taken out the amount actually paid is almost half of what was shown on the statement... read more
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January 18 is here

I just pray we find out something today. The waiting and worrying and speculation has taken its toll. Please don’t let today give out subtle hints and more of the same mumbo jumbo we’ve gotten from the last two company wide emails. Please Humana live... read more
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