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executive schedules

are the executives schedule going to be on MSP? I noticed that there are zones in the 2000's for Executives.
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Roller coaster ride, free at Macy's

Get on, strap yourself in and get ready for one heck of A ride.....full of more twist and turns than your stomach can take. The ride is about over, so prepare.
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Has anyone that accepted a voluntary severance package applied for and received unemployment benefits ? I know they take the severance into account which is fine but I had hoped the unemployment would at least pay for my COBRA healthcare. I have just... read more
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100 Additional Macy's Stores to Be Closed?

Credit Suisse Investment Banking is predicting this - it'll be horrible for everyone. I am so sorry we have to put up with this. I am in LA (Westwood)... “The industry isn’t closing stores fast enough,” said the report, which praises Macy’s for... read more
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Did anyone have any pto’s scheduled for the last week of work ? I was told on January 26th that my last day of work would be on February 3rd I worked my last 2 days of work and was off the next week with the approved 5 Pto’s by my manager that was... read more
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More cuts coming in May??

I have read 2 separate posts about more cuts coming to the support associates and Jewelry Complex support associates Has anyone heard any details?
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Big meeting today

Current employees, Did anyone watch the big meeting today with the two over paid bozos spouting off about 2018 being the year of growth. Highlight was Hal stating we should know our competitions business. Kohls, Nordstrom, etc. Even their... read more
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So let’s hear it, have the grab and runs and stealing increased in the stores yet? Have any ops managers went out to stop shoplifters? How are the ops managers handling their new role?
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Vegas meetings

Any VPSM's out there want to share what they are learning in Vegas this week?
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More Layoffs by May 4???

Someone posted a few weeks ago about more layoffs by May 4th....but nothing has been mentioned since? Anyone have any true facts or information about this??
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New Store Closure's

New store closures for 2019 were announced yesterday.....does anyone have the list?
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I was an APM...

Glad I got out before the merger. I was an APM over 50 mil dollar door and I NEVER had a free moment unless I cut my phone off. Between my a**hole District AP director hounding me about interviewing 10 internals a week, shoplifters and grab and runs... read more
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Macy's and Bloomingdale's?

Has anyone else notice the larger divide between Macy's and Bloomingdale's. Is Macy's getting ready to selloff Bloomingdale's?
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2018 Stores Path to Growth Sales Incentive

Announcements to be made in stores tomorrow. Specialists positions eliminated and all those funds will now fund a storewide sales incentive. Every quarter if your store exceeds sales goal, there will be $$$ awarded to all sales staff which will all... read more
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AP Ops Managers - Exempt or Not

ny other Ops Managers out there who now have the new OAPM job finding it challenging to try to do the work of what had been two people previously? I heard that all of the other executives that moved into the new role got a raise, but none of the OPS... read more
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Our store lost all of its specialist positions and a number of my shop captain jobs have cropped up. The thing is, that even with a nearly similar job description to a specialist, our store opened them up to anyone without first offering them to the... read more
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Don't blame Macy's, blame the consumer

Retail brick and mirror demise is the fault of the consumer. Cut backs at Macy's are due to the consumer. Yes, that's right. Consumers that want everything RIGHT NOW! Buy it, return it. No one cares who they screw over to get that material thing. The... read more
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Macy’s isn’t PAYING employees on time or correctly!

OR AT ALL! My pay has been jacked up for 3 weeks now! I get b---s--- run around answer from the ignorant call center people. Was told 100’s or more call daily because Macy’s can pay their employees right with their new paycheck program, I’m in... read more
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Access to Insite

Our store manager told us during exit interview that we (laid offs) would have access to Insite for 13 months. Access was blocked next day after last day. Need documents. ??
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Did anyone negotiate their severance?

Has anyone tried to negotiate their severance? Did you get your desired outcome? Also have you been paid your severance and have you filed for unemployment yet?
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Is your store in one of these categories?

The company has the stores broken into 3 categories. TOP 50 - Which is basically the most important store in each metropolitan area. Those will always be safe, along with their Flagship category TOP 242 - (which includes the Top 50) These are mostly... read more
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Not termed yet

I was a salaried executive that had their position eliminated. My last day was Jan 31. Received my severance package but have not signed it and sent it back yet. Im involved in the solutions instore process. I have not been terminated on paper yet. I... read more
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So much for the Amazon scapegoat

Everyone believing the media hype that Amazon is causing retail's demise when Amazon only accounts for around 4% of total retail, and now they're even laying people off... read more
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Get out of Macy's as soon as you can

I was laid off and the day my severances starts my new PT job will start. There are better stores in all the Malls that are looking for good people with retail experience and a proven record in retail. If you just show up to work you are good retail... read more
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Has anyone faced harassment?

In the last few weeks one full time and 3 part time employees in my dept have been let go. This leaves me as the only remaining part time employee. For the last week my mgr (who never talks to me) has called me at home and stops by the department to... read more
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AST and blackbox

My store manager told me today that "they" want AST to start looking at the black box report. I feel like it's her way of getting me to do it even though it's not our responsibility. Any other AST have this come up?
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Question About Comparable Job Offer Instead of Severance

If you decline said offer, you’re no longer eligible for a severance package-does that offer rule apply if the offer is made before, or after you sign the general release (signature also accepting severance package)?
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Specialist elimination

Heard today that all vendor paid specialists and mymacys specialists are gone. People aren’t being cut. Just the incentives taken awsy
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Hal Lawton pay

While you are in the unemployment line, pull up info on Hal's pay. 22 million in cash and stocks. Now you all know why so many jobs were lost! So they could pay the new president.
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RVPs Job Loss or Not!?

One moment I hear there are some RVPs who were laid off, the next- not. What’s really the truth? Who remained and who got cut?
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Last Days for an APM

Well, me and my team just finished up the last days of recon this week and I have cleared out my desk and office. Our store just transferred one of our two detectives to a nearby location since we lost one of the positions effective next week. I am... read more
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more delays jewelry complex

Associates that were told the positions were under review and understood they would be told Febuary 1st are now being told "we said after the 1st"
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It’s nothing personal!

My full time employment ends this Saturday. It s---s. I was the least senior full time person in my department even after almost 3 years. I did see the writing I the wall and have been in talks for better jobs over the last few weeks even before I... read more
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