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kmart snl skit

Just laughed my a-- off at the snl skit. Pretty much true to from at my kmart. Oh the life of a customer service associate in this store.
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Incompetent advertising, no sales

Dayum. Our Kmart is down 60% in sales compared to last year. Why the drop? No print ad distributed in the area, none in the store, and none online... yep, that 45 page Thanksgiving/Black Friday ad never made it online, where corporate tells us to... read more
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Operation managers..Assistants...

Been worried that my job wasn't eliminated yet. Two new supervisor positions were created, hardlines and softlines, but I'm still here..Is it based on sales, volume. Just curious how safe I am..
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The end....

Black Friday last year was over a hundred waiting to get in, this year about 6. Ad s---ed, product scarce..Weekend kind of busy but nothing compares to last year. January will be the deciding factor but already heard over 140 Kmarts closing..If you... read more
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What are you thankful for this year?

My store closed in July. Although I'm still out of work,I am thankful to be home with my family. Miss my Kmart family,good luck this weekend!
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So sad at this time of year so many Kmarts closing. Pictures of the stores, the associates.. Memories made, friendships made and pride in working in a store that was called home..Thankful that Eddie will never take away the love each and every... read more
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Insiders say this is happening in February of all existing Kmarts..The whole side will be going bye bye..Sears side will not be touched which is sad..Having been in a few Sears stores lately brings the question why?? Kmart has and continues to be... read more
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Who liquidates Kmart stores?

Some of the big firms are Hilco Global, Gordon Brothers, Tiger Capital, and Great American Group. Does anyone know if it's one of those or someone else?
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Paducah, KY K-mart

I live near Paducah. I heard from a Paducah realtor yesterday, that the Paducah store was closing. He did not volunteer who he heard it from. May or may not be true? Thought I would post it anyway. Goodluck to all those who work there.
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Kmart...Here to stay or not...

So much doom and gloom. I know its hard coming in to work every day and not knowing if you have a devastating announcement. So much negativity heard every day. I have been through alot in my long years here but continue to bust my butt every day. A... read more
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Little Caesar's Deal With Kmart

I'm just wondering if anyone knows if LC is concerned about all the Kmarts closing down and Sear's future in very serious doubt. I'm curious if their contract is going to be up in the near future and if they are not going to bother with them in the... read more
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High School Kids...

We just hired 6 high school kids at my Kmart store. Boy howdy, they are annoying... They constantly talk to each other, take extended breaks, watch "videos" in the bathroom, and don't bother looking for anything when doing reshop. Two of them decided... read more
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Pharmacy closing?

I am retired from the company and living in Laramie, WY. Our kmart is still open. Today, at the Safeway store, there was a big sign that said "welcome kmart pharmacy customers". Are all pharmacies closing, or just ours? Nothing on line that I can... read more
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I miss the original KMart in Garden City, Mi

Was always a nice place to go It’s a shame the have closed the store that started it all!! They closed all the KMarts within a 20 mike radius and it’s a shame! The buildings just sit empty. Wonder who pays for the parking lot to be lit at night? Nice... read more
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Paducah, KY K-mart

Have not posted for a while. Has anyone heard anything about the Paducah K-mart?
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Sears Will Survive A Bit Longer; Kmart Will Not

I am going to be a doomsayer as I have been on this site but I do not care. I'm sure that Sears itself will not die next year (though won't be surprised if it does) and perhaps they can hang on for a bit longer. But don't think for a second that... read more
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Kmart Kauai Closing

Do you know if Kauai Kmart will be closing The store is super clean and has everything you could possibly need!
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Another Kmart Closing-Not Announced

The Kmart in my city, St. Clair Shores, Michigan, was spun off to be a Seritage property some time ago. Our city council just shared plans for Kroger to demolish it and build on the site within the coming year. This is one of the top performing... read more
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Sacrificing Kmart for Sears

Found this on Sears board, thought it was spot on: I agree that SHC will sacrifice Kmart to secure a short lived future for Sears, the writing has been written on the wall for years, with several remodels and improvements in sears stores and Kmart... read more
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"Halloween" blow out sale

Any stores have information on this? We haven't received any but we have signs and banners about a Halloween blow out sale expected to run the first week of September all the way up until Black Friday.
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28 additional stores closing!

Will it ever stop?! They just announced that additional Kmart stores will close this year. How many is that now altogether? Does anybody know which stores are on the chopping block? I have seen the info about closing 28 stores, but I can't find... read more
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Assistant manager

I am a ASM does anyone know if downloadbesttorrentblog.rus tomorrow will affect my position? There us only one ASM and 2 Floor Supervisors. My manager gas been out sick for two weeks no one seems to know anything.
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Has anyone's inventory been cancelled told it would be at later date
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Alasdair James as a CEO, FAILED

Why would you keep this man as CEO of Kmart and Sears when everything was falling apart.. It seems to me that he REALLY doesn't give a damn about the company, especially with the losses. He REALLY doesn't know what to do, this is NOT a leader, this... read more
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Told not to reorder layaway boxes?

Apparently there was a district wide email saying not to reorder the cardboard boxes we use for repacks / layaway. Anyone else get an email like this? There are about 6 stores in my district so I find it hard to believe we'd all be going under.
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Closing stores..Sales bad but hearing some kmarts are getting remodels.Hba and soft home depts. Kind of odd....
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SM Layoffs coming!

Herd a rumor that Store Managers that don't carry safety blades are in store for lay offs! May be good news for store managers that struggle to walk around the sales floor.
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Kmart started the one touch test.

FYI, it's a disaster. We had to put everything out and send pictures showing the backroom was empty. It doesn't matter if the counter is full put it anywhere. We had paper towels and toilet paper all over the store! Comforters on the top shelves in... read more
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Blowout Sales Starting July 9

So the blowout sales are July 9 at most stores. Does anyone have any details? I have checked the Kmart Retail Services portal and OWB, and it's strangely silent about the sale. I guess information is only available via email, which I do not have... read more
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Mandatory meeting Thursday

My store is in the Northeast, and there has been a mandatory store manager meeting scheduled for Thursday. Speculation that Friday will be another round of layoffs. If your store has 2 asms, talk has been you will be losing one of them. Determination... read more
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