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IBM's Cash Repatriation Strategy

I believe the real thing to look at is the 5.5 billion charge taken in 4th q. What does that equate to. 5.5/.15 repatriation charge = 36.666 billion. Now IBM always had access to the 36 billion of cash, and said as much during the CFO call just after... read more
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Rate Ginny

While everyone is waiting for the RA in a few weeks, take a few minutes to go to and provide an anonymous review of your experience at IBM. It's a pretty quick process and it also gives you a chance to give thumbs up or down on the CEO... read more
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IBM could struggle just to meet its disappointing outlook

"IBM IBM, -0.17% shares started falling late Thursday and dropped 4% to close at $162.37 Friday, after the company offered a disappointing outlook along with an earnings beat and return to revenue growth following 22 straight quarters of declines... read more
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2018, the year of Reorgs, Layoffs and Taxes

Do the leaked possible reorganization and potential layoffs of much IBM staff and layoffs figure into IBM's projection of flat earnings per share for 2018? Not something they will advertise in advance on their earnings call. However, severance costs... read more
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Trouble Ahead??

Here is the WSJ coverage today... The source link is below but it's paywalled... IBM’s Growth Comes at a Cost Aging tech giant’s revenue finally rises, but investments expected to curb earnings growth for year ahead By Dan Gallagher Jan. 19, 2018... read more
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Breathe Easy (for a month)

I've been told that the RA has been moved to next month, due to bad optics too close to the tax cut and other corporations handing out raises and bonuses, and more time needed to flesh out the org changes and assignments.
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The old IBM must be off loaded!

Earnings came in almost exactly where everyone expected. Mainframe gave us a bump, and will continue on for at least 2 more quarters. Services were disappointing THUS the merger of GTS/GBS. (Eg we are going to move the 120 billion in backlog to the... read more
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Fourth Quarter results

We just got Ginni's email about fourth quarter results. As usual it is all sunshine. What really happened?
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When are layoffs supposed to start?

Was just wondering when these 10,000 cuts are going to start taking place? I've seen the number circulated all around, but no date attached to it (might have missed it, but I don't think so.) And is this truly going to be limited to GTS, or should... read more
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Wanda-IBM Cloud Ambitions Turn Stormy

Loused-up another one! Lots of PR fanfare around this announcement back in early 2017 when the agreement was signed, but now that it's crumbled, not a peep from the IBM PR machine... read more
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What will reassignment really mean?

Everybody is focusing on 10,000 layoffs in GTS expected by IBM, but I am more interested in what the reassignments will mean for the rest of us. This sounds like an ideal opportunity for IBM to demote a huge number of people and cut our salaries... read more
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Big change for all managers

So rumors are going on that if your a first line manager and your not in a close range of your team then get ready for change travel experience will not be allowed. So it’s time to relocate or find a job somewhere else.
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Job cuts at IBM Canada

Job cuts and re-organization happening today at IBM Canada (Cloud Managers were only informed yesterday later afternoon if they were still employed. And today is when they have to decide who is on their smaller team and who is not.
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Aging just a dumb move for IBM

So how does IBM do a reorganization change this way? They want to save money but they have now have first line manager that live on the west coast but all there team is on the east coast not very smart.
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10,000 to be laid off in 2018 (in GTS)

The "do not distribute" slide that is floating around has been published by The Register: / On the left-hand side are the current positions of the employees, referred to as "sources of... read more
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That the leadership continues to self glorify itself...

I am currently with IBM GBS and here is the sad part -- we have too much of upper management that does no contribution to opening up markets nor develop skills typically they belong to an era where the market was not that fast paced .. so we are... read more
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Fast start

Fast start what a joke Ibm is laying people off but they have money to waste on this
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RA in the works

I received confirmation (off the record) today that a cut is in the works, from someone at the Director level, but no other info as far as timing or package details. Sounds like soon though, so probably the usual January RA. I wonder if it's 3 months... read more
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Worst management ever

Worst management ever. Worse than the time with Akers. Lower level management is pitiful, unqualified, no leadership skills, dumbfounded, don't have a clue about IBM's own personnel policies, can't provide career or skills advice to its own people... read more
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IBM's Recruiting Style

I remember a talk back when I was at the UW — a representative from IBM came and gave an info session to about 100 students from comp-sci and comp-e. We were all ears. I distinctly remember that the rep talked to us for about an hour, and that for at... read more
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UK GTS and Cloud

Rumour is UK is going to be hit once again in GTS and Cloud platforms.
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What a loss

Most here are probably too young or too short of tenure to remember how great and respected a company IBM was up through the 1980's and early 90's. Introducing oneself as an IBM'er and showing your ID card at any security desk was rewarded with... read more
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The Worst 5 DJIA Stocks of 2017

Good work, Ginni! Hopefully another well-deserved bonus is coming your way! / "Only five stocks among the 30 that make up the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) closed out 2017... read more
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20 Worst CEOs in America 2017

/ Ginni Rometty Company: International Business Machines Inc. Industry: Technology Tenure: January 2012 to present YTD share price change: -8.0% The majority of America’s... read more
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