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Is this the best they have

Under the weight of the head wobbling, smelly armpit dot heads, titanic Intel is taking on water. I thought it was an earthquake in Santa Clara last week after meltdown until I realized it was all the towel heads simultaneously doing a head wobble... read more
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I thought it couldn't get any worse for icdg

Murthy brought his buddy's in from Qualcomm. What a disaster! 7560 is in ER and Polaris might as well be a part we need to buy from AMD. The next manager to say we are "leaders in 5G" I will scream. The 7500 engineers are still not enough to deliver... read more
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Intel is growing Mad hiring in NM and Oregon

Don't believe the haters this company riding high wave into the future. CEO BK diversified our products bought cutting edge tech for fab brought stock to 17 year high So company is looking great with awesome benefits.
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Really, more layoffs???

Hahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahah.....been hearing this ever since last Act... if it's not just a rumor, move on or state times, who, and where. Thank you !!!!
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Intel icdg or QCOM

Prospective employee here..fresh out of grad school. Which one is better option? Intel or QCOM?
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Prepare for massive February 2018 layoff

Hope you all enjoyed your Christmas holidays. The February 2018 layoffs are on schedule and will happen. The impact will be unprecedented but with the new tax cut and bill this will be Intel's only mass reduction before the political pressure to keep... read more
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Intel only hiring cheap new grad eng for 10nm start up

Intel is now only hiring low grade level eng for the 1274 start up this year. All reqs are for grade 3, which is the lowest pay grade for process engineers and typical of new college grads with bachelor's degree. They are also only hiring lower pay... read more
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Possible reactionary layoffs

Anybody else hear rumors that Intel is planning a round of layoffs as a reaction to this whole security fiasco? I'm hoping it's just people in my department speculating because they have nothing better to do (haven's forbid some of them actually do... read more
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Be careful what you wish for

While BK may not have been the best CEO, if he goes, then it seems that VR would become CEO, given that all other experienced or capable hands have left. VR knows something about markets & design, but not process development, or manufacturing. He... read more
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Why the Stock Sale by CEO is bad...

Issue was known since July. VPs initiated Response Team of Senior PEs to address issue. Executive management was being briefed since July/August. CEO could have refrained from ANY stock sale therefore ANY hint of insider trading would have been... read more
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Customer First! er....Not Exactly

I thought this was a bit ironic in BK's recent open letter regarding Spectre / Meltdown. Pledge number 1... Customer First Urgency. Here's the rest of the story. The company laid off and eliminated all of their Customer Experience / Voice of Customer... read more
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Where’s the beef?

Servers got meltdown and failed patches PC in decline But we got drones, AI, autonomous driving cars, Intel is all set for bust out growth /
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What else can go wrong at Intel in this year?

Now with more problems coming up with the Spectre patch, I keep wondering can something actually go right for us in this year? I'm starting to believe the rumors of major layoffs incoming. I don't believe our stock can take anymore hits and it will... read more
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BK/BoD/MCM in Denial

Its sad that BK hasnt resigned yet. If the SEC does investigate this is going to hurt INTC very painfully... Only so a waffling CEO who has eliminated all his rivals can continue his destrruction...
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Intel’s biggest market shrivels again

6 years of decline, has BK found anything with real growth besides chasing fads? Servers will take a whallop and the bungle patch shows intel ineptitude. Samsung is now the leader in silicon TSMC is number 1 in market cap. Intel needs new leadership... read more
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Wintel Relationship

Interesting read about the current state of the Wintel relationship and where it's heading. /
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Intel is confused

It calls customers partners (automotive manufactures are customers), partners competitors (Intel mobile should have partnered with Qualcomm to try x86 in phones without massive modem losses) and suppliers takeover merger targets (alter would have... read more
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🤡 have been CEO for a while, he is a totally failure

How long should share holders and BoD wait ? It’s been more than a few years and how many billions spent internally on failed projects and even more tens of billions overpaying chasing after the fact fads. Now you got him dumping every share he can... read more
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Massive layoff coming in February

You all still don’t get it! There will be an earth shattering layoff next month that will shake the campuses more than a 8.0 earthquake. You have been warned, get ready
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AMD chips exposed to both variants of Spectre security flaw.

AMD chips exposed to both variants of Spectre security flaw Reuters ReutersJanuary 11, 2018 (Adds stock moves, recasts top of story with contest) Jan 11 (Reuters) - Advanced Micro Devices Inc said on Thursday its microprocessors are susceptible to... read more
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