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#basta #voteAgainst by April 24

While some may consider it as powerless or symbolic at best, but never underestimate the power of a simple hashtag, please gather the 15-digit control number from your proxy material and #voteAgainst ALL IBM board of directors from another term at... read more
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IBM profile

This is not a post about layoffs, sorry! Why is the IBM profile on this site so out of date? A small point but it really annoys me. If IBM won't provide updated information it would be best to leave those sections blank with an explanation that IBM... read more
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More Layoffs

Latin America US GBS and GTS IBM Corporate staff People getting hit seem to be in middle to senior level management. Most older and more expensive workers. the pro publica articles seem to be correct. Why are the most senior levels of IBM not being... read more
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One Click One Call

What are your thoughts? The L1 Support people becoming skilled up to a L2 Product Engineer or Product Field Engineer designation and remain as the owner of the problem throughout the entire duration/life cycle of the issue.
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IBM's Tax Scam Cut

This great new website is keeping track of what corporations are doing with their massive tax scam money (and they thank you very much for the generosity out of your paychecks, as does Scott Pruit and the rest of the evil cabal). They haven't posted... read more
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So much for that article

Isn't it sad how some people got so excited about that article that exposed IBM's practices when it comes to older employees? Hoping something would change or come out of it? It hasn't even been a few proper weeks, and the story has all but... read more
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More layoffs next week?

Are we having more layoffs next week? This week has been so strange at the office, like we were in a waiting pattern, I just couldn't figure out what exactly we were waiting for. The only thing that comes to mind is more layoffs. I hope I am wrong... read more
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A quiet week

It's been a quiet week here at IBM. People that were cut don't care any more (good for them) and people that weren't cut are just wondering what happens next. When a team is cut 75% the geniuses that chose the people should have to tell the rest of... read more
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IBM is going to shrink, a lot!

IBM wants to be a fortune 250 supplier (does this sound like what Cloudera announced yesterday (Eg 800 top customers)). If The division you work in at IBM has sub 45% margins, consider yourself unwanted. IBM’s strategy is a high margin / high growth... read more
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How IBM survived and survives

IBM was able to weather 22 consecutive quarters of revenue decline mostly through cost cutting and constant promises about how they were going to be relevant by developing the next big area they were working on. Through all of that, the CEO pocketed... read more
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Bring Back the Unions.

Capitalism has lost its path in the name of short-term profits. One by-product is the ridiculous sums of money paid to CEOs for mediocrity (hint: IBM) but dismally even for failing at their jobs (ref. 2008). This, frankly, theft mocks the sweat and... read more
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Nightmare can be over

I quit last year, 25 years service, most of the them very good. the last 2 years though where mostly a Nightmare, many friends/colleagues being RA'd or pushed out the door. and incompetent management moving in.. I just got Fed up of the stress, and... read more
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When were bonus's distributed? and at what percentage?
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Mic Drop?

Anyone else considering just plain quitting / 'retiring' = taking the 'new Plan's $ (and the tax hit) just to get the hell out from under the killer stress and constant dread? 58yo (no raises for years, more and more workload, y'all know the drill) +... read more
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Who is in charge of IBM Mgmt & lay-offs, Bain?

Bain consultants are running IBM and the RA's or who is in charge? Seems like even some of our senior management have no idea and quite a few of the mid-level to Director level mgmt themselves are getting let go. Bain I thought was providing... read more
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How To "Guesstimate" The Number of RAs

I can not do this myself as I am a victim of a previous RA, but I wonder what would happen if a person used a wild card search "," in the IBM directory name field (use to be called Blue pages,) to search for . in the United States . How many names... read more
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Where are we on 10,000 layoffs?

It was announced in January that IBM is planning to lay off some 10,000 people during this year. With all the small cuts, it's kind of hard to keep track of how much of that has been done so far. Do we have any way to figure out how many people have... read more
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Technical bootcamp option?

For those RA’d, two questions: 1) how do you sign up for the technical bootcamp, and 2) what are the terms of applying to the bootcamp, where/how long/when, and what are you giving up to take that option?
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My genius child

Will never work at IBM or in IT. It's a lonely and thankless lifestyle. My 25 years at IBM serves as a negative example
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It is the Jewish Passover...

And how appropriate that so many fattened lambs have been slaughtered at IBM. But take heart, it's not only IBM where fat, entitled lambs have been slaughtered.. Oh no, they're being slaughtered everywhere, in all industries and nations.
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If You're Not Employed By IBM, Don't Apply!

I've been in the business 40 years now. Started on AIX 3.2. Worked for Global Services half a dozen times. Every time, I've been 'replaced' either by H1-Bs or by 'changing directions.' The FTEs get RA'd, contractors get walked out the door. It never... read more
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Any cuts in Canada?

In my business unit in Canada, q2c operations, we were told that enough people took the path to retirement voluntary package so that there wouldn't be cuts, however had that not been the case, there would have been. So far here and at watching IBM... read more
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"Watching IBM" is compromised

There were perhaps thirty or forty stories of personal experiences of layoffs on the facebook page yesterday and they are gone today. If you are still at IBM do not join that page and under no circumstances should you be looking at this page on a... read more
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