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More layoffs incoming, possibly with no severance

Many layoffs in FY18Q1. Hardest hit areas were Milwaukee Corporate and Buildings HQ. Rumor is more to come in Q2, except these poor souls may not get a severance package. The severance packages so far have been funded by the “Integration” budget, but... read more
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no strategy

why don't we have a proper corporate strategy? it seems like johnson controls higher ups still can't decide what kind of portfolio company we are or want to be... which is ridiculous... why would they invest in buying companies that are in trouble... read more
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So many changes since the merger

Barely a year since the merger, and this is a completely different company... I know change is the point of a merger, but I'm yet to see some positive changes take place... Plenty of negative ones, though... The focus has completely shifted from... read more
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Johnson Controls Milwaukee Layoffs

Layoffs continue, nobody is reacting, media coverage is almost non existent and nobody cares about the worker. That's very sad and I hope all folks laid off will find new jobs fairly soon - good luck to all... read more
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Bad situation made worse

There are way too many incompetent managers at Johnson Control. They barely know what they are doing and yet they do not appreciate the workers who do the actual job (and unfortunately make them look good for it.) As if the situation with managers... read more
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Layoffs are already happening

Layoffs have started already. Maybe they are not announced and in big batches, but people are being let go continuously. In the past several months I have seen several positions in my department eliminated to save costs. All of those positions were... read more
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Tyco joined forces with JCI

Tyco in Fishers IN outsourced a portion of their dialer team calls to a collection agency in New York. The typical response and explanation to employees was to take care of calls within a certain amount of delinquency and their long wait time.In my... read more
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Exacq Technologies Operations Moved To Canada !

Johnson Controls shut down operations, production and repair facility in Fishers, In. Employees were made to train replacements in order to receive severance . TAA petition has been filed, they are hiding this from their customers, share holders... read more
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JCI Layoffs Update 2017

Why dont we have anyone posting here - are people just afraid to say what they think and see? Or, are we beyond the point where we care anymore.
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Johnson Controls Layoffs 2017

Layoffs always happen, you cannot change that fact. Accept it and focus on work. We are not safe here in Milwaukee.
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Job Cuts 2016

My granddaughter works in the finance department and was told that department will be eliminated. She will be terminated by the end of the year. She does finance work for workers in Canada also. I don't know how many people this will affect. She was... read more
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Johnson Controls Tyco Merger Layoffs

I am with Tyco IT, internal. I am not sure if someone here would know if JC has plans to lay off Tyco IT people as we are getting acquired by Tyco. If someone has more info please let me know - there is alot of anxiety on our side as we went through... read more
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JC Finance Layoffs

Layoffs are happening in Finance, see more here:
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Johnson Controls Layoffs 2016

What is the likelihood of Johnson Controls layoffs in Milwaukee in 2016? Please let me know if you have any information.
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Layoffs already happened in Asia

According to this article: / Said that JCI will focus on BE business but yet downloadbesttorrentblog.rus / job cuts came from BE.
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JCI Layoffs - November 2015

I heard some rumors that about 200 people may be laid off in November 2015 or Q1 2016 - is there any truth in this? Keep in mind that we have been hearing rumors at Johnson Controls for a while now, may turned out to be true but at the same time many... read more
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JCI loss is my potential gain..... please read

Heard about the downsizing that took place last week at Air Control. I am seeking one experienced sales professional to represent our products in the U.S. I can be reached at or check our website
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Downsizing at JC Waynesboro - April 2014

Our Waynesboro plant (refrigeration equipment) will be closed. It'll take over a year to finalize this and people will be let go, downsized... UAW Local 1296 is working on this, not sure if they will be able to do anything. 200 positions will be cut... read more
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