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Schlumberger killing acquisition benefits ION

To concentrate westerngeco on processing and interp. In my opinion they can’t complete with ion on imaging - we are next level on quality
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Maybe we sell to Schlumberger?
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Stock price jump?

Why is the stock price rising so rapidly? Have they sacked the Board?
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Cash running out fast

Q2 results show we will blow the rest of our cash by Christmas. Time to close the door and find something else to do. Management here s---s.
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CFO LinkedIn Page

Would someone in management please tell Steve Bate to update his LinkedIn page to show ION as his current employer? Maybe a more professional photo also. He never updated his listing after Brian rehired him to replace Dave Moffit, or his promotion to... read more
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Another Continued Listing Notice

ION has 45 days to come up with a plan to get the market cap back up to 50 million within the next 18 months, or face delisting. Manipulation of the stock price using a reverse split will not help this time... read more
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It ain't getting better!

3.65 stock price! Div that by 15 to get to the true price - ION did pretty well surviving the carnage up to this point but I don't see them surviving the next wave of sub $40 oil that we seem to be headed to. Probably time to start laying off more... read more
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What's OceanGeo doing?

What the hell is going on with OceanGeo. I see they have employees jumping ship, a CEO with zero charisma or personality, and no sign of any of the promised contracts (Nigeria, Brazil, etc) how long is Brian planning on keeping this failed experiment... read more
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OceanGeo failed a long time ago

OceanGeo failed a long time ago, but there is a plan. New magic nodes. Not like everyone else's nodes. OG nodes will be better, because they are a fantasy of Brian and his friends. Magic fantasy nodes from OceanGeo, are simply better in every way in... read more
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Where's Brian?

Really, I mean, ever since the earnings came out I haven't seen him in the office. I know he is allowed time off, but with a failing business division (looking at you OG) he'd be in the office 18 hrs a day.
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Q1 Results

Looks like the Q1 results make for good reading. Enjoyed reading Lyin Brian's observations on The OBS market, all complete and utter lies of course as Oceangeo doesnt even have the equipment to be viable bidders on any jobs. Company is screwed and... read more
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Ooops he did it again

Well done our illustrious leader the CEO. See you and you buddies all got more money to live off and we still have a 10% reduction. How come you've achieved zero as a CEO but still manage to take a bonus of some sort each year. Most companies set... read more
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Texans need your support

Hi Brian, Please help pay for our new quarterback with frequent visits to our games this season. Forget profit, cash flow, investing wisely, looking after your loyal employees. We need your support. The Texans
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Executive Earnings

Executive compensation details are out. Looks like the people at the top are not being affected that badly by the downturn! 3rd year in a row the CFO's total compensation has increased while the profits decrease!
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Another thread removed

What was wrong with the post that disappeared within 24 hours? It's the truth! Meanwhile stock price continues to fall and senior executive management continues to be paid too much! I cannot wait to see the excuses for Q1 results due soon.
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Is it me or am I crazy?

Wow, just sat through ANOTHER pointless company strategy meeting. I mean there was a bunch of 'When the industry turn were gonna be well positioned to do this and we'll positioned to do that'....blah blah blah. How about instead of blowing millions... read more
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What just happened?

Everyone made huge losses in 2016 didn't they? My ion stock is worthless again. Last one to jump please shut the window.
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Nepotism Thread Removed

I noticed that the thread about the family members and friends of VP's has been removed from this page. Looks like somebody took offence. Wonder who that was?
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Any News?

What's going on down there on the lower floors?
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Will Petrobras save ION?

In a word. No. The implosion at Petrobras will not help us. The fabled, (promised) work from this deeply troubled national oil company is not coming any day soon. Brian better find another promise and quick. We are bleeding cash. Invent another story... read more
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Blind Faith Jay

Shares of Ion Geophysical Corp. (NYSE:IO) rose 8.3% during trading on Friday following insider buying activity. The stock traded as high as $6.19 and last traded at $6.10, with a volume of 84,098 shares. The stock had previously closed at $5.63. Jay... read more
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What Technology?

Following on from earlier post about technology at ION: We have out-dated technology except for glorious Perseus, the slayer of monsters, which doesn't work. It may be fast to fail, and that is seen as being good. Our imaging technology is so... read more
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The troops

The average troop in the trench churning out beautiful data ( we do still do that FYI ) and bringing in those precious dollars is now a rare commodity at ION. The mid, lower-upper, mid-upper, higher upper and senior management structure that the... read more
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Two COO's?

How many companies do you know with 500 employees that need two COO's? There's at least $600,000 of savings right there. What does Usher do anyway?
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Can anyone explain what ONION is?
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Another thing to say

Why the hell are we spending money on furnishings for a new office space with popcorn makers and other frivolous crap? If management truly wants to cut spending, then why spend on this stuff? No one from the upper floors even wants to go or use this... read more
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Just sayin'.

Mr. R. Brian Hanson has been the Chief Executive Officer of ION Geophysical Corp. since January 1, 2012. January 1, 2012 : IO Stock = $94.05 Today Aug. 5 : IO Stock = $5.45 94% decline since becoming CEO! All for a miserable salary of $1.32M / year... read more
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On the plus side

Guys all the negative commenting is getting old, look at a positive - at least all the senior management now have mammoth sized offices on the new floor.
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