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How many Kmart stores will be among the 72?

I wonder how many Kmart stores will be among the newly announced 72 to close. I'm sure some of it will be in there, but something tells me this will be primarily an unprofitable Sears stores culling. I just wish they would post the list already and... read more
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One down, only one to go

Looks like Hawaii is losing one of its two Kmarts. A liquidation sale at the Kailua-Kona Kmart will begin Thursday in advance of its closure planned for early August, the store’s parent company announced Friday... read more
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Kmart should be taking over Sears stores

Kmart has great products, prices, and brand awareness. Kmart should be taking over and expanding into the Sears locations which are often in better shape . Kmart is a great discounter, a general merchandise store that offers everything Target and... read more
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Who runs Kmart Australia?

I just read that Kmart Australia is doing amazingly well, and that it is planning to open 8 to 10 new stores a year for the next several years. Who runs Kmart Australia? It has to be a completely separate entity from the US operation, right? I'll... read more
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15 Kmart stores closing

Kmart 910 North China Lake Blvd Ridgecrest CA Kmart 9881 W 58Th Avenue Arvada CO Kmart 5400 E Busch Blvd Tampa FL Kmart 4303 Nawiliwili Road Lihue HI Kmart 2535 Hubbell Avenue Des Moines IA Kmart 5909 E State Street Rockford IL Kmart 4070 Ryan Street... read more
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An email was left on the print with dates for inventory. Most of the stores within our district (Ohio/WV/Kentucky) are slotted for a late May through early June inventory date. However, our store and 3 others, are slotted for late August dates. Our... read more
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Kmart in Laramie is the latest victim

It continues... “We are making the difficult, but necessary decision to close the Kmart store at 750 N. Third Street in Laramie,” Sears Holdings Corporate Communications Director Howard Riefs writes in an email. “The store will close to the public in... read more
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Complete list of 64 closing Kmart stores

/ Kmart 1 Kmart Plaza/State Hy 89 Cabot AR Early April Kmart 8701 West Mc Dowell Tolleson AZ Early April Kmart 750 West Deuce Of Clubs Show Low AZ Early April Kmart 301 Gardner Field Road Taft... read more
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NJ stores getting the ax

Heard today three more New Jersey stores will get the ax by the end of third quarter. What news does everyone have?
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Word out is a lot of scheduled inventories are being cancelled. Looks like a sign that the Kmart side is soon done.
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Why Sears won't make it through 2018

Very simple. Bond matures in October 2018, meaning Eddie has to come up with billions by then. If you think he's gonna fork out billions at this stage of the game, I have a bridge to sell you in New York... read more
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Pull the plug

1987 Ft Myers Florida. You had to drive the parking lot over and over to find a parking spot. The inside of the store was packed with at least eight registers open if not more. This was the norm for this store and is closed now. From then to now it... read more
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Another one bites the dust...

The Big Kmart store in Brandon is calling it quits by late June, with layoffs slated to start on June 17. It's really sad to see that the list just keeps getting longer and longer, with no indication of slowing down any time soon... read more
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Kmart #3333 closing

Kmart #3333 is closing in Saugus MA. Wasn't on any closure list that I am aware of.
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New product lines at Kmart

I work at sears and posted this over at Sears I thought it was good news so I wanted to post it over here. Hang in there guys: So I was getting ready to take my son on our annual scouting camp out and wanted to get him a new knife. A... read more
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Deal Flash

What is really up with all the deal flash product flooding our Kmart? From food, chemicals and pet food. A lot of product from super value and Essential. Just keeps coming in. Are we headed to be a Dollar General?
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Accused of theft - Kmart Aramingo Avenue, Philadelphia

Accused of theft - Kmart Araminogo Avenue Philadelphia I've worked for Kmart for years and now I'm being wrongly accused of theft at my store on Aramingo Avenue Philadelphia. Stores closing soon, I don't know if I should fight it and get my severance... read more
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Kmart in Beavercreek, Ohio closing

One more for the list of closures. Was this one already announced or not? The Kmart at 4480 Indian Ripple Road in Beavercreek is set to close in mid-July and will begin a liquidation sale on April 27, a spokesman for the retailer’s corporate parent... read more
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How long does it typically take to receive your severance and vacation pay out?
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Manhattan Kmarts

Have either of the Manhattan Kmarts (Penn Station and / or Astor Place) begun renovations / remodels yet?
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Waiting it out on the east coast

In one years time we’ve lost our pharmacy,stopped selling propane and stopped making keys. Vendors have pulled all magazines. No coke or Pepsi products being delivered, hardly anything on the selves in sporting goods.Two different groups of people... read more
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Paducah, KY K-mart

Are there any current or former employees, that know if K-mart is sub-leasing property? Or are they pulling out completely? I worked there a few years ago.
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One more store closing

This time it is the Cambridge Kmart in Ohio. All the people from the store will be gone by April 8. Stores are falling like dominoes lately. I wonder how long before there is nothing left to fall... read more
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So sad this sight has nothing but lies and untrue statements. Yes the company is in dire times but to come on here and raise the stress levels of hard working associates is pure ignorance. Get a life and please keep your drama for your novel and not... read more
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For stores that still have the Shoes Lead and Fine Jewelry Lead what has been the trend with those positions. We are seeing that in other areas they will be changed to coordinators but what is the difference from being a lead? Also if they do not... read more
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More layoffs

Email in store today that the cuts in the Kmarts were not satisfied and more layoffs will be coming down. If you weren't cut consider yourself lucky but do not think it's over. Within the next week expect it. No meetings this time. There will also be... read more
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No Western Union = Kmart shut down not far off?

I think I over heard something (and could have been wrong) but I believe we don't provide Western Union service anymore at our Kmart. I remember reading that is one of signs that a Kmart being closed down is coming soon. Anyone can confirm this?
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Paducah, KY K-mart

We were told that we will not have jobs after early April. Our store is set to close then. Is K-mart re-leasing to other tenants?
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Kmart Store Manager Meeting on Tuesday?

Does anyone have any information on whether it's true that there is a Kmart Store Manager meeting on Tuesday? It has been talked about on the Sears Layoff blog. Talk is that they are eliminating F/T and ASM positions this week.
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What are you thankful for this year?

My store closed in July. Although I'm still out of work,I am thankful to be home with my family. Miss my Kmart family,good luck this weekend!
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Why can't they just be honest ???

You can't say we will leave(not true) most of us that have been with the company for years like 20 plus will ride it out !!! We all work hard for this company and love are jobs, but it's hard to come in every day with a positive attituded and with... read more
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