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Lowe's wasn't going for better customer service!

They were going for saving them selves money! They started in late 2014 firing full time, long time, people with long time experience,that made good money for any reason they could write you up for. That kept up thru 2015 and 2016 then in 2017 when... read more
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Start making plans to get out within the next two years.

Lowes shifting into a online lumber depot. The are minimizing staffing, cutting store Managers in half, and then finally shutting down certain stores and turning them into warehouses for online delivery sales. Start making plans to get out within the... read more
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Job description

The pilot used to have backup with his crew. Now he is the copilot and flight attendant and cleaner and ? What's next? Baggage handler too?
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Round 2

Word on the street is that more layoffs are in the works. The earliest I've heard is that it will happen next week in corporate. Lots of new employees in India being onboarded to replace US based IT staff. The writing on the wall is clear. It's just... read more
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Layoffs this week

Hi, Does anyone have idea about layoffs that are rumored to happen tomorrow. If so, please shed some light.
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Question. ... EEOC

Question. Has anyone had dealings with the EEOC? Just wondering what to expect.
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Lowe's CSC = Fort Knox

I can now certainly understand why when they moved to the old mall in Wilkes they felt they needed to "fortify the perimeter!" When I retired a few years ago you couldn't get in without a badge unless you went through the main gate and visitors... read more
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Niblock still earns 12 plus mil a year

All of these layoffs, and Niblock has not gave up one penny. Families with babies and small children struggling to put food on table and have a roof over their heads. Lowes does not give a crap about people anymore, just corporate greed. I worked my... read more
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Morale Down Nationwide as Lowe's stumbles...

I've been talking to the national vendors for Lowe's, the folks who come in to work in the stores. Without exception, they tell me that morale is down everywhere due to this restructuring. Sales are soft, too. Lowe's is desperate, the managers are... read more
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Lowes Didn't Trim The Fat, They Got Rid Of The Muscles

Yes Lowes that is all you did, you didn't trim the Fat you just got rid of the Muscles that built you. Companies should check Linkden as many of those Long Term Muscle Experienced Company Builders are on there, snatch these folks up and Watch Your... read more
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Store manager threatening/harassment

Is your store manager able to tell you to go "outside" where there's no camera so they can have a conversation with you. Store manager and I got into an argument over the phone so he marched over and told me to "get outside so" he "could deal with"... read more
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Delivery Driver

I worked as a delivery driver, pushing myself 10-14 hrs a day working on days off and beating myself up daily for 9 yrs. I finally said I'm done, my body could not take it much more so I worked hard to become the delivery manager. Boosting morale... read more
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Still Changes! Maybe more PTO

CSC-It seems that job descriptions are changing. We could all get demoted and never get a salary increase. Leadership thinks job titles don't matter any longer and no one cares. I say it does matter! My job title matters and they can't con us into... read more
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What I've noticed...

What I've noticed since the changes is that more than ever Lowe's is playing both ends against the middle. Fewer workers (my store has 5 fewer FTs than before downloadbesttorrentblog.ru) trying to cover more and more for longer periods of time. I don't care what... read more
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Appliance sales push...no credit check

Advantage " in to create sales with no credit needed. Looks like a bunch of rent -a-center people. Tacky to say the least. Does your store have them
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This Change Will be a Good Thing!

I think that this change is good. The way it has been explained to me it is the employees' decision to opt in or out of the new programme. Look any company must take care of its profit line and stockholders. You as an employee can stay or go as you... read more
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DON'T COME BACK! HEED THE WARNINGS! Lowe's is a sh*tbucket that only gets fuller. All of the experienced tenured people are 100% over having to cover for everyone else. Most are leaving as they find better opportunities. You will work shifts as maybe... read more
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Lowe's represents the afterbirth of society...

That's right...Lowe's s---s. The ASM/Area Managers are scabs on some corporate scumbag's anal warts. They're about as smart as audience members at a Jerry Springer show, and uglier than some chick slinging hashbrowns at an Alabama Waffle House...at... read more
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Lowe's heading the way of K-mart and Sears

ASMS and Service Managers stepping down. Employees leaving.Customer's leaving. No down stocking. NO FLOOR COVERAGE. NO FUTURE WITH LOWE'S.
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Why a '7' on a Survey.

We are all dealing with massive issues. Not enough coverage. Not enough loaders. No one with overrides for cashiers. Massive post load issues. All the while the store manager and ASMs, instead of dealing with issues and supporting our associates, are... read more
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I want to go back...

I was terminated last August because of a safety violation, out of my hands. I ended up at Depot. My old Lowes store is hurting and I applied for pro loader, only to be texted by my old Sm, that I am unrehireable in the system. You have good people... read more
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CSA V - use your sick time!

Hey, well considering that all the fuqery so far has been instantaneously placed on the ASMs who were let go and additionally to the DMs who didn't get the Service/Support positions I think it's only fair that all of us CSA V's that have sick time... read more
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Another test market

heard that the Chicago Market is now a test market to bring back Department Managers, after realizing this isn't working. Sounds crazy, but with this place, it's crazy enough to be true. Looking for confirmation
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Embarrassed and ashamed to work for Lowe's

When I see the horrific changes that have taken place at Lowes, it makes me feel very ashamed and embarrassed that I work here. I see so many older people being treated negatively. It is definitely not the company that I want to work for. I feel... read more
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boycott Lowes

I spent 40 grand there in the last 3 years. My money will now go to local companies. Middle class is disappearing, it's time to put these billion dollar companies out of business and support the local stores. Our grand kids are going to suffer for... read more
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Lowes Vs Depot

Any thoughts to Lowes vs Depot from those who have worked at both? Curious as Lowes crapped on darn good Assistant Managers and Department Managers. Just wanted to know if Depot pulled stuff like this?
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The store managers are allowing this

I was a department manager for 13 years until Jan. 2017 when lowes eliminated that position. I took pride in the way my departments looked. I treated my folks fairly and with respect. I trained them, helped when needed and what I did best, was things... read more
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That's a good slogan

Change starts at the top, not at the bottom. these guys wasted millions of dollars on LEF, the half a-- working i pods, these innovation end-caps are a joke, customers care about service, not pretty end-caps with prerecorded videos. It's the good... read more
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